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Best Man Speech Toast Examples For Friend Or Brother


Looking for the best man speech examples to help you write the best ever best man wedding speech for your friend or brother?


Don’t lose hope because I am going to share with you all the proven ideas and tips and templates the best men have used and continue to use to make their speeches heartfelt and memorable.


Best man speech example or templates for brother


But first, let’s see look at this joke as it holds the key to helping you start on the right note.


A young man was on his way home from work when he realized that he had forgotten his young daughter’s birthday. Knowing she liked dolls, he stopped off at a toy store and asked the sales assistant whether they had any Barbie dolls in stock.


‘’Sure, ‘’replied the sales girl. ‘’ We have  Barbie Goes to the Gym at 119.95 dollars; Barbie Goes to the Ball at 19.95 dollars; Barbie Goes Shopping at 19.95 dollars, Barbie Goes Night clubbing at 19.95 dollars; and Divorced Barbie at 250 dollar.


Hmm ‘’What do you recommend I get for my daughter’s birthday?

The salesgirl said’’ I think your daughter would love Barbie Goes Shopping’’

‘’ No…I am not going for that. He’s become a shopaholic since I bought her one last year and I can’t afford to have an empty bank account anytime soon’’

‘’ Then, I guess you should get her Baby Goes to the Gym so she can begin to get some muscles and probably think more like a man’’


Sure…That’s a great idea!!! Thank you and I am sure if she gets a little masculine…we can go to the gym together and she would stop shopping for good because she can change her mind at will.


The perplexed father then asked, ‘’ Why are the others all 19.95 dollars and yet Divorced Barbie costs 250 dollars?’’

‘’ Because,’’ replied the salesgirl, ‘’ divorced Barbie comes with her husband’s house, car, boat, and furniture!


Your best man speech doesn’t come with any of that stuff. But it comes with a dose of expectation and you are expected to make your friend or brother proud even if you are not too good with words or not a very confident speaker.

Wondering about how to do that? It’s actually simple than you think.


Before we do that, I want to bring to your attention some critical issues that stop most wedding speakers from giving off their best and how you can make them work in your favor.



First, you don’t necessarily have to be a naturally funny person to write the best ever best man speech even though it helps to an extent if you have the funny bone.


Second, some best men copy the speaking style of others and that takes away from the shine of writing a unique best man speech for your brother or friend.


Third, you need not become so fixated on what you are going to say. That would make you out of steam, lose your momentum, or accidentally say something that isn’t in the best interests of the evening (which would put a dampener on the celebrations). You just have to consult well written best man speech samples for a brother or friend to help you say what you want to say.


Remember, you are only there to tell a story about your relationship with the groom. So, all you need are good memories of the best moments you have spent together.


If there’s something funny along those lines, that would make your toast fantastic. Don’t force it if you don’t have a funny anecdote to back it up. It’s about him and not you, my friend!


That said, let’s see…

How To Use Best Man Speech Examples To Write A Great Speech For The Groom And Bride


Here’s what I want you to know: there are two kinds of best man speech templates and they are video and written examples.


To come up with the best ideas for your best man toast, you first have to put yourself in the mood by watching a couple of best man speech videos you find online or elsewhere.


There are so many poor ones flying around, so I scoured the internet and found these to help you out.


This is what I recommend you do: Please grab a pen and notepad and put down ideas and tips you wish to add to your speech as you watch the following video clips.


Best Man Speech Video # 1



Best Man Speech Video # 2


I hope you enjoyed the presentations and got some great ideas too?


I earlier talked about written examples. So, let’s now at two examples in detail and we will analyze one of them so you can have an idea of how to make the most of them.



Since this content is tailored for/to either a brother or friend, I am going to show you two scripts, and then we will look at how you can effortlessly write one of the best best man speech anyone has ever heard.



I urge you to read both speeches carefully as they will give you hints of what to say and what not to say.


Example # 1: Best Man Speech Example For Brother


“For those who don’t know me, my name is Graham and I’m today’s best brother. I say best brother as there’s less competition in that category than in the best man competition. So if you like Craig’s speech better, then at least I still win something.


The last time I gave a speech at a joint event with my brother was at our 18th and 21st birthday party. A good portion of the people here were at that event and you’ll be glad to know my speech uses ‘fabulous’ a lot less this time around.


Stuart and Demi, it’s an honour to stand up here today as one of the best men. I’m delighted for you both and I’m so glad we can celebrate with friends and family who have travelled from around the country. They’re all here to wish you well (and can’t wait for their free food and drink).


Let me tell you a bit about growing up with Stuart - we met in the 90s, back in a time where it was fine to dress your children in popper tracksuit bottoms.


Stuart managed to pull his off as he was certainly the more athletic between us, whereas my bright yellow pair forever cemented me as our version of Augustus Gloop.

We had a great childhood and I was delighted to have a brother. We got on well - I used to get up early in the morning to let him out of his cot.


I didn’t need to do this for long as he soon learned to get himself out and cause my parents no end of grief when he learned to walk.


Unfortunately, their trick of sticking me in front of a TV with chocolate didn’t work so well on Stuart. All the ornaments had to be hidden. Fast forward a couple of years and we’d be out playing in the streets having water fights and coming to the door absolutely drenched.


We both also seemed to have quite the talent for winding up our neighbour Moira - bad enough on one occasion for her to phone the police on us for getting her plants wet!


We were lucky enough to go on plenty of day trips and holidays whilst we were growing up including trips up to Florida and the Dominican Republic. This is where some of our favourite embarrassing stories come from.


The classic that we all still talk about to this day was in the Dominican Republic back when we were much younger so we were sharing a bed. One morning I woke up and had the misfortune to discover that Stuart had wet the bed, left me in it and went into my mum and dad’s bed! He did this so much that the maids left a note saying they had put on plastic sheets for the remainder of our stay.


His exploits didn’t stop there and I can remember when we each got the bunk bed/futon (that was all the rage at the time) and he wet the bed the first night!


I remember mum raging down the phone to Trisha asking for the orange cleaner! There are a lot of other stories on this subject that can be exchanged for a gin and tonic at the bar. Cheers.


Stuart had always proven himself as the cheeky outgoing type but you wouldn’t have thought so when we went to some of the theme parks in Florida.


Although the rollercoasters scared him, it was when he was met with any of the wonderful characters in Disney World in Florida that really got him going. Crying and screaming, he would refuse to go up to the Queen of Hearts to get her autograph.


Watch The Rocky Horror Make-Up Show? Forget it. I think we have Trisha to thank for this. She used to get our cousin Brian’s scary masks from his room when Stuart was misbehaving and jump out at him or chase him up the stairs. The other classic was her removing her false teeth which really scared him senseless!


I couldn’t come up here and not talk about the stag weekend either. We went to Krakow back in September with the first night ending up in a karaoke bar of all places.


Having Stuart up singing with absolutely no change in his tone or voice to Madonna’s Like A Virgin was amazing. This wasn’t even the best part as on the second night we dressed Stuart up as Princess Peach with the rest of us as Mario. Some of the Mario costumes were extremely dodgy too.


We were like celebrities walking around Krakow that night with everybody wanting their picture taken with us. And when I think back on it, it’s really amazing that the gay brother managed to get his straight brother to sing Madonna and dress up in drag for his stag weekend! I can’t thank you enough for how you haven’t changed one bit since the day I came out and I’m so grateful that you accepted it and get on so well with Simon.


So here we are now, our families combined. We’ve already had a joint event and I had the most brilliant time at Christmas back at Stuart and Demi’s house.


We all played a friendly game of Cards Against Humanity, which for those of you who don’t know, is a game that you win by providing the funniest and/or most offensive answers to the questions asked. Demi’s mum was a particular pro at this game and kept providing absolute belters for answers. Demi was far too embarrassed to even play along with us.


I had to actually start writing things down because some of it was so good I thought it would be great for this speech. On reflection though, some of it was just too dirty to include. Our Grandma is here!


The one thing that I can tell you is that when someone played the ‘Cottaging’ card in answer to a question she responded with ‘WE USED TO DO THAT!’. I had to step in to explain what cottaging actually was by which point Demi and Roxanne had died of embarrassment whilst we were crying with laughter.


Clearly, she hadn’t paid much attention to George Michael’s fun back in Hampstead Heath. If that’s not the biggest icebreaker to a family coming together, then I don’t know what is.


Demi, you look absolutely fabulous today as we all knew you would. I hope you are enjoying your day so far and are happy with our shirt collars, bridezilla. It’s great to have you as a sister in law so I could get away with that and I look forward to many more games of Cards Against Humanity with you.


Stuart, thanks for asking me to be one of your best men today. It’s been a privilege to do this. I can see how happy you make each other and I wish you both nothing but happiness for your future together.


So then, ladies and gentlemen, I invite you all to stand and raise your glasses to toast the new husband and wife! We wish you well and your own happily ever after. To Stuart and Demi!”


Best man speech toast examples


Please scroll down to read….

Example# 2: Best Man Speech For A Friend


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. May I first of all introduce myself to those of you who don't know me, or who haven't bought me a drink yet, my name is Craig, and I'm on JD and Coke ?


I'm absolutely honoured to be standing here today, and humbled that Rich has asked me to be his best man. I know there are 3 reasons Rich has asked me to be best man. First of all, he knew I could organise a decent night out for the stag do, also, he knew the speech would be one to remember, and finally, I think he just wanted to look taller in the photos.


I've never been a best man before, so I started where most people go when they're stumped, and went online. I'd only been on a few minutes, and I found a brilliant site, full of some seriously good stuff, there were videos, hints and tips, it was great.


After about an hour though, I heard my wife pulled onto the driveway, so I deleted the browsing history, and started looking for best man speech ideas.

Obviously, there are certain duties as best man I have to do.  I'd like to thank rich on behalf of myself and the bridesmaids for the kind words, and honestly feel touched by them.


I'd like to thank the bridesmaids for not only doing a great job in the church earlier today, but also for helping Grace this morning and getting her ready, calming her nerves, and I'm sure she'll be thankful of them today every time she needs the loo. It goes without saying, they all look fantastic, but obviously, not as much as Grace.


Let's face it, it's her wedding day, she planned it like that. Kind of a “you can look nice but not as nice as me” kind of deal. No doubt everyone here today thought the same 2 things as Grace walked in the church- firstly how beautiful she looked, and secondly, that Rich is MASSIVELY punching above his weight. I'd also like to thank Adam, Will and Liam the ushers, where are you lads?


I'd like to thank them for the absolutely bang up job they did of telling people where to sit in the church. That was worth the suit hire fee on its own, nice one lads.


Now, I do have some messages from people who couldn't attend but wanted to send their wishes To Rich, all the best on your wedding day, don't be a stranger! From Destiny, Sahara, and all the girls at the fantasy lounge


This one's from all the lads at the Rugby club, “Rich was useless in every position. All the best to his new Wife”.


“To Rich, all the best! Friday's just won't be the same without you!” – That's from Bruce, Julian and all the other lads at British Beef men's Saunas.


Now, everyone here knows Rich in a different capacity, so not everyone will know things about him that others know. Some know him from work, some from Uni, some through Grace, and some through family. So, what I'm going to do now is share with you some little known facts about Richard.


  1. You may have noticed Rich mentioned the time we saw the Courteeners. He tells everyone this was the first concert he went to. It was at the MEN in Manchester on a lads’ weekend. Brilliant gig from an amazing live band, a top night out afterwards in a cool club, absolutely fantastic.


This in actual fact, was his 2nd gig. His first – Rhidian from X Factor. If you can't remember exactly who that is, and let's be honest, who could blame you, it was the Welsh blonde opera singer. Rock and Roll. 


  1. Rich went through a phase where his favourite drink was an Archers and orange juice.


This only came to an end when as his friends, we quite rightly refused to order him one. Saying “2 Guinness, a pint of Stella, a double JD and Coke and an Archers and Orange please mate” in a rough pub when it's a bunch of lads just wasn't on.


If we did have to get him one, we always made sure it had a little cocktail umbrella so the old boys at the bar drinking a pint of mild were all sure to give him a dodgy look.


  1. I've got to thank Grace for sharing this one. Rich once re-wrote the song “IT girl” as a poem for grace, calling it Stoke girl. I'm not going to read it all out, but I'll give you the highlights. “Down Selly oak, in the soak, trying to find you/tell them other guys they can lose your number because I've found the girl of my dreams/ you can be my Stoke girl/ baby this is it girl/better than a 2:1, that's what you mean to me”.



Now, even though it was Grace who told me about this, what she doesn't actually know, is the reason behind it. Basically, the day before Valentine's Day, Rich realised her forgotten to get Grace a card, so Rich being the penny pincher he is, decided to screenshot and print out a moon pig card.


However, even Rich realised this moon pig knock off looked kind of bad, so heard It, Girl, on the radio, and just decided to change the words. As you can see from his efforts though, it's pretty obvious it's not English he teaches. 


  1. Final fact about Rich – his only other serious girlfriend very helpfully, for the purposes of my speech anyway, finished with him around this time of year. His time-hop recently showed his Facebook status from the break up. Timehop, if you're not aware of it, is an app that shows what your Facebook updates were on that day however many years ago.



Luckily for us, Rich decided to go on Facebook after getting the elbow. I'm not one to kick a bloke while he's down, but it's been 7 years now, so I'll share the status updates from that day with you now. “This shouldn't be happening”.


“The summer is ruined”, and my favourite, “if there's one thing I know for sure, I'm always going to be there for you, I'll be waiting X”. She probably thought she'd split up with Rod Stewart.



The main aim of the best man's speech is of course pretty much telling stories about the groom from drunken nights out, embarrassing him in front of all his family and friends.


Anyone who actually knows Rich knows that he is more than capable of doing that on his own, but I'll follow tradition and give it a go anyway.


This is where I hit a bit of a problem though, as I have to be aware of the audience…so Rich has been telling me almost daily for 18 months.


Not only are Rich's new in-law's present, but also his grandparents, and also my 3 year old. That rules out pretty much the vast majority.



I know everyone always says that, but I genuinely mean there are dozens I can't say. One in particular, but in Rich's defence, I honestly thought it was a woman as well. Eventually however, I did remember one I can share with you.


We were in Wolverhampton one night, in a club called blast off. Now back in the day, we didn't so much have a seduction technique, more “eye contact then close dancing when Call on Me by Eric Prydz came on”, but Rich was always different. As Dave and Lorraine will be pleased to hear, Rich always tried to be a complete gentleman.


His tried- very tried- and tested method was to approach a girl, say to them, “I've noticed you from across the dance floor, I think you're very attractive, could I please buy you a drink?”


Bearing in mind though.… this….was Wolverhampton, so usually he'd buy them a Bacardi breezer, and then they'd go and dance with a lad in a striped Henri Lloyd sweatshirt called Daz, so it never actually worked. One night however, Rich spotted a young girl, and made his way over.


By the time he got there though, she's moved. And believe me when I say for the next 3 hours we weren't stood in the same place for more than 2 minutes before rich moved us again looking for this girl. Eventually, at about 1am, he conceded defeat, and we went outside for a fag, and Rich, who's never smoked, tagged along.


Anyone who's ever been on a night out with Rich knows that he can't handle his drink. A sniff of the barmaids apron and he's hammered, so by this time, he was more than merry.


Then who do we see coming out of another door, but the girl in question. Rich then decides to make a last gasp romantic gesture and go over. In his head it no doubt was like Colin firth as Mr Darcy emerging from the lake in pride and prejudice.


In reality though, it was much different. He starts to walk toward the taxi, and thinks it'll look cooler, more dangerous, if he's got a cigarette, so he grabs one out of my mouth. He walks over, and that's when the rest of us realised, this wasn't a taxi…it was the girl's mother, fetching her daughter from up town.


As she shuts the door, Rich blocks it, she looks up, and sees Rich, an embassy number one hanging from his mouth, squinting from the smoke going in his eye, a can of red stripe in one hand, his phone in the other, mumbling what sounds like the lyrics to “I bet you look good on the dance floor”, swaying on the spot. Shockingly, he didn't get her number.


I still remember when Rich told me he'd met Grace. He said he'd met her up town, and was instantly smitten with her, and all he went on about for days was how they'd been texting and finally arranged to meet at an expensive restaurant in Birmingham.


Then, the nerves kicked in when he realised that on that night, they were both drunk, to be honest, I'm assuming grace was the more drunk out of the 2, and he couldn't really remember too much about her, and he could only gather so much from stalking her profile on Facebook, and even then he'd accidentally liked a photo from 2 years before, so he'd deactivated his profile for a few days just to be safe.


As luck would have it, my wife and I were in Birmingham than night in a different restaurant, so Rich came up with a plan. If he got there, and it was all going pear shaped, or he wanted to leave, he'd give me a ring, I'd ring him back, he'd pretend there was an emergency at work and I would pick him up. And now, here we are all these years later, on their wedding day.


All I can say is it's lucky my phone was on silent and I didn't see the 36 missed calls, 9 texts and 15 voicemails from Rich until the next morning.


In all seriousness now though, I'd like to thank Rich and Grace for including all of us here on their special day. Especially Ed, who didn't stop the fact he was only invited in the night stop him from being here now. To be honest we should all be saying that, he has been brutal with the guest list. Rich is a good friend, who I've had some great times with over the last 10 years, and he's found a true soul mate in Grace.


I have absolutely no doubt he'll be just as good a husband, and one day as good a father. Rich, Grace, if you could both just look at each other for a moment, don't worry, I'm not doing the “last time you've got the upper hand” gag. I'd like to say that everyone here is so happy that you have found each other, and that you have taken the next step on a long and wonderful life together.


And as you sit here, gazing into each other's eyes, never forget that statistically, you are looking at the person most likely to murder you.


Ladies and gentlemen, it has truly been an honour delivering this speech to you, so please, be upstanding, and raise your glasses for the new Mr and Mrs ….hold on, Rich hasn't got a drink….


I'm not surprised after how many toasts were in his speech….can we get him one.… (Waiter brings out an archers and orange with a cocktail umbrella in it)….ah, there we go……ladies and gentlemen, the new Mr and Mrs!


Best man speech toast tips and ideas for rehearsal dinner

I do hope you enjoyed the second speech as well.


Now, let’s see what went into it and how you can use the nuggets discovered to write your own best man toast.

To make this smooth sailing, I want us to relook at parts of the introduction so we can be guided as to how to write one.


From the above, you can clearly see that every introduction principally comprise of these elements:

  • Greeting the audience and thanking them for coming
  • Your name and relationship with the bride and groom
  • Thanking the groomsmen and the bridesmaid for their support.
  • Thanking the groom for asking you to be his best man and describing you felt when you realized that you are going to deliver a speech. If you do this well, you can score some good points with your friend or brother as well as the wedding guests.
  • If you are the brother of the groom, you can thank your parents and other relatives for the impact they have had on his life.


Let me ask you this: Based on what I just said, could you please write down the names of the people you would like to say a big thank you to? Do a little brainstorming and do that right way.


Well, the introduction has a twin brother and I personally call him: introduction (b)

You know what? After you have mentioned the names of people you wish to a big shout to, you should start your speech in a way that makes them want to listen to you until you wrap up.


Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of best men do such a terrible job at this. If you don’t start on a bright note, the wedding attendees will tune out and begin to fidget. If that happens, you will really struggle to gain their attention even if the remainder of your best man's speech is like a tasty bar of chocolate.


I know that this means the world to you, so I am going to share with you proven and simple methods and ideas you can easily use to capture their hearts right from the very beginning.


  • The most popular way to begin is to dive right into the story by sharing how and where you met the groom. Once again, if you are his big brother, you can share how you felt when your little brother was born.


  • Second, you can start with a joke about married couples.

For example,

  • Third, you may start with a quote about love or marriage or friendship. Here are a few ones you can use.
  1. Some people come into our lives for a season. Others for a reason ; and some others for a lifetime.
  2. A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”
    – Walter Winchell
  1. We came into the world like brother and brother; and now let’s go hand in hand, not one before another.” – William Shakespeare
  1. Don’t make friends who are comfortable to be with. Make friends who will force you to lever yourself up.”
    – Thomas J. Watson
  1. “Brothers are playmates in the beginning and best friends for life.”
  1. ‘’A brother is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit.”


If you are the younger brother of the groom, you can use a quote about positive influences or even this funny one:


‘’Happiness is having a younger brother who is taller than you.”


Here’s a practical example  of how to use those quotes. I will go for quote #1 underlined in the short extract below.


Ladies and gentlemen, some people come into our lives for a season. Others for a reason; and some others for a lifetime.

If you are blessed enough to have a very warm and loving brother like John in your life, then, you have to treasure him more than anything else in the world because people like him are so rare.

When I became sensible enough to understand the effects of my reckless actions, I was only 19 and he had grown wiser as a 30 year old man. That happened only 3 years ago when…..


Did you see how I used that quote to start with the above short example? That’s how to go about it.

Now, let’s see


How To Write The Body Of Your Best Man Speech

Let’s see look at snippets of the second example to guide us along the way.

‘’Now, everyone here knows Rich in a different capacity, so not everyone will know things about him that others know. Some know him from work, some from Uni, some through Grace, and some through family. So, what I'm going to do now is share with you some little known facts about Richard.’’


If you go back to read the second example, you will notice that the storyline is about   Richard’s relationship with Craig.


To come up with the right stories for the body of your speech, you should do a little brainstorming and put down memories of what the years of your friendship with the groom have been like.


The following pointers can help you come up with the right anecdotes. So, put down your answers on a sheet of paper or in your journal

  • Where and when did you first meet him?
  • What drew him close to you?
  • What are some things you share in common?
  • Why do you really like?
  • What are some of his superb qualities?
  • Why are so proud of your friend or brother?
  • In what ways does he motivate you to do your best?
  • What fun and fond memories do you want to share?


This is what I want you to do now. If you have written down answers to the above questions, then please try putting your thoughts together in a logical order taking cues from the examples we have seen.


How to write your best man toast speech


Don’t force yourself to sound funny. Just be yourself and make good use of the stories you have and your friend and the wedding guests will appreciate what you said about the groom.


By the way, don’t write about anything that will upset him like past relationships or anything else like that. If any story you have used gives you a second thought, don’t hesitate to strike it out.


As you do, just make sure your speech isn’t lopsided. Talk about your sister-in-law or the bride. If you have known her for a long time, then you can say so much about her.


If you don’t know the bride, you can simply say that she’s well-suited for the groom. Welcome her to the family if you are the brother of the groom and say some nice things about her.


Oh, I almost forget about this. There’s a raging debate about the length of the best man speech.


Wondering how long your best man speech should be?

Let me do justice to it based on my experience as a wedding speechwriter. You see, there’s nothing like a short or medium or long speech.


As long as your best man's speech gives them a reason to be happy or make them realize certain aspects of his character which they didn’t know before the wedding day, then no one will be concerned about how long you stand behind the microphone.


If you are still not convinced that your speech doesn’t always have to be short, please watch how the guests enjoyed this ten minutes speech. No wonder, it has so many views.


After you have put down what’s on your heart, put it aside, and later get back to it as you have might have fresh insights when you go back to revise it.


Now, let’s see


How To End Your Best Man Speech On A Memorable Note


Once again, let’s see portions of our example for inspiration.

‘’I have absolutely no doubt he'll be just as good a husband, and one day as good a father. Rich, Grace, if you could both just look at each other for a moment, don't worry, I'm not doing the “last time you've got the upper hand” gag. I'd like to say that everyone here is so happy that you have found each other, and that you have taken the next step on a long and wonderful life together. ‘’


  • First, you can simply say why the groom will be a good husband and father as seen in this example.


  • You can end with a song about the theme of love for all times if you don’t have a sad singing voice like the waves of the sea. If you want to employ this, just make sure you look for one the wedding guests can sing along. But you don’t have to sing the entire verses, just use the lyrics you love to conclude your toast.


  • If you are married, you can share a bit of simple marriage advice. If you are not married, you still can in a very clever way.


Here’s a short example of how to do that even if you have yet to tie the knot.

I think I am not the best person to give you marriage advice since I have not walked on that road before but Brandon’s love for me has taught me that the most important foundation of love is friendship. So, make sure you always love each other.


  • You can simply say how happy you are for them and offer your well wishes for the journey ahead.


  • Do you know of a lovely marriage or love poem? You can use that to wrap up.


  • Are you or the couple Christians? Do they believe in God? If so, you can use bible verses to end on a strong note. You may use this scripture.


Psalm 128

A song of ascents.

Blessed are all who fear the Lord,
    who walk in obedience to him.
You will eat the fruit of your labor;
    blessings and prosperity will be yours.
Your wife will be like a fruitful vine
    within your house;
your children will be like olive shoots
    around your table.
Yes, this will be the blessing
    for the man who fears the Lord.

May the Lord bless you from Zion;
    may you see the prosperity of Jerusalem
    all the days of your life.
May you live to see your children’s children—
    peace be on Israel.

1 John 4:12, NIV: "No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God lives in us and his love is made complete in us.

Using 1 John 4:12, I made this up…

Alex and Amanda, your love is a very beautiful gift. So always love each other. As  long as you love one another, God will guide your path and his love will be complete in you.

  • If you don’t know what to say, just wrap up with a sweet toast.


How to write your best man speech




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