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Best Man Toast-Proven secrets to making memorable best man toasts-even if you hate speaking in public!

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Being asked to make a best man toast is a great honor and a sacred responsibility. It shows that you have the potential to live up to expectation as a great speaker.

However, the experience can be very upsetting if you have never spoken before an audience all your lifetime. If you are worried because you don’t know how to go about it, then you shouldn’t worry because the ideas on this page will help you plan and prepare well before you face the wedding guests.

First, you need to prepare. Preparation involves three phases-mental reawakening, the writing and practice stage and the performance itself.

To make a memorable best man  toast, you need to be mentally alert. This means flushing out all negative views you hold about speaking before a group of people.

The difference between the guy who’s able to hold crowds spellbound with their words and the folk you cannot do so simply rests on their perception of public speaking. The former has a positive mental attitude while the latter failed to recognize the latent powers of his mind.

That can also happen to you if you dwell on your fears. Your worries will magnify if you gaze at your inadequacies.

See in your mind’s eye raising that champagne or mind goblet and delivering your message before your friend and his wife and the guests as well, and you will empowered to make your presentation exciting.

With so many things to do to really help your friend, the writing of your best man  toasts may not come to the fore. This means that you should devise a strategy to get things working.

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For instance, you can just design a daily time table to enable you get your priorities right. As you do so, please include the writing of your wedding toast so you don’t forget to have it written.

If you don’t commit yourself to the time allotted to the writing of your script, then forget it. A quiet place can get you in the mood. Inspirational music can also inspire you a lot. But in all cases, do ensure that there are no distractions.

Next, you have to decide if you want to go with a more conventional way of making a toast or a contemporary appeal.

Conventional or traditional ones is simply rendered: Here’s to the happiness of the couple. May they never lack joy in their lives.

The contemporary approach goes with a brief story or anecdote before the best man toast.

While many prefer the first method, others too opt for the second time- but it calls for some research and creativity.

If you can do it well, you will surely bring the house down:if  you want to do just that -simply recapture a funny or amusing tale about your friend and share it with the guests.

The often rendered: Here’s to the happiness of the couple- follows your tale after you have told the guests  a story about your friend.

 Just imagine how you will feel if you come up with a great speech...the groom and your friends will be proud of you and you are not going to forget that experience...

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