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BestMan Speech- If you fail to do this, the audience won't compliment you


What do you think is the most essential part of your bestman speech? Is it the intro?The body? Or the toast?

Well,you might think it's the body because it's the part of the speech that delight the audience the most.

However, many bestmen miss the mark when writing their wedding speech. They fail to capture the attention of their friends and audience right from the minute they are called to speak .The reason being that,they simply don't know how to hook their attention with a great intro.

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The best way to win them to your side is by starting with a captivating introduction.There are several ways to get the guests as happy as a flea in a doghouse. Below are tidbits to help you to go about it.

  • The audience will see the gentleman in  you if first  greet them . Afterwards,you should welcome them to the ceremony before you proceed to do a short self introduction.
  • You can also compliment the audience and share your sentiments about your friend's or brother's big day.
  • It is often better to begin with a joke or something witty.But please make sure you don't say anything that will  embarrass the groom. Issues like commenting  about his ex-girl friends, temperament, political affiliations and his soft spots shouldn't come out from your  mouth.
  • You can also  tie the opening part of your bestman speech to any memorable incident.
  • You can also commence with a thoughtful quote about marriage.For example" Marriage makes men stronger even if they are as weak as water.''

 Let me help you with this example

Good afternoon beautiful ladies and handsome gentlemen, it's a great pleasure to    see you at  Roger's wedding. I do hope you are having a great time! Thanks for coming to his aid. I wonder  what will have become of him if he came to meet an empty room. All his palns will have been foiled. I guess he will have been the first chap to wed in a room without guests.

Joking aside, I am Cly, Roger's best man. I got to know him some twenty years ago when we were both  students at the ''Bachelor University.'', the only university for unmarried men like myself

Please remember that  a great opener will thrill the guests and they will come up to you to compliment you for a job well done after you are done.Thank you

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