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Baby Shower Speech or Toast for Your Sister or Sister-In-Law


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  • Baby shower speech sister examples or templates you can easily model your speech after


If you have a sister who means the world to you, then you can be sure that a very good sister is a priceless gift.

If you have one who is always there for you, then you can count your lucky stars.


From when you were little sisters, you’ve pulled her hair, yanked her clothes, fought with her when she’s hogged the washroom, thwacked her on the head with pillows, stolen her clothes, made her cry to your parents on multiple occasions, argued with her till the break of dawn, robbed her of her secret chocolate stash, teased her with her high school crushes till she’s been red in the face...all of this is literally just the tip of your sibling rivalry.


How to write a baby shower speech for your sister or sister-in-law


Now, your “snotty older sister” or “bratty younger sister” is all grown up.


Both of you are probably married by now and she’s expecting a baby child.  I am sure you wish another sweet baby girl is added to the old so you can possibly outnumber the guys in the family!


I know you’re incredibly thrilled for her deep, deep down. As her sister, you may also have the distinct honor and privilege of organizing her baby shower. What an honor!


But have you really considered what you will say when it’s time to talk about who your sister is, the bonds of friendship you shared over the years, and what you look forward to when you imagine her holding her cute bundle of blessing in her fragile arms?


I hope you did love to!

By the way, do you really have it takes to write a baby shower speech for your sister or sister-in-law?


Whether you are great with words or not, please don’t worry because in the next few lines I am going to share with you everything you need to know about writing and delivering a sweet baby shower speech for your sister even if you have never spoken before a small crowd your whole life.


Are you ready to come along with me? Ok, let’s get started.  Just like every journey, you have to start by looking at what goes into making a baby shower speech and plan for it accordingly.


To do this, you have to watch a couple of views to get a fair idea of how such toasts are made because they put you in the mood for the proper expression of your thoughts and ideas in a very logical manner.


By the way, I found these video clips for you. I hope it not only inspires you but also fill your mind with rich ideas to help you put together your random thoughts and ideas.


Baby Shower Speech for a Sister (Video example #1)



Baby Shower Speech for a Sister-In-Law (Video example #2)



I hope you learned a thing or two from watching those clips? If you haven’t, you can go back and watch them one more time.


That’s not all.  You actually need written samples to complement those videos because they reinforce what you have heard or watched.


Now, let’s first look at this very touching baby shower speech sample for a sister.


After we have read through it together, we will break it down bit by bit so we can use the lessons learned to say something about your sister at her shower.


First and foremost, let’s look at the entire template. Go grab your pen and journal and see if there’s anything you can lift from this example. Let me say thank you to Caitlin's Happy Heart for letting us post this very beautiful, honest, funny, and sincere toast here.


Here you go:


Baby Shower Speech Sample For a Sister


Hi I’m Katrina Caitlin’s oldest sister!!!!

Well at least I always thought I should have been the oldest sister.

Let me tell you about my oldest sister Caitlin. She was always getting in the way, taking some of the attention. Bossing me around.


Yes, admittedly she taught me lots of useful life skills.

Like how to hold the guinea pigs

Like blowing bubbles in my drink

Writing on walls

Picking all Dad’s carrots out of the vegie patch!

And climbing the Cupboard that held the Christmas presents.


The Christmas Present Cupboard wasn’t all she snooped in.  She was always reading my diary and would even write a message back at me in my diary starting an argument – in my very own diary!

Things didn’t always go to plan.

I still remember the day that she was helping me escape from the cot and she tipped the whole thing over on top of us both.


The last I remember was waking up to an ambulance officer standing over me and then I had to get my chin stitched up.  Apparently she knocked herself out too!  Mum wasn’t too impressed.


Alas the years of fun and games began.

We were the best of friends and the best of foes all at the same time.

When it suited us we got on very well.  But truth is it just didn’t suit us all the time!

Dad used to say, you two need to learn to get on.  Your sister will be the best friend you will ever have!


I remember she used to get so jealous of me some days.  Why does Katrina get to go to bed at the same time as me or why does Katrina get this or that too….

It was always easy to get a bite out of her on these days!

The years seemed to fly by so quickly and soon we were teenagers.


How to write a toast for my sister at her shower


My sister used to hate me coming up to her in high-school and talking to her when she was with her friends.  So much so I used to seek her out – after all aren’t we meant to be best friends for life?  Well so Dad says anyway.


She used to pretend she didn’t know me on the school bus and I used to annoy her by talking to all her friends!

We attended youth group together and some days we got on really well and other days I used to annoy and embarrass her.  We seemed to be always competing with each other. 


In fact our whole life seemed to be competitive…

She learnt to ride her push bike – so I got Dad to take my training wheels off and took off.


She finally got her driver’s license after a delayed start, a couple of failed tests and being a very nervous driver.  And so it happened that the government changed the law and the day I turned 16 ½.


I went straight in and got my learners and license 6 months later.  Now we had to share the car!

Boys – she got a boyfriend and suddenly a very nice young man begins to take me out as well!


You guessed it.  The Weddings came.  She was married in January 1998 and I was married in September the same year.  


( I wasn’t allowed to marry a day sooner either because my parents made me wait to give Caitlin a chance – not to mention give their bank balance a chance.)


This is when Dad’s prophesy actually started to eventuate.  We enjoyed a friendship   once we were married.


After a few years of married bliss my sister began to desire to start a family. Then suddenly out of the blue the shock announcement happens!

I was expecting my first baby….


But it was now apparent the “Pain of infertility” was my sister and her husband allotment. That was  followed by the pain of a miscarriage.  My pregnancy only inflicted more hurt on my sister and only emphasized the pain she was feeling.  It didn’t help that she miscarried twice during my pregnancy with my first born.  


Suddenly all the years of competing and sibling rivalry were not important, suddenly I wished that my sister could experience the same joy as me.  I think this is the one area that we were never competing yet somehow, strangely it seemed like I was the winner and she was the loser.


At first my sister didn’t know how she could love my child but once my little girl Emily was born neither of us can imagine how she couldn’t love her little niece.


The years passed and I fell pregnant with my second but still no joy of babies for my sister.  I was so sure this baby would be another girl because my sister had always wanted a boy first and surely she would produce the first grandson/nephew.  


To my surprise our little boy was born and I beat my sister to producing the first grandson as well.  


Baby shower speech for sister or sister in law

Out of deference to my sister we did not use my Dad’s name, because we knew she wanted to use it as a 2nd name if she had a boy.


{Small side note from Caitlin: In the end, we didn’t use Dad’s first name, but rather his 2nd name for Toddler T’s middle name.


And we didn’t use it for J Boy because we realised there was a tradition in the Accountant’s family of naming first born son’s after their father. So in the end, Katrina was able to use Dad’s name for the middle name of her fifth child.}


I remember crying my own tears over this terrible road of infertility my sister was experiencing.  Suddenly people started to think I was the older sister as I had the kids and she was still childless.  It just didn’t seem like a victory having people think I was the oldest anymore.


Eventually my sister and her husband gave up on their desire to fall pregnant and moved over to England to pursue travel and career.  After 6 months over there I can still remember the phone call from my sister – she was pregnant at last!  We were all so excited.  


A few months later I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child and it was nice to experience pregnancy with my sister.  Especially considering my other two pregnancy’s I couldn’t really share with her because of the emotions of pain and hurt that my pregnancy’s evoked on her


She had a boy – I had a girl – A cousin for my kids at last!  Her little boy and my daughter are the best of friends (and foes) even now as two little 4 year olds going to kindy together.



The years continued to pass and soon I was in hospital having my 4th child and on the very same day my sister was a few doors up in the hospital going through the IVF procedure in the hope to have a sibling for J Boy.  9 months later my second nephew arrived!


When I fell pregnant with my 5th child

People started to marvel…

“I don’t know how you do it!” they would say.  I would always look them in the eye and tell them that being a mum was the best job in the world and I don’t have 5 babies.  I have all different ages and really it is quite manageable!  You see I have  9, 6, 4, 2 year olds and a baby,


They are all different ages and stages. My sister and her husband started to tease us…  They have never been keen on vans and they would giggle at us and say WE WILL NEVER BUY A VAN.


To tease them back I taught my nephews to love driving with us in the tarago and I even taught them to say Tarago amongst their first words dad, mum, bub, twargo!

We all seemed to settle in to life knowing that I would have the larger family full of kids and my sister would have the nice neat smaller family. 


After another round of IVF in hope for their final child – hopefully even a little girl and some disappointments along the way February this year my sister finally had success – she was pregnant again!  


The big surprise was that this time there was not one but two babies!  How exciting twins!


Another early scan brought the biggest surprise of all…Not one, not two but 3 little babies inside.  (2 identical and 1 fraternal!)   My sister was having triplets.


After all those years of teasing and vowing to never own a van, after all those years of me being the one with the most kids, after all those years of infertility and pain….



I can now say with a giggle and a grin…How do you do it with 5 children – 5 years and under?


I did 5 one at a time and had a chance to adapt with each new addition…I have one child for every age group….


After all those years of competing, teasing and bickering I can now most sincerely say….

You are a legend sister dear!  I say it with a giggle and a good luck too….

Sister you have won!


Ok, let’s start breaking down this lovely example bit by bit with an eye towards writing your own baby shower speech or toast that comes straight from your heart.


First, let’s start with the introduction or opening remarks. Let’s recap what we saw in the above example so that we can be guided to do this very well.


‘’Hi I’m Katrina Caitlin’s oldest sister!!!!

Well at least I always thought I should have been the oldest sister.

Let me tell you about my oldest sister Caitlin…’’


One common thing runs through this line and it’s a short self-introduction. Here, you state your relationship with the mom-to-be and her husband.


After you’ve said, you then proceed to thank the people present. Here, you can single out personalities who have been a tremendous blessing in the lives of the expectant mother and her family and mention why you are giving them a shout out.


If you go back to read the entire speech once more, you will realize that the writer dives into the story straightaway into what her relationship with her sister has been like over the years.


I am sure she had a brainwave and had no trouble at all putting down her thoughts. But what about some of us who really struggle to put words together?


That’s where you need to work with a solid plan. Working with a solid plan depends on the objective of the speech.


Have you been asked to simple thank everyone for coming, asked to give a welcome speech or just do your own thing?

Ok, let’s look at each of the above toasts.

First on the bill is welcome baby shower speech. If you are asked by your sister or sister-in-law to give some brief remarks welcoming everyone to the event, then you can go with this kind.


Baby shower speech for sister samples


Here’s an example

Hello and welcome everyone. For those of you who don’t know this cute girl, my name is Kate a.k.a The Redhead.


Thank you so much for coming to this occasion and by your presence, you have shown how much you love the most beautiful mom-to-be. If you care to know, she is my best friend and sister.


Second, you can simply thank everyone for coming to the event after welcoming them to your sister’s very special event.

Third, you can simply thank and welcome the guests and say a prayer if you or most of the guests are Christians.


Now, let’s dive right into how you can put together your scattered thoughts into a very beautiful toast.

Again, it all comes down to planning.  Planning what to say, how to say it, and when to say what you wish to say.

To do that, you first have to decide where you want to take this from. Do you want to give an account of your relationship with your sister over the years or you simply want to dwell an aspect of her pregnancy or life.


Whatever angle you are aiming at, these easy-to-answer questions can fill your mind with rich ideas that can help you write a sweet baby shower toast for your sister or sister-in-law.


So, please grab your pen and let’s do a little brainstorming and then provide answers to the following questions.


  • What fond memories do you want to share?
  1. How did you feel when she came into your life? You can put in your views if you are an older sister.
  • What was life like growing up with your sister?
  1. What can you say about your teen years? This is how it’s captured in the above sample.


‘’The years seemed to fly by so quickly and soon we were teenagers.

My sister used to hate me coming up to her in high-school and talking to her when she was with her friends.  So much so I used to seek her out – after all aren’t we meant to be best friends for life?  Well so Dad says anyway…

  1. What makes her a very special person or sister?
  • In what ways has she been a blessing in your life?
  1. Can you talk about her marriage or day of the wedding event? Were you the maid or matron of honor? And how did you feel on her big day?


Now, let’s pause and carefully consider a few things about her fertility and pregnancy


  • Is this her first child? Or she has other children?
  • If she has other children, how did she prepare for their arrival?
  • If this is her first baby, then how has she been preparing to meet her cute bundle of blessings?


Action Tip: Using the answers you have written down, quickly put your thoughts and ideas together to form a very rough draft. Don’t worry about how it flows because you can always go back and take out what you don’t really need.

Baby shower speech for your sister-in-law

Baby Shower Speech or Toast from Mom to Be or Hostess

Are you an expectant mom and looking forward to delivering a sweet baby shower speech?

If so, then please bear with me for just a little while and you will find answers to one or more of the following:

  • How to write a unique baby shower speech or toast by mom to be
  • Ideas to help you put together your random thoughts into a beautiful baby shower speech
  • Baby shower speech thank you examples or samples you can model your speech after


First and foremost, let me say congratulations on your impending arrival! I am so happy for you.


Welcome speech examples baby shower from mom to be


Your family and friends and (even me) can’t wait to meet your very special one. I wish you the very best. May God decorate you and the wonderful little child’s life with the best gifts from heaven.


I once read this quote by writer Eda LeShan that says that a new baby is like the beginning of all things: wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”


I couldn’t agree more because babies bring along with them an usual aura. I don’t know if this is your first, second, third, etc. baby on the way. But if you already have children, then you know how wonderful children are to humanity and how sweet those cute those bundle of joys are too. I can’t leave out you because you are such a special person and mom!


I get it if you are a new one. The sleepless nights and anxieties would soon be over and you will soon be smiling and holding that precious little miracle in your hand! What a sweet relief!


Well, I  wish I could deliver a tangible gift your address but I don’t know where you are.


But I can still do something for you. I am overjoyed to shower you with this special gift I know you will love with every piece of your heart: a very easy way to write your baby shower speech without trying so hard.


Are you ready to come along with me? You better do because there’s so much to uncover here. Ok, let’s get started by looking at….


How to Put Your Ideas Together To Form a Great Speech


The mistake I see most people make is to put their thoughts together without really figuring out what goes into writing a good baby shower toast.

To do that, you should first watch a couple of videos to get an idea of what you are going to say and how best you can simply deliver your message.


Guess what, my friend? Video clips about how to make such speeches can fill your mind with positive thoughts and great ideas that you can easily incorporate into your own baby shower speech or toast.


By the way, I found these two videos you can watch and learn from.


Baby Shower Speech Sample For Hostess ( Video example #1)



Baby Shower Speech Example From Mom to Be ( Video #2)


I hope you enjoyed watching them and learned a thing or two from both video clips.


Now, let’s dive into the details itself. 


First, before you draft, you should first decide what kind of remarks you want to say. There are are several types you can pick from. But for the purposes of this study, I would like us to dwell on just eight of them.


They are as follows:

  • Welcome baby shower speech or toast
  • Thank you baby shower speech or toast
  • Religious/Christian shower speech or toast
  • Best wishes baby shower speech or toast for your baby
  • Personal reflections baby shower speech or toast
  • Storytelling baby shower speech or toast
  • Funny baby shower speech or toast
  • A Combo baby shower speech or toast


Baby shower speech from mom to be


Ok, enough said. Sounds confusing, right? Ok, I will take each kind and explain what they are so you can decide for yourself what you want to go with.


First and foremost, let’s start with the welcome remarks. If you and your husband are hosting this very special occasion, then you can be sure at some point that either you or the love of your life may be asked to give a few remarks to kick start the event. So, always have something in mind no matter how brief it is.


Second, you can decide to simply thank everyone for coming and give a shout out to certain personalities who have been a tremendous blessing to you, your husband and family.


You can also start out by thanking the guests for coming to support you and for their thoughtful gifts. You could also thank your hostess/hostesses for bringing friends and family together on this very special occasion. Here, you can thank people too for their gifts, card, and best wishes.


Here’s a simple example that vividly explains what I want to put across.


Example #1


Hello and welcome everyone. On behalf of Mark and out entire family, I want to thank you for being here this morning. You have always been a great source of encouragement and support to me all these years. Thank you for sharing our excitement, and also for your generous gifts.


Example #2


Now, let’s see this sample from AptParenting

Your presence made the day so much fun. I specially appreciate and thank you for the yummy cake that you baked for me. Thank you for the adorable (gift). A newborn needs so many things and your thoughtful gift will surely come in handy.


Example #3


What about this great example from the Baby Center


I just want to thank everyone for coming to celebrate me and my little boy today. Thank you so much Carrie for hosting the shower and thank you to my team old and new for making this day so special. I feel so loved.


As you know this baby has been wanted for some time and I am so blessed to finally be a mommy. I can't wait for him to arrive and to hold him and kiss him and smell his baby smell.


I have 11 weeks to go and these gifts you have given me will help me to relax and prepare for his arrival. It is crazy how much a new baby needs. So thank you so much.


Third, you can use a few best wishes for yourself and your child.


My baby boy has been kicking me in the groin and it’s a clear sign that he’s ready to take on his world. I think it is  sign that he will be as active as his dad. 

I can’t wait to see what sort of person he grows to become. Of course, I am praying for a safe and healthy delivery.


My hope is that once he joins us, he will sleep more so I can enjoy some sleep too because  I have gone through hell and back to reach this far!


Thank you so much for coming and thank you for everything .  You have been a wellspring of love and support and I can’t thank you enough for that. You all mean the world to me! Never, ever forget that.


Fourth, if you are a godly couple or a Christian, you can lace your toast with some verses from the bible or make it a faith based speech.


You can simply say a prayer for yourself, your baby, and the guests and thank everyone for coming.


I got this idea while writing for Grace when her daughter and son-in-law were having their shower at the height of the global pandemic last year. This is how I began her speech.


Let me start by saying that our lives are full of beautiful moments and seasons, and God, in his infinite wisdom, generously gives us countless wonderful blessings in each season, so we can experience his love and goodness.


Scripture tells us in Ecclesiastics 3:1 that there’s a season for everything under the heavens. Today,…


Did you see how I threw in a bible verse to make it sound biblical? Grace loved every bit of it.


How to write baby showe by mom to be


By the way, here are a few bible verses you can use to write a faith based message.


17 Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows….James 1: 17


“Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. They will not be put to shame when they contend with their opponents in court.”… Psalms 127:3


“Praise the Lord. Blessed are those who fear the Lord, who find great delight in his commands. Their children will be mighty in the land; the generation of the upright will be blessed.”… Psalms 112:1


I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”- Jeremiah 1:5

''For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future''…Jeremiah 29:11


F. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it….Proverbs 22:6


Now, let’s move to another type of baby shower speech: personal or storytelling.


This is by far the easiest and most entertaining way to tell your story. However, your story should be inspiring and memorable.


To do that, you can take your story from one or more of these story angles.

  • What really happened before you found out that you were carrying a baby? This is particularly useful if you have been expecting a baby for a long time.
  • Are there expectant mothers among the guests? Can you tell them what your own journey has been like and the lessons you have learned?
  • Did you read any book or poem or watched any movie that inspired you to keep going on? If so, can you share it with your family and friends and how they lifted you up every step of the way?
  • Were you blessed enough to have someone hold your back and constantly check up on you when you were experiencing difficulties? If the person will be around, why don’t you share the story and let everyone know how lucky you are to have him or her in your life? That person will really appreciate it and her wisdom will guide you forever.
  • I once read a story where a mother mentioned that the doctors said her daughter couldn’t have a child due to some abnormal growth in her uterus.


Instead, of being somber and sullen, this woman of faith totally ignored the medical prognosis and went on to have a healthy and beautiful baby girl because she believed that the baby was heaven-sent.


If you are a person of faith, you can imitate her and tell your friends and family that you are not moved by what the doctors have said about your pregnancy because you are expecting nothing short of a miracle! This kind of confession always inspires others to place their trust in God.


Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that another way of lightening up the atmosphere is to tell a few jokes and probably share some funny comments someone made about you and your husband when you found out you have somewhat missed your monthly cycle.


Again, if you or your husband has a sense of humor, you could say something to the effect that you hope that, that quality rubs off on the new baby so he or she can bring joy and laughter into your lives.


Finally, a combo speech is when you take bits and pieces of all the types we have mentioned above to form your own story.


If all of that won’t suffice, you can simply speak from the heart since that is always the best thing you can do when you don’t want to go with a script. But make sure you have an idea of what to say and practice it for a while in your mind before you deliver your baby shower toast or speech.

Baby shower speech thank you example