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Farewell Speech: Are You An Employee looking for the Perfect Words, Phrases, And Ideas To Write A Memorable Goodbye Speech Even As You Leave Or Retire?

Best Farewell Speech For Boss-Wondering how to give the best ever send-off speech for your boss?


Just Follow This Scientifically-Proven Plan And You’ll Be A Step Away From Giving A send–off speech to your loving superior -who's leaving, retiring or on transfer-without trying so hard!



Does This Man Sound Like A Sage?

Sun Tzu, one of China’s renowned once said that a leader leads by example not by force.

I don’t know what you think about that. But, if your boss leads by example, then you'll agree with what the wise man said.


You see,  a good manager does more than manage his team of employees. He or she is like a mother, father, sister, brother, brother, and even a good role model to everyone in the office and even beyond.


If you’re blessed to have such a person in charge of your team, then I can only imagine how your office is like. Of course, there are a lot of lessons you can learn from mean bosses as well.

So, just pay close attention whatever a good or a not-so-good boss does and you will have richer professional experience.


Well, a bird just whispered in my ears that your kind boss will be leaving the company soon. Oh my God! Too bad! I wish he could stay longer!

FAREWELL sample 1 (1)

This Is The Best Gift You Can Ever Give Your Boss

I know for sure your superior has impacted your life so much and you are probably thinking of giving him a heartwarming gift. That’s very kind of you.

But, did you that this is the best gift you can ever give? Wondering what that is? Your farewell speech!


  Best ever farewell speech for boss


Got any idea how to do that? Well, I am here this sunny afternoon to help you do justice to your parting words for your boss.

Last time, we looked at what I felt was a good example of a sendoff you can use.

What I didn’t show you was how to easily get the right words and ideas to help you put down your exact thoughts and emotions without trying so pulling out your hair!


Ok, before we delve deep into the heart of the matter, I really want...

 You To Get This Right Before You Give It A Shot!

Most times, we let the shadows of the past become a hurdle to new challenges and opportunities.

Perhaps you failed to give an impressive speech sometime past and you’re just wondering if you can put up a good show this time around.

Well, you can if you see good things coming out of your impending performance.


The fact that you screwed up when you are asked to present a report doesn’t mean you are going to be a terrible speaker.

All you have to do is to constantly see yourself in your mind’s eye giving an amazing speech to the admiration of the audience.

As you continuously hold that mental picture, you will be empowered from within, and speaking with purpose and clarity will be a breeze.


Having said that, please go grab your pen and sheet and let’s get started.


The first thing you have to do is to …

First Put Yourself In The Mood


By looking up farewell speech for boss videos and the like, you will get ideas that you can use for your message.

So, go to any of the video-sharing platforms and put your search term above or its variants in the search bar and wait for hundreds of such videos to pop up.

Then, watch a couple and put down words and ideas and phrases you think can help you out.



The second thing you have to do is to…

 Work With J…s


Do you have any idea what I mean exactly? Jokes!

Going for puns is by far the best way to make your message sweet.

If your superior is the serious type, please stay off it unless you find an inside joke that really appeals to him or her or even the entire team.

By the way, make sure that your pick is in sync with the tone and theme of your parting address.




Below Is a Perfect Example of How To Use Jokes


Let me illustrate by using an excerpt of the farewell speech of the first black of the United States President Barack Obamaplease take a closer look at the underlined words

This is what he said: Hello Chicago! It's good to be home! Thank you everybody. Thank you so much, thank you, thank you. Alright, everybody sit down. We're on live TV here, I gotta move. You can tell that I'm a lame duck, 'cuz nobody's following instructions. Everybody have a seat.


Seen those underlined words?  Yes, that’s exactly what I mean when I tell you to use a joke.


Suppose we want to make something out of that, it would go like this.

 ''For over 20 years now, Mr. Adam has been the chief robot(probably a term for workers in his office) in Gild& Son’s, today he’s the lame-duck around...This morning the office machine broke down for the first time in 20 years....and I think it's an indication that Mr. Adam The Coffee Man has to go for good....don't you think so? '

Got it now? Don't you think that will make the boss and other employees excited?

  FAREWELL sample 2 (1)

The third thing you have to do is to...

Use Stories

A good story has the power to capture the attention of the audience and make them want more.

So, please grab a paper and put down any fond memories or what the experience has been like working with your superior.

 You might also answer the twelve 12  questions below as they will help you develop your story outline.


Here Are 12 Must-Answer Questions To Help You Write Something Great

  1. What lessons have you learned from him/her?
  2. How has he or she inspired you to be a better worker?
  3. How did you feel when you heard that he/she was leaving for good?
  4. How does he/she make your team such a lively place
  5. How would the office be like without him/her around?
  6. What are his/her accomplishments and how did that motivate you to work harder?
  7. If you got employed before he/she did, what can you say how you felt the first day you started working there or vice-versa?
  8. Can you share how you felt when he or she was honored by the board or even given an award or citation?
  9. What did his/her sense of composure taught you when the firm was going through challenges?
  10. Why will you miss him/her?
  11. What will you remember him/her most for?
  12. Do you have embarrassing moments you wish to share and how did he/she make a comeback admiringly?
  13.  What gift do you have your boss and what does it signify?



Sweet and short farewell speech for boss

Ok, i want to be super kind. So, let's use a few of those questions to make up something short.


Here you go:


''When we got news that you were leaving, we thought it was one of those jokes.

I recall Mike saying it can’t be true because he said you don’t have any gray hairs to show for it.

Then, I quipped that you must be dying your hair!

Well, I didn’t believe you were going to leave us so I went to ask Margaret and she confirmed it

I  remember standing there feeling totally frozen like a deer in the headlights.

My heart missed a lot of beats and banged the wall yelling I would do everything to make you stay.... but here we are.

By the way, you have inspired us to work much harder and one thing that will remain with me is when you told us in a board meeting that our families come first in whatever we do...

Believe it or not, my family was falling apart at the time and your words were very timely.

…Mike, I have here a wonderful gift for you and it’s a hair dye…''

I hope you can write something similar or even better. I am sure you can.


The fifth thing you have to do is to…

Use Words from Some of These Wise Men

Quotations from famous figures and lesser-known figures

can help you pull off something great.


Here are a couple of them

''People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.''- Theodore Roosevelt

''No man goes before his time - unless the boss leaves early.''- Groucho Marx

''The worst mistake a boss can make is not to say 'well done' .'' John Ashcroft

''A good boss makes his men realize they have more ability than they think they have so that they consistently do better work than they thought they could.'' -Charles Erwin Wilson

''Nothing is as embarrassing as watching your boss do something you assured him couldn't be done.''- Earl Wilson

''I've always found that the speed of the boss is the speed of the team.''- Lee Iacocca


Do you still want my help on how best to write a short message using any of those quotes? Hmm

I feel you should do it yourself because I feel  I've given you enough ''firepower'' already.


Farewell speech for boss

The sixth thing you have to do is to…

Consult Short Farewell Speech Samples

The nice thing about using proven examples is that you can use them to give your speech a personal touch.


Here’s one for a boss on transfer


A very good evening to all of you and fellow workers of ABC Company.

As we all know that we have gathered here to give a farewell party to our boss and General Manager, Mr. Alon.


On behalf of the company and the management team, I would like to say thank to all of you for your nice presence here tonight.


Thank you all to be part of this farewell party organized by the company in the honor of our boss’s transfer to another branch of the company. Our boss has been transferred to another branch for the special project work because of his high skill level and dedication to work.


It is very sad moment for all of us that our General Manager will leave us very soon, most probably tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to say something about our boss,

It is not easy for me to stand here.  Our boss is a great leader in this company and he is fully able to make big decisions in the favor of this company.

FAREWELL sample 2


If his transfer becomes in my hand, I never let him go. It is a sad moment for us as he is leaving us, however, a good moment for him and all of us because he is getting promoted and transferred to another branch of this company.


I took that example from this guy. It's not good speech(not very inspiring). But, I feel there are a few ideas you can glean to make yours very unique. I've written those ideas below each paragraph below. So, feel free to use them as you wish.

Here are they:


Idea # 1: ''A very good evening to all of you and fellow workers of ABC Company…I would like to say thank to all of you for your nice presence here tonight. Thank you all to be part...''

Using idea # 1 can help us get an idea of how to begin our introduction. You can use that or make changes to it.


Idea # 2:  ''It is a very sad moment for all of us that our General Manager will leave us very soon, most probably tomorrow.''


Using idea # 2 gives an idea of how we feel about our manager’s departure. Sit back and write down how his departure makes you feel.


There are a lot more....but

Did I tell you the incredible story of how workers are writing best farewell speeches without lifting their fingers? And how you too can do the same? Ignore at your own risk and you might embarrass yourself?


When your boss has been so good and kind, it hurts to see him leave or retire.

Such a boss might have inspired and helped you to reach the very top of the professional ladder.

If so, you really have to show you are grateful for all he or she has done, and the best way to show your appreciation is to put a good show when you are asked to say something.

(Please you can double click on the image if you can't see it clearly)

Farewell speech 2

Remember, your other superiors or even C.E.O might be around and what you say can leave a favorable impression on them and you never know where that can land you in the firm.

So, you have to put in your best efforts.

We know for sure how hard coming up with the right words can be.

This is why we are giving you a rare chance to come up with something inspiring and funny without pulling your hair out!

Want to get on board? You should by first clicking here to fill out a simple and short questionnaire!

(This is another person we helped with her farewell speech.Please you can double click on the image if you can't see it clearly)

Farewell speech 3

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Remember, you have to see your speech first before we both negotiate on a price that’s fair to you. So, you can relax and let us sweat it out at our expense!

Let me remind you once more that your managers and even C.E.O will be around and you don’t have to settle for anything ordinary. You’ve to put on a good show!