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Groom Speech Samples and Example: Here’s Why This Groom Speech Sample Is Guaranteed to Help You Write the Best Groom Speech Ever


Today, we are glad to come your way with yet another example of a short groom speech written by one of our expert writers for a client not long ago.

He came to us when his wedding was almost near. He had put off this because he was so preoccupied with the other aspects of the wedding. Yet, it was his dream to give the best speech ever and we helped do justice to his speech as we always  do.

Thankfully, he gave us his blessings when we requested that we want to put it up here so that all grooms will be inspired to write a short and sweet groom speech.

Below, I have tried to analyze the elements that went into making the speech very awesome. Please see thoughts or comments in red. Thanks and I hope we can now get started.


‘’I want to thank you all for coming to support us. To my dad, My mom and my friends. To my in-laws and to everyone whose name wasn’t mentioned, we are extremely honored to have you here ’’

(Comment: Courtesy demands that you always open your presentation by acknowledging your own family and the wedding guests and even showing gratitude for their prayers, well –wishes and gifts)

A wise man said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and I got to understand this statement better when Janet and I met for our first date at a Port-Au-Prince Restaurant after being best friends while volunteering on that Island.

(Comment: Did you notice how the writer began with that quote…a wise man said that beauty….All great wedding speeches begin with killer intro. You can begin with a story and tie it to your own story…you can begin with a romantic quote….and so on. There are many ways of doing just that and I sought to show you a few examples)

There and then, I had this feeling that she might be my future wife since we clicked right off the bat as we both had similar dreams and aspirations.

As our friendship blossomed, I was struck by her beauty, wit, her exuding warmth and infectious personality and I really enjoyed every single moment I ever spent with her, and couldn’t imagine living without her.

But, once it dawned on me that she was going to be the one I was going to live with for the rest of my life, I just had to convince her of that fact; and as you can imagine this is no easy feat for most guys.

And so, while in Haiti , I asked her to join me on a walk on a beautiful sunrise at Lana Beach.

You know Janet is not an early riser and to ask her to come over at that time of the day wasn’t an easy task.

I had to cajole her to come along with me.

After a romantic walk down the beach, I got down on one knee and with my heart pounding like crazy, I took her hand like a timid servant and proposed to her.

Suddenly I felt a bit faint-and thought she’d change her mind and run the other way. But, she just smiled and accepted my proposal.

And I breathed a big sigh of relief!

(Comment: Most grooms have a wonderful story to tell. But, what I have realized is that they often don’t paint a picture a picture in the mind of the wedding guests. How? By not reading your love story but making it dramatic as though you were watching a blockbuster just as this writer has done. Can you identify where the suspense is?)

I felt like I had just won a marathon in record time.

Janet , thanks so much for agreeing to marry me. You mean the world to me and I also know deep down within my heart I mean the world to you.

When I first met you, you took my breadth-and my brains away. Far away…

When I first met you I thought I loved you but I want you to know that i love you more on this beautiful day than I've ever loved you.

A woman who’s beautiful inside and out like you is very hard to find.

Guess what?

I never knew what was missing in my life until I found you and am so thankful for the tremendous changes you have brought into my life and I promise to be that husband you’ve always dreamed about.


We are about to set sail on both calm and rough waters but I want  to reassure you that I will love you to the very end even if the storms of life threaten our joy and peace.

(comment: I’d encourage you to list as many ideas why you were attracted to the bride. Second, what changes you’ve seen in your life ever since you both met and also speak about the qualities you think will make her an amazing wife)

With you, I know that our future will be bright as ever since you are a great woman.

A woman as beautiful as you are delights the eye, a woman as wise as you are delights and refreshes the heart and a woman as pure as you're satisfies the soul.

I am proud to let you know that you delight my eye; you refresh my heart and even hold my soul in your hand.

But, we have a shared responsibility. A joint responsibility to uphold our vows in high esteem so unconditional love can become the real winner in the end.

Please…please…promise me that you’re going to help me live up to this challenge sweetheart.

If, our parents have made it after all these years, we, too, can make it.

So, let’s live everyday of our lives very mindful of why we came together in the first place so we can become a beacon of hope to others and even our generation.

I love you and I know with you, our dreams of building a unified family will become a reality.

(Comment: Before you propose the toast. Use a minute or two to share your dreams and aspirations as you begin life under the same roof. I hope you see how the writer has done his in this groom speech sample?)

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Groom Speeches Examples And Success Stories


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Groom Gave The Best Speech Ever…Got A Standing Ovation Even… Though He Didn’t Have The Skills To Write A Beautiful Speech…And Had Never Given A Speech Before!


Dear Anxious Groom,

I am Jerry from The United States. I am so envious

 of you that you are on this page. I wasn’t that lucky. I was once in your shoes till my dad came to the rescue.

I Didn’t Understand Why He Said That Till…

If my story doesn’t inspire you to write a speech that will get you a standing ovation, then I don’t know what will.

When I was 12, I asked my dad why she and my mom seemed so happy all the time and he said: ''We don’t sweat the small stuff. We also have a lot of things in common and we made a firm resolve to stay together till the end of our lives no matter what happens.''

With his response at the back of mind, I too was determined to get a lady who really understood me so I could stay in marriage just as my parents had done for 40 years.

After leaving medical school, I became a doctor and went to Haiti to help those trapped by a deadly earthquake.


Is She Going To Be The One?


Working there gave me much experience and exposure and I also came into contact with a lot of beautiful ladies.

But there was this beautiful who

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