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This can happen to you too on your wedding day

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I  cried,my daughter sobbed like a baby, my wife shed  tears, and some members of my family because...

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Dear Worried Wedding Speech giver,

''I am Adams from the United States. This happened to our family prior to my daughter’s wedding and it can happen to you too unless you…

Life isn't  always fair-Is it?

Granny once said life was not fair. I found it hard to understand her words until tragedy struck our home. Words cannot adequately describe how I felt  as my  daughter’s wedding drew near.

Sadly,however,days  before  her  big  day, my wife’s brother was involved in a bloody road accident when returning home from work. His cherry-red Toyota Highlander ran into a truck. The vehicle was terribly mangled and three of his co-workers died on the spot.

When news of the disaster reached us, we were simply shocked and we couldn’t apply our minds to the wedding planning.

Our wedding plans grounded to a halt.

I wondered why that dark cloud over our roof at that crucial moment. Our hearts was in our mouth and we didn’t know what to do. We had to attend to him all the time and we lost touch with the wedding planning festivities.

We had wanted to cancel the marriage plans but we couldn’t because many of our guests had written or emailed to confirm that they were coming.

My daughter couldn’t take it . She feared her kind uncle might not been able to make it. Added to this was the fact everything had come to a halt.Sometimes, she did sob like a worried child on my wife’s shoulders but I kept reassuring her that all shall be well.

In less than two weeks to go, the doctor carried out a surgery on his right thigh. It took twelve hours for the doctors to correct a dislocated bone.

Despite the odds prevailing against us, we put our acts together to ensure nothing was left to chance. The wedding preparations resumed albeit on a rather low note.

An unusual miracle!

One sunny afternoon, something unusual occurred was awakened by the persistent cries of the home phone and so I quickly grabbed the receiver.

‘Is this Adam?’, the caller asked.

’Of course’,I countered.

‘’Michael is doing so well and we have agreed to discharged Monday afternoon.’’,she said reassuringly.

I broke the ‘’sweet’’ news of his recovery to the family and everyone was in joy. My wife knelt and raised both arms the way Holy fathers pray in a monastery. I broke down in tears of joy and tears dripped down my daughter’s soft cheeks.

It was unbelievable when we picked him up from the hospital. He didn’t suffer any bone damage.He wasn’t even hobbling.

He was the Mike we always knew! I never believed in miracles till that day I saw him walk out of the hospital with my naked eyes! Seeing the extent of damage of his auto, I thought he did come out paralyzed.

My wife came to my rescue

His remarkable recovery lifted our spirits and we worked around the clock to ensure things were properly fixed for our daughter's marriage. With less than three days to our daughter’s wedding, my wife asked, ‘’Honey, how can we make the day memorable?’’

Frankly, I couldn’t think of a neat idea. Hours later, she suggested a wedding speech. My face fell at her suggestion because I once embarrassed myself when asked to give a short speech at a family party.

‘’Emily, we better give her childhood scrapbook’’, I countered

‘’That’s OK for her but how about the guests? I read from somewhere that the giving of wedding speeches linger on their minds more than anything else. Please forget about your past public speaking failures and give it a try.’’ , She admonished

‘’OK my dear'', i replied

This goldmine was very valuable and it can help you

I must confess that I went online and scoured everywhere until I found your speech samples. It was exactly what I was looking for. It helped me to put my exact thoughts and emotions into words.

The tips on overcoming wedding speech worries abated my fears and it inspired me to develop self-confidence. It was a real blessing.

I shared the story of my brother –in-law’s incredible recovery and the challenges that ensued. Mike, my brother-in-law, my wife and daughter and some guests had moist eyes. As I blurted on, they couldn’t fight back their tears any longer.

Some of the wedding guests even shared tears. They were moved by my wedding speech. When It was over the family came to hug me and a guest thought I was a pro!

The experience was so magical. The success stories saved me.

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Giving memorable wedding speeches isn’t as difficult as you imagined it to be.''

If Adam was able to give his amid the tension in his family, you too can give yours like a pro.Forget about your past experience and ignore that voice within which seems to say you don’t have the guts to face the audience.

The truth is you can make it if you picture the benefits of saying something memorable at a wedding.

Just imagine the honor and the sense of accomplishment you will experience after you have mustered courage to give your speech.Your family and friends will come up to hug and tell you well done. Those who have aren’t better or more eloquent than you are. Just believe in your self and you can.

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