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Maid of Honor Speech Samples- How maid of honor speech samples can help you write your speech the easy


Can you take an exam without making time to study?

Absolutely not! It stands to reason that you should  see  some maid of honor speech samples if you really want to write something that will deepen the bond of friendship that exist between you and the bride.

Your friend or sister knows that you’re someone she can depend on. That’s why she has chosen as her best maid of honor-though you might not be her best friend.

Saying something memorable at her wedding shouldn’t be something that keeps you up at night. Yet, lack of sufficient preparation will rob of you delivering a spellbinding performance.

Aside helping you find the right word, maid of honor wedding speech samples can help you overcome your nerves  because they contain practically lots of maid of honor speech examples, ideas to help you write, wedding speech quotes and other great ideas to help you write without trying so hard.

A lot of examples abound here and in other places but a lot of maids don’t know how to make full use of them and that compounds their worries.

Now, I am going to take you through the mistakes maids regarding the correct use of maid of honor speeches, and what you can learn from blunders, so you can write an amazing speech.

Stay tuned, get a pen or highlighter and carefully go over this article and you’ll be empowered to pour onto the blank page your exact emotions.

First, copying word for word any maid of the honor speech wedding example you’d find is not something you should do. That’s because every written speech is in the voice and style of the person who wrote it- and so you shouldn’t reproduce what you find exactly.

Instead, you’ve to identity the style the penman used. To get the style, you should ask yourself these questions

Is the piece something that gets you laughing out loud?  If it does, then it’s a funny piece. If you decide to make yours hilarious, then that’s your style.

Again, some are just narratives and it’s packed with lots of heartrending words. That type of wedding speech is an emotional speech. If you want your story to be poignant, then you can go for it.

Again, you can say something about how you have been impacted by your friendship and even give your friend or sister an advice. That’s another style. Your style will define who you are and ultimately how your presentation ends up in the long run.

Moreover, copying verbatim what you find in those scripts means that you will be borrowing some ones words.

Remember that the content you deliver will determine how the audience responds to what you are saying and it should be based on what you know about the bride. That’s why it is important to know your audience because it will help you craft an acceptable message.

After you’ve chosen your style and surveyed who your audience, you then read through the maid of honor speech sample quickly.

Read it a second time and carefully take into consideration how it has been written. You’ll notice that it’s made up of three parts as you critically analyze it a second time.

The first is the introduction. The second is the body and the last part is the expression of good wishes- what is widely known as toasts.

Since I am interested in seeing you succeed, I won’t leave you alone. I am going to show how to write the various parts of your wedding speeches and give examples as well.

The introduction or opening line of the speech is made up of the following:

A short self introduction, greeting the audience and thanking them for honoring the wedding invitation features prominently in this crucial part. I call this crucial because it is a tension-buster.

It has the power to arrest the attention of the audience too if you do it very well

Instead of saying the following for an introduction

Good evening everyone. Thanks for coming to support us. I am Melissa and Mary’s maid of honor. It fills with great joy to be in the company of special people like you as celebrate the wedding of someone who’s not only a friend but a sister. Thanks for your thoughtfulness.

You can rather say

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am Melissa. Mary’s maid of honor. I think the word maid of abuse will be appropriate for this occasion because I have been working like a donkey to ensure that this day is recorded in the Guinness book of Records. I hear two of their editors are here with us.

(comment: Maid of honor points to two young boys-aged 7 and 8 busily writing at the back of the hall and tells the audience that they are the editors of Guinness Book of Records) Pointing to the young lads might spark some laughter. Don’t you think so?

Another intro could be

Good afternoon everyone. I am berry happy (comment: berry can replace very in order to excite the audience)  that you a lot of you travelled from the ends of the world to be with us as this us as these wingless lovebirds take a flight to(pause) to only God knows where.

Which of these examples do you think will move the audience? Example #1 or Example# 2 ?

I am sure you might pick the second example because it is humorous.

Next, move onto the body and get some ideas from the maid of honor speech samples you have in front of you.

You’ll discover that body is just a continuation of the introduction. This is the part of your story the audience will enjoy most.

As you read through the script, lots of ideas will swim in your head and you’ve got to list them down-even if they’re a billion. You will need these anecdotes’ when writing the body

Here are ideas to help you piece the ‘’crux’’ of the speech together.

Please provide  answers to the following on a piece of paper since doing that will help you write whatever you want to say without sweating like a  nervous kitten at a puppy show.


  • Your relationship to the bride. Here, you mention your name and tell the guests if the sweet bride is your sister of frien
  • How and when you met
  • How you have been impacted by your friendship
  • Your reaction when she told you she was in love
  • If you are the one who hooked the love birds together, let the guests know and how you did it
  • Write why you think the two are a perfect match-here you describe the qualities of the two

First, write about the groom’s qualities.

A lot of maids just speak at length about their friend or sister and don’t say a word about the groom and that’s just not fair. You should strike a balance.

Never use big vocabulary since the audience will not enjoy your message. You are not teaching P.H.D students at Yale Or Harvard right? So use words a fifth grader can understand.

The drinking of wine or champagne accompanied by the expression of good wishes crowns it all.

Do you really believe in the popular saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed?

If you really believe in that, then you have no choice than to make your friend or sister proud.

This is the chance to prove to the bride that you really love her.

One way of doing just that is to give a speech that will tell the wedding guests of her sweet qualities.

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