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Amazing Story Of How An Extremely Nervous (Probably More Nervous Than You Are)

Dad Gave The Best Speech Ever…Got A Standing Ovation Even… Though He Didn’t Have The Skills To Write A Beautiful Speech…And Had Never Given A Wedding Speech Before!

And how you can do same!


Dear Anxious Dad,

I am Mark from the U.S.A and I have this short story to tell you about how I gave my father of the bride speech and how you too can do same.

Life Is All Great!

After I had graduated college, I found good job with one of the prestigious accounting jobs in the country.
Knowing how important marriage is to our family, I was so much concerned about the kind of woman to marry. A beautiful, tolerant and loving woman was all I was looking for to spend the rest of my life with.

I Meet The Love Of My Life!

When I met Joanne, we clicked off the bat and we got married after

dating for 2 years! She was such a dignified woman but she died just 1 year after we had tied the knot. She died in a plane crash when flying back home from Puerto Rico.

She and her co-employees lost their lives after attending a workers retreat there. Their plane fell into the ocean.
That left me devastated! We had no child before her demise.

I Meet Another ''Angel''

Three years later, I met Christina, whom I later got married to. We shared many things together and we were best friends. But, we didn’t have children despite being married for almost 5 years! Several tests confirmed that she had no problem with her fertility and that left us wondering what was really going on.

We were the only couple in our family without children and to be honest it was a rather sad experience. But we still prayed and hoped for a miracle some day!

One Day Something Happened!

On a cold afternoon in July, my wife returned home from work looking rather sick. She complained of headaches and backaches. So, we went to see the doctor the following day.

A month later, we went back to see the doctor as her feet had swollen and she had changed so much.
Medical examinations revealed she was pregnant for 3 months! We were so happy!

Anxious But Hopeful!

When her time was due, the baby didn’t show up and we were a bit anxious. But, something kept reassuring me that the baby was going to be a special child.

Having been pregnant for 12 months, she delivered a bouncing baby girl. Days flew by and she began to grow so beautifully.

When she was 6, she got to grade 1 and I still clearly remember that day when she opened the gate, got down and waved me goodbye with tears streaming down her face and said through her tears:’’ Dad, I have to go so I can become like mom'' It was such an emotional Monday morning when we drove her to school.

Why She Made Us So Proud

At home, she was such a creative, intelligent and very athletic. Though each minute and hour and each day came with its own struggles as new parents, we were still determine to give her the love and security she needed to become an amazing lady.

When she reached her teens, she didn’t get into any trouble at all because she was obedient. She loved to horse race a lot. That was her favorite pastime.
She even joined a polo club where she won a lot of medals for being the best horse rider in her community. She even represented our community in a national tournament and won the trophy!

After she had graduated college, she still loved to horse ride and she was invited to a major tournament in The United Kingdom and she had to train very morning.

Also, she and Kerry, her finance began plans to get married. It was just left with few months to her wedding when she fell off her horse while she was competing at the London event.

She, however, got back on her feet and still won the competition! That was our proudest moments as parents. Her name was all over the place and people were marveled by her amazing skills.

Wedding Plans Put On Hold

Two weeks after that tournament, she started using a walking stick. Apparently, the fall had kind of paralyzed her left leg and she had to go undergo surgery. Well, it was successful and she got her energy and vitality back after a year!

A New Beginning!

Her wedding preparations got underway and she asked me to give a father of the bride speech!
Wow! I felt like a fish trapped by a net at sea and I just didn’t know what to do!
I had given a groom speech before when I first got married but the message was very uninspiring back then.
So, I was determined to make a difference this time.

Trouble In The Hut

I read a lot online but I just didn’t know how to put down my exact thoughts and emotions and we wanted to make the speech very unique.
I also wanted to talk about things we went through as a family before Sarah came into our lives and how much of a blessing she has been to us.

Luckily, someone came to the rescue but I was still nervous and when I was called up to speak the room was dead silent.

But, I kept my composure. My voice was shaky when I greeted and thanked the audience for coming. After, I breathed out loudly and Joanne, Sarah and Kerry, my son-in-law were nervous!

All eyes were on me. My breathing out helped me calmed down and I began with these lines.

 ''Once upon a time, on a snowy morning, a charming young princess made an entry into this world.

Filled with pride and joy, his dad was determined to love her and give him everything he would ever need so that she would become a great person someday.

She loved to play with cats, dogs, and other animals. She even made a pond in her family garage for a lonely snapping turtle she and her brothers found when they were out there on their bikes.

She was generous to a fault and he’d sometimes give out all he had to those who were in need even if that meant stripping herself of her personal comfort and pleasure.

When she was just 10, he made $150 caddying golf. But she gave it all away to a neighbor.

Just like any other heroine, she too was determined to leave her footprints behind and that could only be accomplished through sports seeing she was a big polo fan who helped win trophies for her town and community.

Winning trophy after trophy swelled our heart with pride and joy.

But, one day something happened to her when competed in a horse riding competition in the U. K.

She fell off her horse.

We thought she was going to finish last in that race but we jumped right back on her horse and took the crown when that event ended.

When we returned home, She said to me…’’Dad, I have had enough of that. So, she quit horse riding.’’

Instead, she traveled to Ukraine where she helped build an orphanage and raise funds to put teenage children back to school.

As I said those words, people cast surprising glances at one another and that made everyone look sad.

Then I continued

 Like every great heroine, Sarah suffered some setbacks and adversities at some point in his life.

But, she always pressed on because she was and still of the view that there’s always going to be light at the end of every dark tunnel.

Sarah , I think of a great heroine as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom of choice.

Choosing to get married is certainly not an easy decision but one fraught with a keen sense of responsibility and accountability.

But, you don’t have anything to fear because you have God and Ashley at your side to help you in your quest to becoming that great wife and mom we’re all hoping for.

Kerry, you are a great guy and I’d like to welcome you to our motley crew. I'd like thank your parents-Ben and Lisa- for their kindness and support.

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Sarah & Kerry,  a lot of people think that the greatest heroes of our time are those folks who have accomplished many great things.

That might be true to an extent but I think real heroes are those who spent much of their time loving each other till the end of time.

A heart filled with unconditional love will help you forgive each other when you step on each others toes.

A heart filled with unconditional love would make your family strong and it will open your eyes to marriage’s true purpose.

Don’t expect everything to be perfect though because the course of true love never ever runs smooth. Never ever forget that. God bless you both.

Thank you everyone for coming tonight.


When I was done, the guests leaped onto their feet and gave a warm applause for like 2 minutes amid chanting and screaming. Sarah, my daughter and Joanne, my wife came to hug me in turns.

They just couldn’t believe how I did that. Though a few lines made people smile many had tears in their eyes.

Can You Write A Speech Like That And Make The Same Impact?

Let me ask you once again: Can you really craft a short beautiful father of the bride speech like I did? Yes, you can.

How? The wedding speech specialists at Standing Ovation Wedding Speeches helped me put my ideas together and this is a one-liner I sent to express my appreciation---''It went perfectly!  Lots of praise afterward.  Thanks!!''

Several others have made it and you can too just read on patiently
Several others have been able to do that despite their weakness and I am happy to share with you what they told us after the wedding.

 Glen from The United States of America on the other hand spent sleepless night prior to the wedding day. He wanted to say something very beautiful despite his fears!

Please see what he told us after the wedding


Father of the groom speech

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