Father Of The Bride Speech For Daughter On Her Wedding Day
Father Of The Groom Speech Or Toast: speech for your son and daughter-in-law at the wedding

Wedding Speeches- Why you should give your wedding speech

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Being asked to give a wedding speech is a rare honor, but we often fail to look at the benefits we get from doing so. When this happens, nervousness sets in and it prevents us from putting our exact emotions into words.

As you read this short story,you will be inspired by the power of your vocal cords. And that will reposition you to face the wedding guests confidently no matter what the case might be.

For the most part of his life,Ted Williams frittered away his life on drugs and alcohol. He did not realize he had something that will make him rich and famous.

Things turned around when Columbus Dispatch videographer, Doral Chenoweth III,  recorded video shots of him as he went against his doctor's advice by leaving the Origins Recovery Center in South Texas to  panhandle for cash with a hand-written sign ‘ i have a god given gift of speech but fallen on hard times.Please any  help will be gratefully appreciated’

Days after the video had gone live on youtube, his golden voice won him the respect of many people across the globe. Thanks to the power of his amazing song-like voice Williams was ferried to New York for the morning talk show circuit, and appeared as a guest on therapy talk show "Dr. Phil .''

Several media houses were in the queue for voice makeovers after The Cleveland Clivers had offered him a job and a house.

William's story brings to mind the importance of saying some kind words about the bride and groom on their wedding day.

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First,you will win the respect and admiration of your family,the couple and the guests if you do  because they know it is not that easy to speak before a group of people.

Secondly,the couple,your family and wedding guests will come up to you to congratulate you  if you do a great job at it. And that will swell you with a sense of accomplishment.

If you made your speech presentation unique,you might be the wedding celebrity.For instance,you can render your wedding speech in song or in drama, and your performance will long be remembered!

Accepting the challenge improves your public speaking skills:an asset you need in life.(You might never know when you will be asked to make another public appearance)

Duty demands that you give it because it's an unavoidable part of  wedding customs and traditions.

Your speech might be uploaded on youtube if it is that good.And the next thing you know is that your face might be well known in homes worldwide.

So next time you are  asked to give wedding speeches, don't panic. Just keep your cool,prepare well and you will leave everyone speechless!

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