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Mother Of The Bride Speeches Success Story And Examples


Amazing Story Of How An Extremely Nervous (Probably More Nervous Than You Are)

Mom Gave The Best Speech Ever…Got A Standing Ovation Even… Though He Didn’t Have The Skills To Write A Beautiful Speech…And Had Never Given A Wedding Speech Before!

...And how you can do same!


Dear Worried Mother of The Bride,

I am Martha from The United States.

Ben Sirach, a philosopher said that a daughter is a treasure-and a cause of sleeplessness.’

When I read this quote way back in college, I did not really understand what those words meant till tragedy struck our home days before my precious daughter’s big day.

Our Precious Daughter Is A Rising Star

Alicia was everything we just expected in a daughter. She was kind, pretty and very obedient. She showed great maturity when at an early stage in life; she joined a group in high school to raise awareness about the need to support a young woman who had lived with cancer for twelve years.

She was decorated by her school and the federal government for raising awareness about a disease that was taking the lives of so many great women at the time.

Her dad nicknamed her Mother Theresa-a name she gave her because she did everything just like the famous catholic nun.
She was even the valedictorian of her class when she left college. She started a website while in school to educate ladies about their sexuality-especially breast care and its related issues.

We Were Worried About Her Dream Man

When she was ripe for marriage,

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