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Father Of The Groom Speech Examples And Success Story

Mother Of The Groom Speeches Examples And Success Stories

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Amazing Story Of How An Extremely Nervous (Probably More Nervous Than You Are)

Mom Gave The Best Speech Ever…Got A Standing Ovation Even… Though She Didn’t Have The Skills To Write A Beautiful Speech…And Had Never Given A Wedding Speech Before!

And how you can do the same!


Dear Worried Mom,

I am Anabela from Canada.

I know how you’re feeling. I know it’s not easy to stand before a crowd to write a great mother of the groom's speech or even give a great speech.

But I think you can make it because I did just that not too long ago despite my worries and pains.


What Would You Have Done?


Growing up, I dreamed of marrying the perfect guy. Well, when I met Dan, I thought it was a dream come true. All was set for our marriage and I was on cloud nine.


A week before our wedding, I almost gave up the ghost. Dan wrote to tell me that he couldn’t marry me anymore because he felt I might not be a good wife!


I freaked out on reading that note and found myself in hospital for almost 3 months. I was emotionally wounded.

Mother of the groom wedding toast

I wondered how on earth Dan whom I loved with every fiber of my being leave me at the altar.

Besides, we both had a son and I wondered what was really going on. I was totally devastated!

I remember tearing up countless times at night and hoping that Dan would perhaps change his mind and come back for me. But, that was just a mere wish. To make matters worse, I was laid off due to a major shake-up while in the hospital.


Hell Breaks Loose!


With myself to feed, a son to take care of, and other bills piling up, I wondered if I would ever live a meaningful life.

My rent was 3 months late and the landlord threw me out. So, I went to live with my parents in the country.

I tried to keep in touch with Dan for support for our son but I just couldn’t get in touch with him. Things were really tough.

I didn’t understand why I had to go through all that though everyone told me that I was not only beautiful but very virtuous.


Things Start To Take Shape


A few years down the road, I got over my trauma and got my life back. I did a few odd jobs over time and save some money to start my own business from my parent’s basement.


Things didn’t fly so quickly as I thought but through perseverance and hard work coupled with my faith in God, I opened two bakeries in about three years.


Though I had given up hopes of marrying my dream guy; God gave me another chance. I got married to Jesse, a kind and loving man who helped a lot in my business expansion.

We were doing so well.


My son, Mike became a police officer and found the lady of her dreams. When Mike brought Amanda home, I had this feeling that he had found a great soul mate. They told me of their plans to get married and I encouraged them to do so.


Why Me Mike?


With a few weeks left for my son’s wedding, Mike asked me to give a mother of the groom wedding speech that will totally capture all that we had gone through as a family.

I wondered how I was going to do that since I had never written a speech before and didn’t even know how to speak in public.

Just like you, I wanted to impress not only my son but make everyone proud and tell our story in a unique way.

But, I didn’t know how until I met a friend who helped me to put down my exact thoughts and emotions into very beautiful words.

On the day of the wedding, I was nervous when I was called up to speak. The room was dead silent when I grabbed the microphone.


What should the mother of the groom say


I Almost Fainted


My heart began to pound like crazy and my voice grew rather raspy. I breathed out loudly and I could see Jesse and Mike looking so scared! My breathing out helped calmed me down and so I began:


''The true measure of a man it is said is where he stands in the times of hardship and tribulation and not in the times of comfort and ease.’’ Well, I must say Mike is one of the greatest men on earth because right from the very time he was young, his spirit was crushed but he stood firm like a house built on a firm ground…''


As I said those words, people cast surprising glances at one another. Friends and relatives knew that I had a memory like a goldfish and I was very shy. So, they were a little surprised.


Then I continued...


'' Mike, when you were born, I had a dream to love you, care for you, and help you become a loving son.

When you were born, I felt like a princess when you were handed to me. I remember waking up several times at night to cuddle you and kiss your forehead.

You’d smile like a young prince as I gazed at your sparkling blue eyes and prayed that my dreams come to pass.


Growing up, my dreams were shattered when we fell into hard times. My spirit was crushed and I thought we would never live to see this day.

Several nights, I’ d sob like a baby but you would come back from playing outside and come over to tell me that our grief was a story to inspire our world someday. So, I shouldn’t ever give up.


You’d hold my hand, wipe my tears with the back of your other hand and tell me that you were always going to be there for me.


You were just 12 when you told me that. The years had come and gone so fast. We have been through it all. The pain. The agony. Just name them.

Today, I can only look back and see what the power of hope, love, and faith in God can do in our lives even when we are confronted with intense pain and suffering.

You’re a priceless gift Mike.


You gave me the strength to carry on and I know you are going to be Amanda’s tower of strength.


Amanda, you are really blessed to have him and I know you both love each other like your own soul….


Nevertheless, there will be both rough and calm waters to cross and I know true love will triumph because love is the currency that makes every marriage what it is.


You must never lie or cheat. If you are going to lie, you must lie down in each other’s bosom. And if you must cheat, you must cheat those things that are likely to take away your intimacy and joy…''




When I was done, the guests leaped onto their feet and gave me a standing ovation!


I couldn’t believe I had made it. People complimented me and Mike and Amanda came to hug me. They were in tears. My parents, Mike’s dad Dan, and my friends were so impressed! And I would never ever forget that day.


Mom of the groom speech


Can You Write A Speech Like That And Make The Same Impact?


Let me ask you once again: Can you really craft a short beautiful mother of the groom's speech as I did? Yes, you can. Wondering how to do just that?


This Helped Me Get That Standing Ovation!


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Mother of the groom speech ideas



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