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Funny Best Man Speech- How to give a great best man speech the easy way

At last, you too can give a very funny best man speech like a pro! Using the same strategies, secrets, ideas…accomplished toastmasters use to bring down their audience…even if you are a funny person or not!

Alex and Dan had been friends since childhood. From chasing girls to drinking their head off to gambling at a local casino, they had gained notoriety for being notorious hoodlums.

They had completed their college education, and both had become fairly responsible adults. Dan was vice president of the manufacturing division of a pharmaceutical company. Alex was chief executive of a construction form. However, neither of them was married.

After sometime, Alex met Stella and everything was set for their wedding after dating for two years. Dan was asked by his friend to be bestman and he gladly accepted that honorable responsibility.

As he reflected what his duties were as bestman, one thing hit him hard. And that was his speech. At the thought of this, he froze like a dog at a cat dance. He had never spoken before a large group of people. The last time he addressed some people at a meeting was eight years ago, and that made him sweat like a castrated bull.

However, he talked with a friend who had had a standing ovation for giving a funny best man speech to learn the tricks of the game. After this brief encounter, he poured his heart and mind into writing a great funny best man speech.

On his friend’s big day, he made fun of his friend and even made reference to a time spent in chasing girls and their drinking sprees. Those comments embarrassed his friend a great deal. Obviously, they had backfired.

Like Dan, you too aim at delivering a hilarious wedding speech, but how you go about it will go a long way to determine whether your words will make the wedding guests happy or bored.

Just take heart if you have never spoken in public all your lifetime. The ideas I will share will help you give a super memorable wedding speech that is not only exciting but inspirational and witty.

Before your performance can really go down well with your audience, you need to believe in what you are going to say or do else nothing can really work for you. Simply put, you need to have self confidence.

And it is self confidence that separates great or funny speakers from mediocre speakers.  

Whatever you wish for in life depends a great deal on what you your own set of beliefs. You cannot succeed if all you see around you is despair and doubt.

Doubt and despair can’t stand in your way if you continuously meditate on the desired results you want out of speaking before the wedding audience. That’s because holding a positive image of what you want to achieve banishes the forces of fear and hopelessness.

Perhaps, you are wondering if you are going to speak confidently because your mind has relayed to you a picture of a situation where you panicked when you were asked to say some few words before a group of people and that might have led you to conclude that you are not going to do well this time.

Forget it because your friends or brother’s wedding is a different ball game and there is no way you can fail because I believe you can. You can because you are created in God’s image and you are more powerful and gifted than you think. Don’t let the past cripple you from moving forward. You are the product of your own imagination so belief you can and your confidence will spill over.


With that in mind, let’s now see the strategies you can employ to bring down the house. Before we do so, I want you to get this one thing.

A funny best man speech isn’t necessarily a type of wedding speech that is hilarious from start to finish. NO! A generous sprinkling of a few good jokes for example at the introduction of your speech or at the middle or at the end of your presentation will make the audience delighted.

 It’s not a matter of trying so hard to pile up every line of your speech with something funny. You will only be wasting your own time if you do so.

Did you know that music or song can make your speech funny? Many best men try so hard to find some funny words to spice up their messages. But it shouldn’t be so if you can take a simple song, rehearse it and even substitute some of the lyrics with your own words. If you can play a musical instrument, that will be just great.

Here is what I want you to do now. If you can sing a simple love song well, why not change the words to suit your own unique case.

 If you want to see such kind of presentations played out, please go over to the video sharing site and search for creative best man speeches or funny best man speeches or song like best man speeches or even greatest best man speeches ever and you will get access to lots of them .

As you see them, please take note of the parts that make you laugh. It could a phrase or lines used and even the props they use. See if you can adapt it to your own speech.

Another way of making a speech very exciting is by using metaphors, similes or other forms of comparisons. For instance, you can use a simile to tell the wedding guests how the gloom felt when he met the bride.

Remember that the spelling of gloom is deliberate. You too can use if for example you want to say some words about your friend or brother.

Now back to our extract speech using the power of simile. Here we go now!

When Mike first met Angela after they had left school, I knew they were destined to be together. My sister was very distrustful of men but he used all the tricks he knew to woo her but she was unyielding like a rock.

Feeling like a disappointed goat, Mike almost threw in the towel but I told him not to because quitters never win. He got to know that Angela was like a box of chocolate when he gently persisted and won her heart.

Notice how we use the similes…like a disappointed goat…and like a disappointed goat…to write that short best man speech? That’s exactly the way to harness smiles whenever we are writing.

Another technique is the deliberate corruption of the English language. For example, you can say blide instead of bride. An example being… I got to know the blide during a school reunion.

Another example could be …Mike, I know you are a great guy and you’ve found the lady of your dreams. And I know you will adore her, care for her, and protect her. And to you Angela the blide and Mike‘s step wife you look like a peacock tonight…

Notice, we use step wife? What do you think will be the reaction of the guests to that word? Well, some will be wondering why the speaker used that word. Others will simply smile. Whatever be the case, you need to tell the guests why she is a step wife.

It’s not enough to use the above mentioned points; you also need to use your body language appropriately.

You shouldn’t stand still like a skyscraper and expect the guests to cheer you up. You need to vary your voice, tone, and pitch to convey your exact emotions.

For instance, you might imitate the groom if you want the wedding guests to know how your friend or brother felt or what your friend or brother said when he told you about the bride.

All these strategies would naturally come to you if you consistently practice your speech since regular practice kills poor performance, and it holds the key to calming your nerves. There’s no way your funny best man speech will flop if you make time to go over what you are going to say.


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