Sample Wedding(Marriage) Anniversary Speech For Husband: From A Wife
Wedding(Marriage) Anniversary Speech For Wife: From A Husband

Sample Wedding(Marriage) Anniversary Speech For Wife: From A Husband


Just See This Example or Sample And You Will Be Seconds Away From Writing a Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Speech For Your Loving And Beautiful Wife, Without Trying So Hard!


Why You Must Use Them


Every work is based on the works of those who have gone on before. Anything you can imagine is based on the works of people we all know.

It stands then to reason that you need to base your wedding anniversary speech on the work of those who have successfully done that.


Whenever you are looking for great ideas and tips to help you write a great speech, you shouldn’t look very far.

Consulting wedding anniversary speech samples is a sure bet to helping you write a speech that will make your wife very proud and love you the more.


How To Make The Most Of Them


Today, I am here to help you make good use of an example I am going to show you.

Not only will we rip apart this sample, but I will show you how to make good use of those ideas we will come across so you can effortlessly write your own speech beautifully.


Wouldn’t you love it when your wife comes to plant a kiss on your check, and your children and friends and family compliment you for having given a great speech?


Now, let us see this wedding anniversary speech sample from a loving husband. Let me tell you that it’s a 50th Wedding Anniversary Speech. But, you can still adapt it to fit your own speech nonetheless.


Let us kickoff by seeing what goes into the opening lines of all great speeches. You see, acknowledging the guest is one sure way of connecting with your audience.


How To Really Begin It All


So, you have to begin by telling everyone who you are and then proceed to thank your family and friends and others for honoring the invitation as well expressing gratitude to those who sent their well-wishes and gifts.


Having said that, let’s see how you can make effective use of this sample or example

“These past 50 years have not always been the easiest for us, and we’ve certainly had our ups and downs.’’

Did you realize how he began with a bang? That will make lots of wedding guests sit up and listen to you. Without a compelling introduction, you can't hold their attention and you won’t get anywhere.

Though this speaker says he’s being married for 50 years now,  it hasn’t always been easy because there are many hurdles to cross once you are married.


Well, you can begin your introduction just as he has done. But, there are also so many ways of kick starting the opening line of your wedding anniversary speech. They are as follows


  •  One, you can begin with a love or marriage quote. Below are a few of such lines''A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.'' -Mignon McLaughlin

''Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful.'' -Maggie Reyes

''Being in a long marriage is a little bit like that nice cup of coffee every morning – I might have it every day, but I still enjoy it.''-Stephen Gaines

''Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice.''-Fawn Weaver

''The older I get, the less time I want to spend with the part of the human race that didn’t marry me.'' -Robert Brault


  • Second, you can start with your own thoughts on marriage.


  • Third, you can start with a story or a joke.


  • Fourth, you can start with a funny incident or anecdote.


  • Fifth, you can begin by singing your own composition or even reciting poems.


These are just a few starters. You can brainstorm and come up with your own ideas. They are lots of great ideas lying dormant in your brain, so don’t look down on yourself. There is a hero that lies in you-no matter how you see yourself.


Right after you are through with a smashing introduction, you have to develop the body of your speech. And that’s where you put your ideas and tips together so they flow in a chronological order.


Now back to our example

'' I remember sitting behind you in English class our first year of high school. When you turned around and asked to borrow a pencil on that first day, I could barely find one in my bag because of how taken with you I was. I’m sure my hands were shaking when I handed it over, but you didn’t say a word about it. ''


 Nice right? I think it’s full of emotion! How did he do that? He put together a story about how they met way back in high school. Did you realize that he managed to get some of us laughing when he said: ''I could barely find one in my bag because of how taken with you I was. I’m sure my hands were shaking when I handed it over, but you didn’t say a word about it.''

Sir, you too can weave into your account a few funny tales: true and fake stories alike. But make sure it relates to your speech.


  • Aside that, you can also simply make your wedding anniversary speech one of gratitude or just saying thanks.


  • You can also zoom into action by saying how life has been like since you got married.


  • You can also tell the guests how your wife has helped you become a better person and the blessings you have got ever since you became husband and wife. Don’t hold anything back.


  • Feel free to share what you both have been through and what you did to overcome all your adversities. I have said that this is a necessary step because your speech is also a tool or drug that helps to heal or revive the soul.


Well, if you are not clear, let me show you what I mean exactly. You see, there are some guests who are heartbroken. The newly-wed ones think they are going through hell and might want to quit. So telling those present how you overcame your own problems will encourage someone to still hold the dim torch a little longer, hoping that the light will shine brighter someday.


Speech continues below


''Though I didn’t have the courage to ask you on a date until senior year, I was overjoyed when you said yes.

Prom could not have been better. Thank you for agreeing to go with me, regardless of the fact that I wasn’t brave enough to approach you before then.

I will always look fondly upon that picture we took at the bottom of your staircase. I may not have been smiling in it, but I hope you know I was over the moon.

Our post-high school years weren’t the easiest, what with work and the kids and trying to make ends meet.

The only thing that got me through those long shifts and the horrible commute was knowing that you and the kids would be at home, waiting for me.

I may have been a mess, but I always felt that you were right there with me. I’m sorry if I haven’t made it clear before, but you’re my rock.''


Did you notice how the ideas are built like building blocks on one another? That’s how your ideas should be strung together.


Here Is A Short Example To Help You Personalize Your Speech


Using examples and metaphors for example can help a lot. For example, let us borrow this sentence and see how you can make it yours.

''Though I didn’t have the courage to ask you on a date until senior year, ………………''

Now, let us see how we can transform the above lines using similes. Here is what i came up with based on what i took: Thought I didn't...''


''Though I didn’t have the courage like a shrill wind  to ask you on a date partly because I had this goose bumps and feared you might say no to my proposal and that would have made me faint like a ghost trapped in a hot air balloon….''

Do you see how I did that?

You can too because I believe you can. I don’t know your level of experience regarding speaking in public. It doesn't matter if you have the skill or not.


All you have to do is to believe in your own abilities no matter and trust me, you can pour out what is on your heart in a way that will leave your wife with moist eyes and also get you lots of sincere compliments.


The final section is seen below

''In short, my wonderful wife, I love you so much. I wouldn’t trade these past 50 years for the world. I think I’m the luckiest man in the world. ''

Can you write something like that? Not too difficult right?

Just go back to this piece with a paper and pen in your hand and see which parts of sample anniversary speech you can use to say something great about your loving wife.

My friend, that's how to write a beautiful story from a husband for a loving wife!