Confirmation Speech or Letter From Mom or Dad (Parents) to Son or Daughter
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Confirmation Gift Ideas: How To Get The Best And Unique Confirmation Gifts


Why This Is The Best Confirmation Gift Ever!

Do you know the confirmation gift you want to give you your teen boy or girl is not the best present ever?


Here’s what you should go for instead!


I know you are looking for a wonderful gift that will deepen the confirmand’s sense his loyalty to the Lord Jesus Christ but I feel the best present you can give him or her is this story.


At some point in our lives, we often wonder why we have to go through certain things we don’t like.


Your Pain Might Make You Better Or Bitter!


But, God in his own wisdom has a way of using what we see as pain to sharpen our lives for the better and make us living testimonies so that all men are drawn close to him.


Was This Love At First Sight?


I am saying this because there was this couple who married very young.

They met and fell in love when they were teenagers and got married when they were both 20 years old.


They dreamed of being in love forever with two wonderful children- a boy and a girl and love each other just as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it.


But their dreams were not immediately realized.

14 years after they got married, they had no kids and that brought real stress but they never gave up on God.


At Last! The Couple Got What They Wanted


After 18 years in marriage, they had their first child-a cute baby girl!

They made good on their promise and dedicated the little baby to the Lord and had her baptized.


They gave her all their love and attention since they believed every child is a loan from God.


Their Only Child Goes Stray After Been Confirmed


When she was a teenager, she got confirmed while she was in high school.

After graduating High School, she went off to college. While there, her faith in the Lord grew, and the beautiful thing is that she made very good grades.


However, things got worse when she met Abigail. Abigail found out that there was no way she could convince Mary to be a prostitute so she pretended to be a fellow-believer.


Mary Falls Into A Horrible Ditch


Before Mary knew it, she had lost her faith, and fell into prostitution.

Worse of all; both parents lost their jobs.

Things got worse for her family that she left home for good and that keep her parents up in the middle of the night.


Will Things Get Any Better?


For more than 10 years, all she did was to offer her body to different men and sometimes women from coast to coast!

One day, she fell grievously sick and was taken to hospital where she was admitted for more than 2 years!


God Restores Her Life Fully!


Mary thought she had left the ways of God and God was no longer there for her. In her crisis, she felt all alone.


With her condition getting worse day by day, all she had to do was to pray and the only words that were on her lips on that winter night: Lord save me if you still love me!


Moments later, she noticed positive changes in her body and her recovery came as a shock to her doctors who had just given up on her and thought Mary wouldn’t make it past 3 months!


Her Mom Cries Like A Baby As She Returns Home


Mary got back on her feet and like the prodigal son, she felt she had had enough of her dirty old ways and wanted to go back to her parents.


On learning that her mom and dad had moved to the East Coast, she found her way there. Her parents were having dinner when they heard someone knock on the door repeatedly.


They wondered who that person might be because no one had ever come in after sunset. Her mom came out first but could hardly recognize her beloved daughter because she had changed so much.


All Jennifer did was to hug her daughter, weep and then said in a sad voice: Lord thank you for my daughter’s life!


Have You Fulfilled Your Vows To Him?


You see, God expects us to fulfill all our vows as it’s recorded in

Ecclesiastics 5: 4


By getting your son or daughter or even your godchild baptized and seeing to it that he or she is about to take part in the sacrament of confirmation shows you honor the Lord because you have kept our vows to train up your child in the way he or she should go so that when he or she’s older she won’t depart from it.


However, you need to do more to help the confirmand stay on the right track after all has been said and done.


Why This Is The Best Confirmation Speech You Can Ever Give!


The bible is for sure the best confirmation gift you can ever give to your son or daughter or or godchild or nephew or niece because all other gifts you give will eventually outlive their usefulness but the written word of God really molds the heart of man.


But did you know that letters can help make the life of the communicant much better?




You see, whenever it’s time for confirmation, most parents and even godparents as well as uncles and aunts and friends and relatives are expected to write letters or speeches that will later serve as ‘’spiritual keepsake’’ or a ‘’life chronicle’’ that will guide the person in his or her walk with the Lord!


That’s something you definitely have to come up with as I believe it’s the second best confirmation gift after the bible!


If you ever got one, then you know how impactful those letters or speeches have been in your life.


Do you remember the time you felt so down and you took solace in one of those pieces your parents, godparents or sponsor wrote you?


It stands then to reason that you have to come up with a unique and soul-stirring piece for your child or nephew or niece or even your god-child!


Go Get Any of These Best Gifts Now…And The Confirmand Will Be So Happy


Here are very brief examples written by dads, moms, nieces, nephews and even godparents in that order!


By parents


By godparents


By Sponsor


By Uncle Or Aunt To Nephew Or Nieces



Let me ask you once again: Can you really craft a short beautiful letters like any of those I have shown you above?

Yes, you can. Wondering how to do just that?


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