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Funny Wedding Speeches:How to catch every guest with a smile on their face

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Here's what to do if you really want to give your audience a good laugh but don't know how to do just that.


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Mike had heard a lot about the wonders funny wedding speeches creates in public presentations from his dad. As his big day crawled near, he decided to give it a try. He had a knack for making people laugh because he  had a good sense of humour.

He put a lot of time and effort to write what he thought was a memorable dialogue.

Not satisfied with what he had written, he joined the local chapter of his community’s toastmasters club to improve upon his talent. After presenting his words to the evaluators, his presentation was reviewed.

Having identified one or more weak points, his listeners offered him some wonderful suggestions he added to his wedding speech.

On the wedding day, he won the admiration of the wedding guests with his style and content. The audience rocked and rolled in their seats as he captured the story how he met his wife amusingly.

Weeks after the honeymoon had passed; he decided to go see the evaluators once again to express gratitude. When he went there, he met John. John took him to the lobby and a conversation ensued.

‘How did it go?’, John asked

‘Well, your advice worked and I got a standing ovation’’

‘’Wow!’’, the reviewer exclaimed

‘’My friends spoke about my speech the entire day. My wife was stunned and she thought it was soo romantic’’

‘’Congrats Mike’’ John said as we shook hands firmly.

Mike’s naturally funny looks might have worked in his favor. But let me ask you: What would you do to make your listeners guffaw if you don’t look ridiculous like Mike or even ace British comedian, Rowan Atkinson- the man we call Mr. Bean.

That’s why this piece has been written to help you make your hearers happy even if humor is not your cup of tea and you’re only trying to relieve tension.

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Every presentation requires a sense of self-confidence to achieve the desired effects. Believe it or not, you don’t need any special skill to inspire laughter. The audience knows you don’t receive fat bucks for getting sad persons to laugh.

They’re not even expecting a comic presentation from you too. They laugh because of the ideas you use for  your funny wedding speech .

A positive mental attitude and determination are the twin factors that can propel you to reach for the stars.

So don’t worry over how your show will go. Believe that you can do it and you’ll be motivated to give off your best. No barrier can stand in your way if you believe you can. Miracles are the manifestation of an upbeat way of thinking.

Once you mastered control of your emotions, the next thing to do is to get ideas to help you write and that comes in the form of insights or inspiration. Such flashes of brilliance will put you in the mood to write effortlessly. Besides, it provides you with the required tools to complete your assignment.

Ever discipline –from brain surgery to speech writing-is based on the work of those who have gone before: we study their texts and capitalize on their successes. And that’s so with hilarious marriage speeches too.

To really write something that gets everyone smiling, you need to have some speech examples because they are proven to help you put down your thoughts in an entertaining way. So grab a paper and read through some and put down ideas that swim in your mind.

As you carefully analyze the example, don’t copy the content word for word. Rather, let it be an eye opener. You can use it though with slight modifications.

Those examples are not the things that can give you neat ideas. Now, this is what to do. Grab a pen or paper and read comic books that are not even related to weddings, and you’ll have loads of fresh ideas.

Funny love or marriage quotes can also work for your good. So are wedding or marriage jokes. So get them. Plenty are available online but choose with caution since most of them are crap!

Many would-be wedding speakers ignore the importance of watching videos on YOUTUBE. That video sharing platform is rich source of ideas to anyone who really want to write an interesting talk. So go there and watch a couple of comical videos. Let your eyeballs feast on those connected with wedding ceremonies and as well as non-wedding themed funny videos.

 As you observe, look out for the manner the presenters use words and gestures to make you laugh and just list any thoughts that you get. You will need them when it’s time for the blank sheet of paper to drink your ink.

With the ideas you've got to write . Start with the introduction.

Beginning with an opening like ' Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am Mike...'' will be as boring as watching a creep of tortoise racing on the seashore. Instead just see how we can transform this uninspiring example into something dramatic.

'' Ladies and gentleman, I thanking(word deliberately used to elicit laughter) you all for coming on this thanksgiving day(the date might not be given on a day for the feast of turkeys...but you'd be surprised at what this little trick can do)...pause... speech continues When i saw the fried turkey i thought today is a thanksgiving day.Sorry for that

Anyway, the couple tells me that you have really made their day.

They would have felt so sad and lonely (body gestures and vocal variety can really impact the words sad and lonely) if you hadn't come and i wonder who they would have partied with.(comment:all hilarious wedding speeches require that you  act as you talk.So don't stand like a sick robot and expect the guests to giggle.Be lively and make the stage your arena and you'll win the guests over.)

P.S : Want to write a heartfelt and funny wedding speech but wondering to come up with an incredibly great speech? Your family and the wedding guests expect a great speech from you so you can't afford to let them down. 

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