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Wedding Toasts-How to write your wedding toasts the easy way

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Being asked to give a wedding toast is certainly a honorable task. It shows that the couple holds you in high esteem.

Before you write your toast, it is very important you know the difference between wedding toasts and  wedding speeches . The latter is like mounting a stage to address an audience. In this case, you say  some beautiful words about the couple.For the former, the guests drink together and the speaker rises to express their admiration or good wishes.



Many wedding speakers assume that a toast is the same as a speech. But that’s not true. A wedding toast is usually an addition to a speech and it comes at the end of your speech.

It is possible to make your toast as a ''stand- alone'' speech too without adding it to your speech.

You get the difference now? That said, let’s see how we can write our toast.

Writing a memorable wedding toast isn’t as difficult as you imagine.

The power to make it happen simply rests with you. If you assume that it is something difficult to do, then , you are placing yourself in a disadvantage position. You need to belief that you too can write and give one like a pro.

What you are feeling now as you anticipate holding that glass filled with wine or champagne is not that important. All that matters is having a positive attitude and your self-confidence will skyrocket.

 Next, you have to find time to write your wedding toast. Don’t wait until a day or two to write your words. If you do, you will not write something heartfelt. As you jot down your thoughts and feelings, please position yourself in a quiet place because you need a great deal of attentiveness to release your creative abilities. Don’t say to yourself you are not a natural writer or you’ve never written a wedding toast before. By doing so, your self-confidence will shattered into smithereens.

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Though you may decide to make your toast humorous , emotive , narrative, witty- these kinds of styles fall under traditional and contemporary toasts.

You also need to make use of quotes or anecdotes to help you put pen to paper.

If you want to share stories about the couple, then ,you should give a brief account of it and add”Here’s to the wealth and health of the couple”

Now let’s use a quote to write a simple contemporary wedding toast.

“May your live have diamond days’’-Pat Brown

Using the above citation, here’s how your blessings and wishes for them will be like

‘’Life is indeed beautiful if you two love birds are united in mind and soul. Happiness is having a true friend and both of you are friends forever. You have remained true to each other in times of triumph and adversity and that have already laid the foundation for this marriage.(You can share a story about what they went through without revealing a lot of details)

May your life have golden and diamond days and may each day of your life be filled with resilient hope and endless delight.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s now rise and drink into our bodies all their hardships and calamities so they live without problems.’’

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