Fundraising Letter or Speech for School: How to write a persuasive donation letter to raise funds for your students or school
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Fundraising letter for corporate sponsorships

How to write a persuasive donation letter for your charity events that gets you the funds you need from your organization


Are you looking for ideas and tips to help you write an inspiring fundraising letter that will forge a strong relationship with corporate donors and get you cash and other incentives for your charity organization?




Please read on to find out why.


You will agree with me that one of the most difficult things to do is to raise enough funds for your charity. You have to send out several letters and hope that you get some positive response from your donors which doesn’t always happen. Good for you if your response rate is always off the roof!

How to write corporate fundraising letter or speech


But, you know that’s only a pipe dream. When it comes to asking for cash and other kind of support from corporate organizations, that can be an uphill task because there are so many process involved in this arena.



In the next few lines, I am going to share with you some proven ideas and tips to help you write your own script. Before we get into that, there are few things you should consider before you write your letter.


Well, if you are raising funds for a corporate sponsorship annual dinner, you might want to know how to deliver a speech since a letter will not work in this regard.


If you have never done that before, then I suggest you look up a few examples on and other video sharing platforms. By the way, here are two great ones, you can watch and learn from.


Fundraising speech example #1---video



Fundraising speech example #2---video




Most fundraisers don’t know this, but well-written examples can furnish you with great ideas that can easily help you to write your message. Below are two great examples. Please read through them carefully. In between them, I will share my thoughts with you so you can figure out what goes into writing a corporate fundraising letter.


Here you go:

Fundraising letter for corporate organizations---example#1


Here's an example of a sponsorship letter for an event:


Dear Beth,


Comment: One of the cardinal  rules of  direct mail fundraising is to start the letter by adding the name of the recipient to the salutation.When in doubt, call up the organization and ask for the name of the right person. If they won’t pass it on to you for obvious reasons, you can simply start with other alternatives like:

  • Dear friend
  • Dear Sir
  • Dear Madam


Comment: You should avoid this terrible combination: ''Dear Sir/Madam'' since it shows that you didn’t go all out to find out who the gender of this person is, to say the least.


Ok....let's continue with this.


''I hope you're well. My name is Bruce, and I'm the director of development at Small Steps for Change. Our nonprofit organization is on a mission to advocate for youth education by taking small steps towards big change. Our annual 5K is quickly approaching, and we're looking for potential sponsors to help make the event a reality.''


Comment: I suspect that the  company  that the letter was sent to doesn’t have a working relationship with this charity. Why? Because he began with a brief introduction of who he was and his role at the charity firm.


That’s a nice way of building rapport with an organization you are trying to woo for the first time. If you have a strong relationship with them, it’’s not too necessary to do that.


If you go back to read the above extract, you will realize that it states the aim of the corporation. Well, if you know them like the back of your mind, then you can simply state the purpose of this letter.  


Ok....let's continue with this.


''We believe that your company aligns with our mission since you work hard to provide an accurate curriculum for elementary schools in our region.''


Corporate fundraising letter examples


Comment: Most companies are like women. They respond best to flatteries.If you want to strike a chord with the firm you are looking for donations from is to state specific ways your mission aligns with their theirs.


Hint: Do a thorough research of your potential donor and find out what you share in common with theirs and start with it or other ways their mission lines up with yours. You may also compliment them on a recent accomplishment or accolade and they will be happy to read on. That’s not all you can start with a heart wrenching story to get your reader in.


FUNDRAISING  sample 2 (1)


Ok....let's continue with this.


''We need your help. In order to make the 5K successful, we are in need of financial and material donations. Some of the things we need most include monetary contributions, supplies such as running bibs and volunteers for the day of the event.

The purpose of the 5K is to raise $10,000 for after-school educational programs for the schools in our local area. With this goal, we hope to provide crucial supplies, pay after-school directors and redecorate the program spaces. If your organization contributes to our cause, we'd like to offer promotional opportunities. Our organization would feature your company in the promotional materials for the 5K, on our website and in the nonprofit's annual report.''


Comment: State how much you are planning to raise and the purpose it will serve. Don't leave everything to chance. 


Ok....let's continue with this.


''I plan to follow up with you in the next two weeks via phone call. I'm looking forward to speaking with you and answering any questions you may have.''


Comment: Did you notice that this letter  didn’t ask for money right away? There’s a reason for that. And I will explain in the subsequent letters.


Until then,
Director of development


Fundraising letter for corporate organizations---example#2


Here you go: 


Dear [sponsor’s name],


Comment: Do you remember what I wrote about the salutation? And can you make that better?


Ok....let's continue with this.


''My name is [name] and I work for the [department] department at [university’s name]. We work hard each year to make sure that our students are receiving the highest-quality learning experiences in an unforgettable environment.''


Comment: Again, do you remember what I said about sending out prospecting letters?



Ok....let's continue with this.


''This year, we’re [project, for example: developing a new program, building a new building, improving food quality, making new study spaces etc.] that we know is going to bring our students [positive impact, for example: amazing experiences, better quality of life, the materials to succeed, etc.].


This has historically caused recurring issues for our university, as students [provide additional context on the purpose of your project]. Addressing it this year will allow our college to focus on growing and our students to focus on learning.

Corporate donation letter for companies

The cost for this [program] is hefty, and that is why we’re asking for your help. As a business [reason why this sponsor is best, for example: is local and witnessed class after class graduate] you know how much of a difference our students can make at [university name] with the right tools and resources.''



Comment: Something is amiss here…do you know what the writer left out? This is it: ‘’The cost for this [program] is hefty’’

You haven’t said anything at all if you only used that word ''cost'' since it’s really ineffective. It’s like being asked to pay just anything for your monthly rent….That would sound absurd, right?


Ok....let's continue with this.


[With a structured sponsorship from your organization, we will be extremely grateful for the opportunity to accomplish our project’s goals and lay stronger foundations for our school’s growth.

If you’d like to donate or discuss our project, please contact me at [email/phone number]. I’d be happy to talk through this partnership with you and to discuss the special perks and incentives our university can offer in exchange for your support.


Thank you,


Comment: I don’t particularly like this conclusion. It should have been the other way round because you don’t expect someone you are asking money from to follow up on you…do you? That’s quite rude!


This next piece will primarily be full of mini assignments. So grab your pen and notepad and answer the questions I am going to ask you and use the answers to formulate your own fundraising corporate letter.


Ok....let's move on to this: 


Fundraising letter for corporate organizations---sample#3


My name is [name] and I am the [position] of [museum’s name]. [Give a brief description of your museum, especially if it is not as well known.]


Comment: Is there anything you find wrong here? What can you do to make the above extract great? Let the analysis give you some insight here.




Ok....let's continue with this.


We at [museum’s name] work hard to bring beautiful exhibits like [past successful exhibit] to life and curate programs like [past museum program] for unique and memorable experiences.


Comment: Can you re-write and substitute a few words here and there?  You might want to add what makes your charity unique. A hint: You can start by painting a picture  of your industry. You may add when the museum was founded and other key associated with it.


Ok....let's continue with this.


We are planning a [program, event, exhibit] and are so excited to launch it. Last year, our programs brought in [amount of people], and we hope to pass those numbers this time around. We hope to bring [give a brief description of your program/event/exhibit and something special and unique about it] for our supporters and other [type of museum, art, science] lovers like you!


Comment: Here, you might add why you are excited to launch it.  You might also add the kind of help you are looking for and not just leave it to chance. Thinking of a donation? Ask for volunteers? Just ask and you will receive.


Ok....let's continue with this.


However, we need your help. There are many expenses that come with bringing [program/event/exhibit] to our patrons. With [name a number of expenses], we need [amount of money].

Would you consider helping to sponsor our [program/event/exhibit]? With your support of amount of [ amount], we’d be so much closer to our goal.

If you’d like to discuss our plans and sponsorship options, please contact me at [phone number]. If you decide to become a sponsor, [museum’s name] would like to offer you [incentive, for example: discounted tickets, a plaque, etc].


Thank you so much for any help you may be able to provide, we greatly appreciate it!

[museum’s name]

[phone number]


Comment: Based on our analysis, don’t you realize that something is wrong here? If so, please let me know what it is. A Hint: Do you contact the giver or ask them to contact you? That's a good food for thought.

Corporate fundraising speech or letter

Let’s face it. One of the most difficult letters you'll ever write is a fundraising or charity letter because most folks hate it when they have to part with money. However, when we ask for cash and use it well for causes so dear to the hearts of donors, they are likely to give their cash and time to support your charity in good times and bad.

Over the years, psychologists have found that donors are moved not by what they read or hear per se. But when certain psychological triggers are applied to your message, donors are moved to support your cause even if the economy is not so great.

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