Best Man Speech Toast Examples For Friend Or Brother
Mother of the bride speech samples and how to use them to put together a memorable and beautiful speech for your daughter on her wedding day

Mother of the groom speech sample: Mistakes many mothers make when using mother of the groom speech examples and how to turn things around for good so you can give the best speech ever





Investing in mother of the groom samples examples) is a wise decision a mother who really cares about the words she will use at her son’s wedding ceremony would ever make.  Why?  Wedding speeches for mother of the groom


That’s because proven mother speech examples can help you come up with a memorable presentation in less time without worrying so much about how to write your speech.


Granted, you need to know how to fully maximize them without copying the examples you’d find exactly since they are in another speaker’s voice and style.


The material should help you write your speech and so it should be used as a guide instead.


The Right Way To Use Speech Examples To Write A Great Speech


In order to get the best out of them, you should dedicate some time to study how the example you've got was written. The purpose of doing this is to get the contents into your subconscious mind.


If you don’t have one, don’t worry because you can watch videos like the one below to get some ideas and phrases you can use for your own speech.



The purpose of reading speech samples over and over again or re-watching that clip is to get acquainted with how mother speeches are given so they kind of get ingrained in your subconscious mind.


When the content is firmly implanted there, your brain will process it and show you how to go about things when you eventually start to put your scattered thoughts together to form a very logical and coherent presentation.


What should you include in your mother of the groom speech


By the way, you should dedicate time to studying it at a time you won’t be distracted because you need to concentrate to glean ideas from it.

As you do that, get a pen or a highlighter and note pads so you can take some notes.


Put These Things Away

Turn off distractors like your cell phones, P.C, etc because they are likely to distract you. You will accomplish more in a quiet set up.

The first thing to look out for is the choice of words. You will notice that the speech sample you have in front of you has simple words. So you should avoid using big vocabulary else you will bore the audience.

Another thing to take into consideration is style. It’s a costly mistake to ‘steal’ the style of the material before your eyes.

You don’t have to do that. You should write in your own voice as it’s the only way the audience will enjoy your mother of the groom's speech ''like their favorite meals.''


Dramatic, funny, sentimental, and storytelling are styles you can pick from. But most moms prefer a combo: sentimental and funny. Whatever style you choose should be something you’re very comfortable with.


Speech samples help you write your speech in a unique way and it also makes your message heartfelt and memorable.


I was at a friend's wedding and I noticed this one thing about the M.C. He did well by coordinating the program brilliantly.


But when he began to say something about the couple, the guests had different things on their minds and were obviously not paying attention to him.

This guy had the right message but he forgot to survey his audience. Most people in the audience couldn’t speak English.


Thank God, he quickly realized that and he asked someone who understood the groom’s mother tongue to join him on stage, and that helped him turn around what would have otherwise being a very boring show.

He made the couple very proud at the end of the day and he even received lots of favorable compliments.

What a day it was!




Pick A Style That Suits You Best

The styles to choose from are usually sentimental, sarcastic, emotive, humorous, or a combination of two or more styles.

Next is the structure of the mother of the groom speech samples. It comes in three parts-introduction, body, and conclusion. Now, let’s see what each of these three sections constitutes.

The introduction is also known as the attention-getter. It is that part that arrests the attention of the audience.


Greetings, a short self –presentation (don’t take it for granted-not everyone may know who you are) as well as your relationship to the groom form part of the introduction.

Christian mother of the groom wedding speech

The body is that part that gets the audience ‘’emotionally charged’’ because they are able to relate to what you are saying. Please include the following ideas in this essential part of your speech-the body.

  • Who are you and your relationship to the groom
  • How he was like when he was younger
  • How he related to his siblings and how that inspired him
  • The funny incidents you can remember about your son when he was growing up
  • How you felt when you first saw him with your daughter-in-law.
  • Share your personal reflection on marriage

Proverbs, scriptural quotations, wisecracks, wise quotes, and so on can help you make the body very interesting and it can help you write your toast too.

How To Put Your Thoughts Together In A Logical Order

Now, let's see how to string the ideas that come to you anytime you study a speech sample.

Take a paper and divide it into three sections. Label the first part-introduction. The second portion should be called the body and part number three should be titled the toast.

Let's see how to write the opening line of our message.(I hope you haven't forgotten the components of the introduction we talked about at the onset of this article.)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am Eric's mom. The family is grateful that you have come to support our son and daughter. It is every mother's prayer and wish that her son marries a lady who is an industrious wife and a caring mother.

And am proud that my son has chosen a mature, dignified, and industrious lady who will undoubtedly become the most adorable wife and mother I have ever seen. She is not only beautiful but she possesses great strength which will help this royal couple weather the storms of life.

They might wonder why I have chosen to say they are royal even though they have no ''royal blood'' in them. It's because every man and woman is a wonder of God's creation and that makes them kings and queens of his handiwork.

Honestly, writing some like this is not difficult at all. You can if you study this example critically as it can inspire you to write yours.


You see, this attention-getter should be connected to the body of your speech; the tidbits I shared, in the beginning, can be used to develop the crux of your dialogue.

Let's see if we can continue from where we stopped by examining how the groom was like when he was a little kid.


As a child, Eric was as sweet as a pie and I remember when Roger, my husband and I chased that little boy all around our neighborhood till a neighbor came out looking stern like a lioness when she heard a loud bang on her door after my son had thrown a big stone...

Congrats Eric, your choice shows you are a true gentleman. I’d like to tell you something you might not know about women.

Every woman is like ivory. Very easy to break but very expensive. So, love, cherish your wife at all times.


Did you see how I did that?

The toast or pieces of advice is the last thing you have to say before you take your seat and below is an example:

Alex and Marcia, you are a beautiful couple. We all wish you a long, happy life together, and may God bless you both. 

So I'd like to raise a glass to toast Alex and Marcia and their life together.

Religious mother of the groom speech for son and daughter at rehearsal dinner


P.S- Did you know that the wedding guests will judge you by the kind of wedding speech you’ll give? You deserve a great speech.

And so you shouldn’t let him down with just any kind of ordinary speech.

You have to come up with something memorable. Do you have it takes to make that a reality so you get a standing ovation?

Claire was nervous and very skeptical when she also saw this message but her story changed completely when she took action. And see what she sent over after her son's wedding was over!

'' Hello Dan, their wedding went very well. The usual stress beforehand for the couple organizing the event but all things to do went so smoothly. I also like to say that I'm so proud of my speech, almost got a standing ovation, lol ! I'm so glad I've found you. I definitely recommend you to my friends and family in the future weddings. I wish you the very best.''-  Claire, New Zealand

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Just see what someone said about that great tip that's proven to calm your nerves and help you speak with purpose, poise, and clarity!

''Hi Dan,

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