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Eulogy For Wife By Husband: How To Write A Heartfelt Tribute


Have you lost your wife  and are looking for tips and ideas to help you write a touching eulogy for your wife?


The thought of giving one can be very overwhelming in this very difficult time. So, just stick with me for a little while and I will share with you everything you need about…

  • Writing a amazing eulogy for wife
  • How to make the most of eulogy for wife examples 
  • How to get ideas for your tribute for your wife and mother of your children
  • How to make your eulogy for your wife funny, heartfelt, and inspiring.
  • How to end a eulogy for your wife
  • Plus, so much more


The first question on the mind of every man who has lost his spouse is:


What Should I Say At My Wife’s Funeral?


Let me start by saying there’s nothing more beautiful than spending the rest of your life with someone you love and truly care for.  


It’s interesting how and where many find the love of their lives. Some find true love on a bus. Others find it on a vacation get away and some others find it in school.

Eulogy for speech samples by husband to wife


Where did you find the love of your life? Was it love at first sight?  Did it blossom over time?


I don’t know you met each other. But, I can only imagine how you felt when you first met the love of your life.  Before you knew it, you started dating and realized that you were so much into each other.


When it eventually dawned on you that she fits you like a glove, you went down on knee and asked her to marry you.


You exchanged vows. You had your wedding dance. You were blessed with kids. Life took off as expected. You promised to love and stand by each other until the end of time.


When you least expected it, she died; leaving you to face this cruel world alone with no one to hold your back.  Your inspirer, muse, friend, confidant, rock, your babe is gone. Who do you turn to now for help, support, advice and reassurance? Only God knows.


Well, I don’t know how long you were together. If you just got married, been together for a just year, a quarter or half of a century and death have robbed you of the love of your life, I can feel your pain because it really hurts.


I feel deeply sorry for your loss and my thoughts and prayers are with you in this very difficult time.


By this, I am reminded of the lyrics of Bill Withers classic: Lean On Me.  Part of the lyrics says that sometimes in our lives, we all have pain. We all have sorrows. Lean on me when you are strong. Just call on me brother when you need a hand.


If you need someone to talk to or send you some comforting words, don’t hesitate to send me a message and I would do my very best to get back to you with healing words.


You can also take comfort from reading this beautiful poem. Just keep reading it through the tears and you will feel a lot better.


Here it is:

Those We Love- Arthur Unknown

Those we love don’t go away

They walk beside us every day.

Unseen, unheard but always near.

Still loved,, still missed and very dear.



Steps To Write A Eulogy For Your Deceased Wife


First and foremost, you should set your writing goals and stick with them to make the writing process much easier as it can be very challenging to think straight when you are grieving your loved one.


So, start by defining the kind of triubte you would like to deliver. To do that, ask yourself these basic questions:


  • Do you simply want to tell a story of how you met your wife?
  • Do you wish to highlight what made her a very special wife and mom?
  • Would you like to make a very heartfelt eulogy speech that encompasses your love story and her remarkable attributes as a person, wife and mom of your children?


In my opinion, it’s best to stick with the last speaking style because that's the most impactful.



What you might also want to consider next is the length of your wife’s eulogy speech. With that in mind, you might want to ask yourself this question : how long should my eulogy tribute for my wife be?



Well, that depends on these factors:

  • How long you have been asked to speak; stick to the time and don’t go overboard because it’s a very sensitive time for her family.
  • How long you wish to speak; don’t make it very long unless you are the only speaking at her funeral or memorial service.


A note about the duration of your eulogy: I have written both short and long tributes before and both worked for my clients.


Once, I wrote a eulogy for a man who had been married for 50 years.

I thought he wanted to deliver a long tribute considering how long they had been married. But, he asked me to condense his funeral tribute to just two pages.


Another person had been married for only a few years, but gave me lots of details which resulted in a very long presentation.  


Did you notice the difference? 


On the whole, you should write your eulogy in a way that properly honors your precious wife in a very special way.


Now, would you like to do a short or long tribute? You have to decide on that. Don’t go with the flow. Be the flow.


Having said that, let’s look at how to put your thoughts and ideas together to form a deeply meaningful eulogy speech for your wife that will honor and bless the memory of your life.


This is….


How To Write A Eulogy For Your Wife


Most husbands have amazing stories about their wives. But, they start on a wrong note and it makes the writing process even more stressful.


Here’s the biggest mistake I see people make all the time. They have several memories of what to say and what not to say. But they find it so difficult to distill a lifetime of memories and shared experiences into a very moving piece.


Not sure where to start or what to do next, they look up some eulogy speech for wife examples online and just modify it a bit to suit their writing needs.


Writing a heartfelt tribute for your wife is not like a homework assignment. It rather involves pouring your whole heart, mind, and soul into creating a story that will bless and honor the memory of your wife.


In addition to that, it forms an integral part of the grieving and healing process and should be treated as such.


So, before you even think of writing your eulogy speech for your beloved wife and mother of the children, you should start with the end in mind.


What do you mean by that?  Let me put it this way. Memories are the heart and soul of great eulogies. Hence, you have to take a deep breath and sit back in your chair. Then, recollect all those great moments you have spent together.


As you do that, just put down the good and bad (challenging) memories and let your sad tears stream down your checks.


If you are struggling to recollect all those fine moments, then I recommend you do this to come up with all those great memories.


  • Scan through her old and new photos. Look for photos of you and your wife and the children. As you pore over those pictures, ask yourself these simple questions:

(a)What does each picture bring to mind? Write down every memory you can think and pick your favorite anecdotes.

(b) Does this picture depict her character traits? If so, what aspect of her character does it portray?

  • Why not talk to others who know a little bit about your spouse? For example, your own children can tell you great stories about their mom.


If for some reason, you didn’t have children of your own, you may ask her family to share happy memories. The memories you highlight in your tribute doesn’t always have to be your own love stories.


For instance, if you are mentioning how kind she was, you can include a story or two about how she left her job to care for her sick mom who had cancer.


Don’t you think her mom (if alive) would thank you for mentioning this in your tribute?

  • Do you have a journal that chronicled your relationship with her? Leaf through that diary and put down very fond memories about when you met, how you met, when you got married, the high and low moments, wedding anniversaries, birthday celebrations, and so on.


  • Letters and love notes exchanged, birthday and valentine day cards you received from each other can be a treasure chest of memories. So, look for those materials and read through them once more and write down any stuff you think you can weave into your funeral tribute for your beloved wife.


  • Have you, her family or friends created her memorial tribute slideshow yet? Go get it and watch it a couple of times to help you recall some really wonderful, positive memories about your spouse and your time together.


Here’s something to get things going: Have you put down a few memories about her? What really stood out for you? Do those anecdotes capture her true spirit and personality?


Ok….we will be using those anecdotes when we get to the part about putting your stories together beautiful. We will get to that in a moment.


It can be very tempting to try to put those thoughts together after collecting all those precious memories. Unless you are a very skilled wordsmith, you are going to struggle to make sense of it all.


To make sure your story comes together perfectly, you first have to get a fair idea of how funeral tributes are delivered.


This is what you can do about this now. Go to and insert your preferred keyword. In this case, it would be eulogy speech for wife, funeral speech for wife, and so on.


When you do that, video clips like those below would pop up. You may watch a couple of them and write down ideas you think can help make your tribute for your wife very touching and inspiring.


Eulogy Speech For Wife Video Examples#1


Eulogy Speech For Wife Video Samples#2


Have you noticed how I have been laying the groundwork for the actual writing all this while?  That’s how it should be but not the other way around.


Do you remember that I talked about the power of eulogy speech templates at the outset?

Such examples can easily and quickly write a eulogy speech tribute for your wife.  


Now, I want us to study this example together. As we do, write down ideas and tips you think can help honor and bless the memory of your wife.


Afterwards, we will analyze the whole thing so you can figure out how to put those wonderful memories together to form a very beautiful tribute that honors the life and legacy of your wife.


Eulogy For Friend Example


Thank you so much for coming to celebrate the life and mourn the loss of my precious wife, Melissa.


I once read this beautiful quote about the beauty of love in all its forms. It says that the greatest thing in life is to love and be loved in return. That applies to the intense love Melissa and I had for each other. She made me feel loved, safe and taken care of through thick and thin.


Although death has put out that bright light in her heart and I have to face this word without her by side, the memories we’ve made is a priceless treasure that will always be tucked safely in my heart because her love is stronger than death.

How to write tribute speech for your wife

No matter how hard death tries, it still can’t stop me from loving her. Melissa was my partner in life for 39 years. She was my best friend, my cheerleader, my advisor, my one true love, and my other half.


For those of you who don’t know, I met her a year after my divorce, we were both at a high school football game. Who would have thought that my soul mate would be sitting on the bleachers that night?


Our first date was at a burger king. We sat in a corner booth and talked and talked. The hours flew by and I knew something special was happening, as did she.


After that we were pretty inseparable. We saw each other daily and still had more to say so we talked on the phone. I couldn’t get enough of her. People used to say that we wouldn’t last. But we proved them wrong.


Melissa was not a person to shrug off a challenge, and I wanted to prove to the world that our love was real and true and would stand up to the test of time. I guess I can stand here today and say Mission Accomplished, but I still don’t want to believe that she’s gone. I feel this huge crater in my chest where my heart used to be.



Melissa took it with her to Heaven, and one day when we meet again, she will give it back to me.


We took care of each other. She was amazing when I had 6 surgeries starting in August of 2015. She was always there for me, never saying “wait, I didn’t sign up for this!”


And when I was first invited to share my PhD argument at Harvard, she was so excited for me, and remained so every semester when they invited me back.


The funny thing is, I couldn’t have gotten that achievement at the ripe old age of 63 without her support, her sacrifice, and her commitment. Everything I’ve done is because of her, and for her.



Then, when it was her turn, we took on her 12- month battle together. I was her caregiver and never missed a single day spending time with her, taking her to her labs, watching her ring the bell after she went into remission in February of 2020, and the following May when we were told

it was back, we held one another and cried together.



She was so brave and had to endure so much. If I could have taken that cancer away, I would have died in her place with a smile, knowing I was leaving behind a better world because it still had her in it. Her determination for that entire time cemented her as my hero.


She was an absolutely remarkable woman who never had to put on airs or pretend to be anything but herself. She didn’t require, nor did she want diamonds, furs, elaborate gifts or trips.



She loved our simple life, sitting on a park bench holding hands, or going to subway or an Italian restaurant for dinner. All she wanted, all she required was my time. I was amazed by her, and still think that she was perfect in every way.



She was my queen, and I treated her as such. I cherished each and every day that God gifted me with her.


She was also an amazing mom. I can’t even imagine what Alden, Naomi, and Mike are going through. I know how heartbroken and devastated I feel, but for them…they have so many milestones ahead in their lives that they have to celebrate now without Mom.


Alden, won’t have her to mentor her throughout her life’s journey. Naomi will no longer be able cozy up with her on the couch.


And Mike will miss her always being there whenever he calls or texts, faithfully. But I’m sure she’ll be watching her “Listle B” which is what she called Adam,

“Peanut” which was Mike’s nickname, and her precious “Squash” or Alden  from above and celebrating every moment of their lives.


Alden, Naomi, and Mike, you are not alone. Mom’s guiding presence will always be with us. Never, ever forget that.


Melissa was a hard worker who was very loyal to her employer. She was also devoted to Christ and often on breaks she would take her Bible out to her car or in the breakroom and sit and read it.


I’m very grateful that we were both saved. She loved to journal, do calligraphy, and create her arts and crafts.


Most importantly, she loved spending time with me and our kids. She enjoyed taking us and touring all over the state of NC and participating in festivals, gold/jewel mining, trying new foods, visiting parks, and places of interest such as a Whipple wheel exhibit in Wilson NC.


She also enjoyed riding her motorcycle while listening to her worship music and riding the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway or the back roads of NC/VA.


Melissa was also one of those people that attracted others to her. She drew them in, and once they became her friend, she was a friend for life. She exuded honor, faithfulness, integrity, and trustworthiness.


In case I haven’t made it clear yet, I loved being married to Melissa. She brought joy to my life.


She completed me. She accepted me as I was, and that was enough for her. I will spend the rest of my days thanking God for every minute I had her, and waiting for the day I will see her again.


You know, right before they took her out of the home to respite care in August, she told me that a few days before, she awoke and Jesus was standing at her feet with His hands down by his side.


She said He didn’t say a word nor made any motions. He simply stared at her and she said He faded away like the fog burning off in the morning sun.


I told her that I thought He was coming to take her home. Sure enough, about 4 weeks later, The Lord did just that. Without a doubt she is in the arms of her Lord today and that’s our consolation.


I would like to end with a verse of scripture.

The Bible says in Genesis 2:24 ‘’Therefore a

man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh


That is so true for Melissa and I. Our love story was like playing a beautiful symphony. We were a perfect duet. Our family chain is currently broken, but soon, it will be linked again. Someday, on golden shores where we would shed no tears about the loss of our loved ones. I will run to her and she will smile at me.


We will once again be together, but this time for eternity. Until that day my love, dance with angels, walk with the Lord, and rest in perfect peace.


That is a touching tribute for a religious woman and Christian by a loving father and husband.


Did that move you to tears? Imagine writing something like that for your wife? Your family and hers will be grateful for honoring her in such a befitting manner.


But, how do you go from staring aimlessly at the computer screen to filling it with powerful words that honor the memory of your wife in a very special way?


Start by breaking down any eulogy speech examples into three main parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body or content
  • Conclusion


Once you have created that structure for your eulogy, the writing process will be a lot more easier.


Eulogy for wife speech templates and examples


Let’s Look At How To Write The Introduction


To give you an idea, this is an excerpt of the above introduction to help us find the right words.

‘’ Thank you so much for coming to celebrate the life and mourn the loss of my precious wife, Melissa. ‘’


Your introductory remarks are the most essential part of your tribute, so you have to start well.

How do you start well?  Here are five practical steps to start on a very impactful note. Let’s see exactly how it works.


First, start by thanking everyone for coming. You may take it a step further by thanking certain personalities. People like:

  • The deceased’s mom and dad and her entire family for their help and support in this very difficult time
  • Your own family
  • Her friends and yours
  • Her doctor and other medical staff



Question: Who would like to express gratitude to ?  Do a little brainstorming and write down names of individuals who have been of tremendous help to your dead wife.  


That simple writing task can get your creative juices flowing.


Second, you can start off by sharing how you feel about her loss.

Here’s an example for a young couple (from a man to a dead wife):



Ever since we got married five (5) years ago, I have always dreamed of spending the rest of my life through thick and thin.


But, my heart is broken into a million pieces and it still feels like she carried my body, soul, and spirit with her into the grave because love was meant to be forever.  


How do you heal a broken heart? I need my wife to tell me. We were totally inseparable and family and friends noticed this and called us ‘’two bars of chocolate stuck in the mouth...''



Third, start with a touching quote, poem, wise saying, her favorite saying, or bible verse if you are a Christian. Let’s use this quote to come up with our opening lines.


“The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love and be loved in return”

― Moulin Rouge


Here you go:

I once read a quote that says that the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return. Well, Margaret was the best thing to have ever happened to me and I found my life’s greatest gift in her.


Isn’t that sweet and powerful? Do you want to start your introduction with a quote?


Fourth, it takes a strong man to start his funeral tribute with a song. But, if you can do it, please do that by all means if you really want it to be the best eulogy tribute ever.

You may take inspiration from Whitney Houston’s: ‘’Where Do Broken Hearts  Go? ''



Imagine how deeply meaningful and eloquent your speech will be if you make it a parody of that popular song. You may re-write aspects of it this way and sing it this way:


I know it's been some time
But there's something on my mind

You see, I haven't been the same
Since that cold November(change it to the day she died) day
You said goodbye to me unexpectedly
But all I found was an empty place in my heart
And the only things I learned
Is that I need you desperately


So here I am
And can you please tell me, oh


Where do broken hearts go?
Can they find their way home
Back to the open arms of my
Of a love that's waiting at the other side?


How would you feel if you heard someone begin their tribute with those lyrics?Let’s move to another thing.


Fifth, you can simply start with a story of how and when you met your departed wife.  That’s so easy to do, right? If you need an example, here’s one:


I met Heather in 1962 at a Catholic church

dance. It was a barn dance, and it was a roaring

20’s theme. I was there with a group of Navy

men and we were sitting on one side of the barn

while the ladies all sat on the other. No one was

actually dancing yet….



How To Write The Body Or Speech Outline Of Your Eulogy



The second part of the presentation is the body or content structure of your speech. It comes after the introduction and is a continuation of the ideas raised in the introduction.


With so many happy and sad memories tucked in your mind, it can be pretty hard to know where to start.


If you are caught in this dilemma, you can follow this simple plan so you can easily organize your thoughts.


This is what I want you to do now. Grab a sheet of paper and provide answers to the following questions:

  • What were the early years of your marriage like?
  • What were your collective achievements ?
  • How did she impact your life and the family and others she ever met?
  • How did she make your house a home?
  • What are the most memorable moments you have had together?
  • What are her personal attributes? Was she giving? Loving? Caring? Do you have an anecdote that highlights those character traits?


Eulogy speech for wife examples


Question: What you written down answers to those questions. You may go back to read the example above and let it inspire you to piece together a beautiful story about your wife. 


The first draft can be a real mess. So don’t be discouraged if your first attempt doesn’t look great. Get back to it another time and get rid of the excesses until your writing sparkles.


How To End Your Eulogy For Your Wife


The conclusion comes after the body.  Let’s look at a few ways of bringing closure to your tribute.


You can end by sharing her wishes with the mourners. I once wrote a tribute where the deceased remarked that she didn’t want everyone to be sad when she passed. Here’s how I captured her last wishes.


While we mourning her loss, let us be thankful for her presence in our lives. Before she passed, she told me to tell you not to be too sad because that’s not what she wants. She said we should laugh at her jokes and share good stories about all those wonderful moments.



Is that something you would like to do? If so, your answer should be based on your wife’s last wishes.


You may conclude with a poem by Ryann. Here’s a perfect example:


When I try to take a break
and relax in my busy life,
my heart, it does ache,
and all I think is how I miss my wife.

It hurts me so bad,
all this pain inside,
thinking of the love we had
and the tears I have cried.

I think of the places that we went to,
how I love you with all my heart
and all the things we didn't get to do,
but most of all how we have been torn apart.

I miss you so
and love you still.
I did not want to let you go,
but I tell myself it was God's will.

Every day I see things you've done.
It is lonely without you here.
I try to be strong for our wonderful son,


If you have nothing to say, just thank everyone for coming and reassure your children that you will stand by them at all times.


Share with your family and friends how and why you will miss her.