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Father of the Bride Speeches - A short recipe for nervous Dads

What you should know about your father speech

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Image1Choose What Suits You Best

Part of making a great father of the bride speech is picking a style. Depending on your personality, you can choose to write in a witty style, intelligent, dramatic, tender, poetic, rhythmic, narrative, and even funny.

The guests are able to relate to your speech if you go for a style that reflects who you truly are and not what you think the guests will like you to do. Put your wedding speech in your own words because there is no one like you- you are the first and last of your own kind.

Let your personality shine through it. It makes you original and close friends and family will know that you are not reciting something fabricated.

What’s more, your daughter will appreciate your effort to making her day special. Be yourself by finding the creative style unique to you.

After you have picked your style, write down in a place you won’t forget how you want your speech to sound like.

Then start writing your speech. After you have written your speech, go back to read the plan you wrote. Next, read the speech you have written and see if you’ve achieved the effect you want it to have on your target audience.

Father of the bride speeches vary per culture, ethnicity, race, religion, social class and creativity. A sketch of the father of the bride speech shown below shouldn’t be used as the rule.

Rather the order can be changed to suit your personal style, ethnic background or social class. The sketch is more of a guideline to enable you think outside the box.

If you feel like adding other items which you believe would add a unique touch, don’t hold back: It’s important that you ask the opinion of a close family member like your wife or your parents if you want to do so.

Father of the Bride Speeches Sketch Below

Start by telling briefly who you are, not everybody knows that.

Welcome and thank the wedding guests for coming and sharing the joy of the day. Compliment their looks too.

Compliment your daughter and tell the guests how much she means to you and your wife. Talk about her character, job, hobbies and achievements.

Talk about your son-in-law and your impressions of him. Please put him in a positive light. His character, skill, passion and achievements can also be talked about.

Thank both families-yours and your new family for their support. A million thanks should go to your wife and the mother of the groom for their efforts.

Advise the couple.

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Father of the Bride Speeches end with a toast to the health, peace, wealth and success of the bridal couple.You can ask your wife or her mom to propose the toast if you decide to do a joint speech and that will be very beautiful.

Below is a checklist of what your speech should have. After you have gone through it, please proceed to read a short speech and observe how the points have been developed closely.

  • Greet the audience
  • Thank the guests for coming, their gifts, and sincerely compliment them
  • Introduce yourself and your relationship to the bride
  • You may kick start with a story about your daughter or if you prefer, just thank your wife and all members of your family as well as others who helped to raise her

As you deliver your lines, please speak to them separately. What I mean is this: Say how proud you are of your daughter and advise her

Tell the groom how lucky he's to have found your daughter and welcome him into your family. Advise him too

Once you've said all that you've in mind, please make your toast

This is just an outline. Thanks to your own imagination and wit, you can give yours in a very creative way. For example, you can make your speech in poetry or render it in part speech, part song.

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Here at standing ovation, we know the difficulty many fathers face when they have to put down their ideas on paper. This stems from the fact they don't have proven father of the bride speech examples to work with.

Mostly, they get some from other places but that doesn't help really help because they come with no remarks. That's why we tried to get you one with its accompanying comments or commentary so you get a crystal clear idea of how to sail the stormy waters.

An Example By A Great King

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, what a privilege, what a thrill,

what an extraordinary feeling of happiness my daughter’s marriage

has created in our family.(comments: the speaker greets and shares his sentiments about his daughter’s wedding.)

I don’t really remember the last time a tear fell from my eye but I just couldn’t help it when I held Michelle’s hand warmly as we walked down the aisle this morning.

It represented the many changes scenes of life and the pain we go through when we have to part company with those we love.(comment: he still expresses his emotion here about his daughter leaving for good)

Michelle, when you first came into our lives, we were so happy and blessed.

So much has happened already. Now, there are two worlds – possibly even more - which from now on you will explore together, side by side with your husband and it’s a reality no woman can avoid.  

The joy and strength you’ll give John is like the sun in the daytime which, with its radiance, melts all doubts and darkness on earth and like the moon at night, your deeds should shine with a watchful and delicate beam of gentleness, which extinguishes the mischief and deceit used by the symbols of darkness.

(comment:  having said something about her birth and her life as she was growing up, you have to say why you think she will be an amazing wife)

John, I have never met a person with more strength than you,
I have never met a person with such a big heart as you,
I have never seen a man with such an inner beauty as you,

You radiate an irresistible mix of wisdom and beauty, charm and decisiveness.
You are irresistible and powerful, sparkling and playful, and serious all at once.

We know that you have overcome so many challenges in your young life but you haven’t seen anything yet. You’re the head of this union and you’ll be chiefly held responsible for whatever comes out of this marriage-whether good or bad.(comment: address your son- in- law too and advise him or say something thoughtful about him)

On this note, we welcome you into our family with open arms and great joy. We’ve come to know you, and we have seen how your cheerful disposition graces every act.

We’re also delighted to have made the acquaintance with your parents.(comment: never ever forget to welcome the groom into your family in any wedding speech you’ll ever give as father of the bride?)

Though you belong to each other, we’ll always pray for you and you can always count on our support. We wish you well and the almighty God keep you safe and sound!  

P.S---Can you come up with a great speech like the one above? As father of the bride, everyone will be on the look out for your great speech and you can't let  the bride and her husband, friends and family down by giving an ordinary speech.

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