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Ideas to Help You Write Your Funny Bride Speech

This humorous story and the subsequent easy to follow ideas will inspire you and walk you through a step- by- step approach that will make the guests laugh out loud, and make your husband and family proud of you!

The story is told of

two young German girls who moved to the United States of America to study.

Do You Want To Be Like Annette Or Amanda?

While there, Annette, the younger of the two dropped out of college because she couldn’t afford to pay her tuition anymore. Being a chef at a local restaurant, her wages was not enough to pay for her education.

                     Wedding  speeches for her bride
Amanda, on the other hand didn’t go to college at all when they both arrived in the United States. Being an Au-pair helped her to improve her speaking skills.

In time, Annette had a scholarship to study English as a second language for excelling in sports.
Having received her award, she was asked to address some college freshmen enrolled in the same course she was studying.

Instead of saying Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you very much… she said:’’ Ladies and Gentlemen Spank you vely mush.’’
As she spoke those words, her listeners guffawed, and her tutors couldn’t hide their smiles.

Why You Don’t Have To Blame Her

It happened that Annette was getting her English lessons right. But she was very nervous as she had never spoken before an audience.
Chances are that at some point in your life, you will have to make a public speech. Your wedding day is a perfect opportunity to make one.

What Would You Do On Your Judgment Day?

Your wedding is a really exciting and special milestone in your life, and what you say on that day will not only make you respected and admired, but, it will speak volumes about who you really are.
Granted, very few brides are able to put down their thoughts in an entertaining way.
If you really want to throw the guests off their seats with laughter, then the following time honored ideas will help you do just that even if you think you are not cut out to be an outstanding public speaker!

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Wedding funny bride speech

Vitamins For Your Voice Box

There are literally more a dozen ways to make your husband, friends, and the guests feel happy but we shall look at some relevant ones.
First, you need to find out the best technique or device you want to employ. You might want to use some of the points listed below.
• You can use jokes
• You can use similes
• You can use metaphors
• You can use funny anecdotes’, involving you and your husband
• You can also use props
• You can also use funny quotes
• You can also funny stories
• You can appear in a funny cloth
• You can even appear in a funny make up

You don’t have to use all of the points above if you really want to give an entertaining funny bride speech. Just about pick one or two to start with.
Just choose your preferred choice as that will determine the direction your wedding speech will go.

For the purpose of our discussion, I would like us to pick similes or metaphors, funny anecdotes, funny quotes, to write a few lines.
Before we do so, I want you to get this one thing. Writing a humorous speech is by no means different from other types of wedding speeches. They all have the same format… introduction, body, and conclusion or what most people call the toast.
So, let’s dive into the pool.

First, the introduction is the opening line of your bride speech and what you do with this crucial aspect of your talk will determine whether your words will be memorable or not. It has to sound impactful and entertain the audience the way your husband made you happy when you started dating.


Here’s a rather weak example and a strong one subsequently.
‘’Good morning ladies and gentlemen, thanks for coming. I am Melissa. I am very delighted on this day….
This opening line is how most brides open their speeches.

Okay. What if we change that uninspiring opening line or introduction to
‘’Ladies and Gentlemen, good evening. I wonder what would have happened to me if you hadn’t turn up. It would have been boring like watching a tortoise overtake a snail in a 100 meter relay race.Thanks for...

Now, let me ask you this question…What do you think make the introduction funny?

Some things come to mind. Do you have any idea? It starts with ‘’s’’

Hey! If you said simile then congrats! The use of that simile changed the entire focus of the second example.

Let us say your wedding is in the morning or afternoon and you deliberately begin your presentation by saying: ‘’Good night…..’’ some of the guests will smile. But you need to look serious as you say that else your tactic might backfire.

The Audience Will Love You For Doing This

Again, let us take a hard look at the body of a funny bride wedding speech and that’s the part the audience loves the most. Here, you embellish this central part of your write up with these useful points.
• Where and how you met
• Who brought the two of you together
• What attracted him to you
• Why you agreed to be his wife
• What aspects of his character do you really admire
• What‘s your vision for the union

Remember, I said using stories was one way of bringing down the house.Funny stories will undoubtedly make the wedding guests happy.
You could go down memory lane and conjure in your mind events like birthday celebrations, stories about courting, valentine day encounters, and other events that you think will make the guests laugh. These reflections and more will enable you to tell an amusing story they way you want it.

Use Jokes Only If You Can Really Use Them

What‘s more, you can use a good joke to spice up your message. But you should make sure it is in sync with the core message of your speech. To get additional ideas, you can look up ideas in humor magazines.
Alternatively, you can write something about your husband using a simile or metaphor.

A Funny Bride Speech Example

Here is an example
Dan, when you started dancing on that creaky stage that night like a dog sick with arthritis, I had this feeling that you will be my husband. So, when you told me you loved me with your whole being I froze like a deer caught in snow!
You too can use this literary device to personalize your speech if you want it to be heartfelt since personalizing your speech is the hallmark of all memorable bride speeches.

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Please You Can Have This For Free

Now, take this simile and see if you can work something around it.
‘’A woman is like a tea bag’’- Nancy Reagan

Can you write something hilarious with this powerful quote? I wish I could help you write it but please write it yourself since you are the only person who can best tell your own story about your love life.

The good thing about comic presentations is that you don’t have to fill every line of your speech with lots of funny lines. Just infuse them with at least two of the techniques we have talked about and you will delight the audience.

Your husband, family, friends, brothers and sisters are counting on you to make them happy. So, you shouldn’t fail!

Believe in yourself, and don’t ever look down on yourself because you can make it no matter what!


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