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Many mothers come to our site and even our competitors in a bid to find the right words that will help them put down their exact thoughts and emotions into very beautiful words.

There is nothing wrong with that. But, i have always preached on the need to consult proven mother of the bride speech samples because you can glean great insights from those examples.

Today, I am glad to let you in one of those sample mother speeches. We sought the concern of one of clients and she gave us her blessings.

So, here I am with this example plus its commentary and analyses to enable you discover what really goes into writing a great mother of the bride speech.

Ready? Let’s get on board our flight bound for the land of possibilities!

Welcome everyone, I am Shelly, Amanda’s mom and Jerry’s mom-in-law and am so glad to see the couple surrounded by friends and family as they are united in holy matrimony

(comment: Take this from me. Speeches that don’t start with a short-self introduction plus greetings are not speeches at all. So, make sure you always begin speeches by acknowledging the guests)

Amanda’s birth renewed my calling as a mom as I felt this urgent need to raise her to become a woman who will leave an indelible footprint in her own world.

What was in store for her for the rest of her life, of course, I just couldn’t figure out.

And so, several times at night, I’d wake up and look into her beautiful, smiling eyes and be completely overwhelmed with a sense of wonder, joy and responsibility for my extraordinary child.

(comment: Did you notice how the writer succeeded in wooing the guests with a killer introduction or opening remarks? What would you have started with if you were him? You see, anytime we write a dull sentence to start a speech, then, we might not get the results we expect from giving a great speech!)

Though each day came with its smiles, tears, and heartaches, God gave me the strength to fully and uniquely prepare her for such a time like this.

Today, she’s getting married to Jerry, and I still have in mind all those precious moments of the time she was growing up.

Growing up, she was fun to be with, adventurous and very sociable.

Anytime, she lost her tooth, she would ask that we go visit the dentist. Well, she was not really interested in being examined per se, but she knew she would come back home with a new tooth brush and a treat.

At school, she loved to play soccer. She didn’t rest on her cleats but worked so hard to be on the dean’s list.

She also went on to become Prom Queen, due to her poise, kindness and genuine care for her friends and others.

(comment: Having expressed your emotions like this writer has done, you go on to tell stories about your daughter that made you proud as you see above. What particular incident in her life made you so proud? Walk down memory lane and just put it down. Those anecdotes’ should be lively and follow in a coherent manner)

Amanda, you’ve always been a special person, even as an infant, we knew how special, how precious you were. When you came into our lives, you rekindled our passion and commitment to each other.


Growing up, you never gave us a reason to worry about as you made sound choices every step of the way.

When I look at you, I see in you true beauty, love and a commitment to family.

I remember when you took various jobs at school and on weekends to support yourself and the family when your dad passed away a couple of years ago.

Today, you’re getting married to Gary, a real gentleman you have known for 6 years now.

(comment: I hope by now you are well aware of the importance of commenting about your son-in-laws’ attributes…enough said for that)

Working as a nurse brings you into close contact with the infirm on a daily basis and you can understand the pain they have to endure just to survive.

I know you really love your patients and through your kind words and deeds, you’ve helped many who thought they had suffered long enough to still have hope and even lend a helping hand to restore their sense of self-being and vitality.

Amanda, that same attitude is very crucial in your walk with Gary. Let your words be seasoned with salt and do your best to bring out the best in him no matter what life throws at you.

And to you Gary, we know you to be a great gentleman who loves Christen so much and your commitment to family is unquestionable. We are honored that you’ve asked for her hand, and we know you really love her like your own soul.

On behalf of my husband Tom, I’d like to formally welcome you into our family with open arms and I want to thank your family for their love and support all these years.


Gary and Amanda, I have a few words to give you before I take my seat.

Marriage is a test of real love and you should expect both good and bad times, including some rough storms.

Riding through these storms together, leaning on each other for strength and courage as allies, strengthens the marriage bonds. As long as you weather the storms together, your marriage will endure. No matter what, keep your sense of humor and you’ll make it through these storms just fine, with love.

Love you both and God bless you.

(comment: sharing your own personal marital experiences, paraphrasing a love quote, giving a marriage advice, are some ways to end your speech on a great note. Don’t forgot to toast the bride and groom before you take your seat)


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Mother Of The Bride Speeches Success Story And Examples


Amazing Story Of How An Extremely Nervous (Probably More Nervous Than You Are)

Mom Gave The Best Speech Ever…Got A Standing Ovation Even… Though He Didn’t Have The Skills To Write A Beautiful Speech…And Had Never Given A Wedding Speech Before!

...And how you can do same!


Dear Worried Mother of The Bride,

I am Martha from The United States.

Ben Sirach, a philosopher said that a daughter is a treasure-and a cause of sleeplessness.’

When I read this quote way back in college, I did not really understand what those words meant till tragedy struck our home days before my precious daughter’s big day.

Our Precious Daughter Is A Rising Star

Alicia was everything we just expected in a daughter. She was kind, pretty and very obedient. She showed great maturity when at an early stage in life; she joined a group in high school to raise awareness about the need to support a young woman who had lived with cancer for twelve years.

She was decorated by her school and the federal government for raising awareness about a disease that was taking the lives of so many great women at the time.

Her dad nicknamed her Mother Theresa-a name she gave her because she did everything just like the famous catholic nun.
She was even the valedictorian of her class when she left college. She started a website while in school to educate ladies about their sexuality-especially breast care and its related issues.

We Were Worried About Her Dream Man

When she was ripe for marriage,

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Mother Of The Bride Speech Ideas And Tips And Examples: How To Write The Best Ever Mother Of The Bride Speech Like A Pro!


Plus proven ideas to help down your exact thoughts and emotions into very beautiful words that will make the wedding guests give you a rousing applause and say nice things about your words!

Won’t you be happy to effortlessly put down your exact thoughts and emotions into words that will wow the wedding audience, and get you that standing ovation you’ve been dreaming of?


Wedding speech for brides mom

Trust me, it’s very possible because we’ve helped so many mothers do

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Mother of the bride speech samples-The power to say what you want to say


The  Truth About Mother Of The Bride Speech Samples

 A mother’s love lasts forever says a renowned philosopher. The words of this wise man becomes crystal clear when mom’s precious daughter is about to marry.

Mother of the bride speech

Despite all the efforts mothers expend to ensure that their daughter’s big day becomes a blast, they fail

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