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Funny Mother Of The Bride Speeches: A Word To Any Mom Who Want To Give A Funny Mother Of The Bride Speech But Don’t Know How


Thanks to the following ideas, you too can easily write a hilarious wedding speech that will make your daughter, family and the guests very happy!

A Funny Joke!

Many years ago, a French husband

and wife were traveling through Eastern Europe with the wife’s aged aunt. The old woman had been pains in the butt from the word go, complaining about everything… the food, the hotels, the weather, and the people.


Finally, she went too far and insulted a small nation’s queen. As a result, all three members of the family were sentenced to corporal punishment in the form of fifty lashes.

However, because the nation did not wish to be viewed as hostile to foreign visitors, the queen agreed that each be granted a wish before receiving the punishment.

The wife said that she would like pillows to be bound to her rear end and so the pillows were tied in place and the aunt received her fifty lashes. Finally, it was the husband‘s turn.

‘’I have two wishes, if that’s possible ‘’, he said
That’s acceptable… said the Chief Of Police. ..I am empowered by her royal highness to grant you two wishes. What are your wishes Sir?
First, I would like to be given one hundred lashes instead of the fifty.

The Police Chief stood speechless and asked: ‘’Are you sure? That’s an unusual request. Nevertheless, I would grant your wish and what’s your second wish’’

I want my wife’s aunt to be bound to my back.

I hope you have been entertained by this short joke. This short story brings to mind the benefits of laughter. As we go about the things of this life, we are bound to encounter very funny situations like this one.

Why Do Something Hilarious?

But we are often oblivious to the role laughter plays in our lives. Laughter has power to comfort, to heal, to get us new friends, and it serves as an escape from reality.

         Speech for mothers

If so, then you need to make your mother of the bride speech funny if you really want to impress your daughter, family and the wedding guests in a special way.


However, finding the right words that will get the desired results becomes harder than feasting on the jaw of a sick elephant if you are not a naturally funny person or you don’t know how to make your presentation entertaining.

Granted, you need not worry or strive hard to get the right words that will bring the house down as this piece will open your eyes to ways you can give a hilarious mother speech without trying so hard.

Relax, take your pen and writing sheet as we begin to see how you can say what you really want to say even if you have never said something that has made anyone laugh all your lifetime.

Before we do just that, there’s this one thing I want you to know because it will help you give your speech confidently. Besides, it will help you a lot in your personal and professional life.

Do This First Before You Write Else You’ll Fail

It’s the power that comes from self confidence. Does the thought of standing before the wedding guests send shivers down your spine?
Are you also finding it hard to get the right words funny mother of the bride speech?

If you hold a pessimistic view about doing a great speech, you are going to do well no matter how nervous you are. You can only be successful if you hold a positive or upbeat image in your mind about your impending performance.

Hence, you need to believe you can give a speech that will attract the attention of the audience in a unique way.
Put behind you any experience you have had in the past regarding speaking in public and make up your mind that you are going to do well.


Don’t Worry At All About This

If you have never addressed an audience before, that shouldn’t scare you because you can make it as you are more powerful than you think. Remember, you are created in God’s image and you can dictate the pace of events in this life because he has already given you the power to turn things around.

All you need is to believe that you can. No one is a better speaker or writer than you are. It is an optimistic mentality that sets great speakers apart from you and not just talent or skill.


Put A Camera Inside Your Brain

Hold a mental image of you speaking confidently on your daughter’s big day. Keep that image in your mind for a long if you are very shy and it will boost your self confidence and ego in the long run because what we hold in our minds for a longer time dictates our actions and the results we get out of life.

Get These Free Tools If You Really Want To Succeed

Secondly, you need to get the right set of tools if you want to write a memorable funny mother of the bride speech.
But first, you have to choose your desired style of humor. There are lots to choose from but the ones that are usually employed include the following:
Self-depreciating jokes… where someone makes a joke about himself or herself.

Another is stand up comedy: a delivery style whereby someone entertains with jokes and humorous stories.
Another is situational comedy: a kind of comedy arising out of everyday situations.
Having chosen your preferred styles or techniques, let’s see how to write something funny.


How To Write A Funny Mother Of The Bride Speech

Sometimes, you don’t have to look for a funny word or technique to get the guests excited.
Telling a funny story or event can get everyone excited. Such tales can be either real or imagined.
Take the case of the amusing anecdote involving the husband and the aged queen at the outset of this article. Such a story can be used to write something humorous. But you should connect that story to its morals if you want it to sound more impactful.

From that story, we can glean the following lessons
Lesson # 1 It pays to be courteous
Lesson # 2 Contentment in life is great gain
Lesson # 3 Every decision has its own consequences
Perhaps we can add this cliché : ‘’ If you go to Rome, just do what the Romans do.’’
Let’s now see how to use any of those lessons to write a short funny mother speech

Sample Funny Mother Of The Bride Speech

Ok…let’s continue from where we ended about the story about those two people who were badly beaten. Go back to the beginning of this piece if you have forgotten the story line.

I stand here today a proud mom not because my daughter has found the man of her dreams but because Amanda’s life has been a great blessing to the family since she was born. Amanda, you look so happy and nervous like a Christmas toy.

Marriage is a lot like the story I shared at the start of my speech. You need not complain like the aged aunt who went too far and insulted a nation’s queen when times are pretty tough because you can never have all you need in this life. Learn to be content with the little things that come your way because you can only have much when you appreciate the little you have got.

I hope you have seen how we infused …lesson # 2 : Contentment in life is great gain in to the above extract. That is ‘’to be content with the little things that come your way because you…’’

That’s exactly how you can write your speech using a funny story.
If you don’t know a tale like this one, you can share a true incident that you think is funny about your child. It could be a nice time you had with your family or daughter.

Do you recall such an incident? Write it down because it will help you write your speech effortlessly.
You can also make your words sound very interesting if you compare your daughter to a known item.The following example can best explain what I mean.

Another Example Could Be This

Congrats Tom on finding such an intelligent wife. If Brittany’s mind were to be taxed she’d get a rebate because she’s very intelligent. But I want you to know this one thing about women. Every woman you meet is a lot like a bike. You can ride your bicycle at anytime of the month but you can’t easily ride it in mud.


However, your wife is like a bike. So, please be sensitive to her needs, protect her with all your strength and don’t forget to pamper with gifts but do so in moderation else you might go broke like a church mouse because she tells me shopping is her favorite past time.

On a more serious note , you have found a loving, diligent wife who loves children and has some outstanding family values.
Did you see how the writer compared his daughter to a bike? Well, you can do that too but do it in a manner that won’t be offensive.


You Can Make It Because You Know How To Use These Things

You too can write a memorable funny mother of the bride speech if you …use metaphors and similes because those literary devices paint powerful images in the minds of your listeners.

Finally, you can still write something using love quotes, ideas from humor magazines and by watching funny mother of the bride speeches videos.

Most people think comic presentations need to hilarious from starting to end but that’s not true. Relate an interesting tale or two here and there, and you are sure get a standing ovation or a rousing applause.

Arise, don’t let fear take you captive. Just start writing and you will be filled with a great sense of accomplishment when you’re done. Your daughter and family are counting on you to make it so you can’t afford to let them down.

P.S-- As mother of the bride, everyone will be on the look out for your great speech and you can't let  the bride and her husband, friends and family down by giving an ordinary speech.

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