They Laughed At Her When Said She Was Going To Give The Worlds Greatest Speech But She Surprised Them All Because Of This!

They laughed at her when she said she would give the greatest wedding speech ever- but when she started to speak this happened!

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‘’Honey, life was just like a dream before I met you but you showed me that it wasn’t supposed to be so when I almost gave up on life.

You lifted me up of that horrible mess and told me that you could see light in me when the only thing I could feed on was my grief, sorrows, and anxieties.

I thought you were one of those male monsters who come to suck blood but you are truly an amazing person.

Sometimes, I wonder if you are a mere mortal because you are just so unique and fearfully made. You are like the spring that satisfies a wandering traveler.


Thanks for quenching my life with your water of purity when I was so dry. I will love till the end of time. I know hard times would come as we decide to pursue our marital ambitions but I will still love even if it hurts to do so!


Honey, please look at me in the eye and you would see that I am now a different person. Without your life is just like being in hell. You light up my life like the way the sun lights up the earth at dawn’’


After she had said those words she picked up her guitar and burst into LeAnn Rimes How do I live without you. This time she had made the song her own and sang


How do I,
Get through one night without Arnold?
If I had to live without you,
What kind of life would that be?
Oh, I...
I need Arnold in my arms, need you to hold,
You're my world, my heart, my soul,
If you ever leave,
Baby you would take away everything good in my life,
And tell me now
How do I live without you?
I want to know,
How do I breathe without you?
If you ever go,
How do I ever, ever survive?


When her performance was over, the audience got up and clapped for her thunderously.


Henrietta eyes was wet and she just couldn’t fight back her tears so Alice her best friend and maid of honor came to her friend to wipe away her tears with her long curly hair.


The atmosphere was tensed and the audiences were stunned at her performance. Her mum was also weeping and her dad who was as stiff as a neglected stone even had water in his eyes.

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 They were not only moved by her breathtaking performance but by how far she and the family had come.


Hard  Time For Henrietta's Family!


Once upon a time, Henrietta’s family was among the poorest in the community. Things got tougher when Mike her dad and Elizabeth her mum had been axed from their jobs. Her father came home first.


Followed by her mum in just two months after Mike’s exit.  In time, there was not any money to pay the bills. So they were thrown out of their apartment and they found shelter in squalid tents.


Henritta  Handed Over To A Rich Neighbour !


Little Henrietta just couldn’t stand the cold outside so her father handed her over to a rich neighbor. Life was comfortable in the rich man’s house till he too lost his life in a plane crash. Hence, she was forced to go work as a bartender in a strip tease club.


Her meager income couldn’t support her family so she started going out with men: tall, short, wise, foolish… all sorts of men.


She did that not because she wanted to but her situation led her into that ugly profession. There a co-worker accused her of theft so she was given a dismissal letter. Life became worse. Worse than pulling out a broken teeth.


Men would woo this innocent pretty girl and sleep with her as though she were a bitch!


She Got Pregnant And Decided To Take Her Life !


She got pregnant several times. Not once or twice but countless time- and anytime her womb was filled with a new life she had to do away with God’s priceless possession.


She didn’t like what she was doing because she knew that it was wrong to do so. So she decided to end her life but she really didn’t know how.


Then a morbid voice whispered into her traffic-jammed head: Why don’t you take your life! It kept ringing in her mind until she surrended!


To end it all, she bought some poisonous herbs so she could join her ancestors. She decided to take it and then jumped into a river that flowed through the heart of her town when she got drowsy.


When she was convinced that death would be better than life, she got up from bed early in the morning and trudged to her death bed nervously!


An  Angel Comes To Her Rescue!


It was here that she met an angel-who would later become her sweet heart!


She met Arnold, one of the men she met as a prostitute. This man was the hit and run type.


He would force to have sex with him and deny you of money. If you complained, he would pull out a gun and threaten to blow you up!


Arnold was very happy to see her but she wasn’t so enthused because her mind was preoccupied with death and not sex . After engaging her in a hearty conversation, Arnold told her about God and the peace he had brought into his own life. Henrietta was stunned!


How on earth could such a crook and rogue turn over a new leaf!


She knew intuitively that if Arnold had found peace then there was a glimmer of hope for her!


So she listened intently and she broke down in tears.


Arnold told her about the real purpose of life and how God came give her inner peace and joy .Her mentality changed and she threw away the poisonous substance.


Walking like a drunken woman, she got to sit in Arnold’s jeep and he sped off home.


She had a warm glow and countenance after she had been discipled for almost a year. She was now looking very pretty and dignified!


Arnold The Preacher had played a key role in her transformation and she owed him a million thanks!


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As time wore on, Arnold had some affection for her and their love waxed strong till he popped the question on one knee. How thrilled Henrietta was!


How could her have forgotten her story and her bitter experiences on an unusual day like her wedding and that made her sob like a pampered little girl!


She Gets A Standing Ovation And Cries!


After her performance, the audience stood up and the room roared with a thunderous applause and her family was so stunned!



Her husband too was in tears! Her friends congratulated her and wondered how she did it. Her mom was stunned because her daughter didn’t like to be in the public eye.


People called her names and the governor told her he couldn’t write a beautiful wedding speech like she had done! Her head swelled on hearing this flattering remark.


                They  Just Couldn't Believe She Had Made It!


 Her younger brother an accomplished writer didn’t believe she wrote the speech all by herself so he decided to probe her because she flunked English in school and she was someone who was afraid of standing before just 3 persons- let alone in front of 100 eyeballs on her wedding day.


This Was Her Secret!

That was when she let the cat out of the bag by telling her husband and his brother what her secrets were.

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