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Sample Wedding(Marriage) Anniversary Speech For Husband: From A Wife

50th Wedding(Marriage) Anniversary Speech Tips and Ideas For Parents


This 50th (golden) anniversary speech sample or example will help you pay tribute to your loving parents- the easy way


Congrats To Your Loving Parents!


I really admire your loving parents and have tons of respect for them for staying true to their bonds all these years.

I don’t know how long you have been married. But, we can all bear witness to the fact that being married for 50 long years is not an easy thing right?


There have been high and low points in your parents’ lives and they are the only ones who can really tell you what has kept them going.

Let’s us not forget the countless sacrifices, love and dedication that they have shown to ensure you truly become a successful person.

Are you not proud of them? Hope you are!


How To Make Your Parents Proud

As they celebrate this huge milestone, you also have to make them very proud and tell the invited guests, your own family and friends of your deep love, respect and admiration for them.


One way of the best ways of doing that is by giving a heartfelt speech, and that is not very easy, particularly if you are not accustomed to writing and giving wedding speeches. And I hope you are not since this happens once in a lifetime.


Sometimes, you even get the nerves if you have tons of experience writing speeches and speaking in public.


Why You Too Can Make It! 


I have written lots of speeches for so many people across the world and I know what is running through your mind at this very moment as you search for the right words to honor your parents on their 50th wedding anniversary.


Here Are Some Great Ideas That Work


To write your golden anniversary address or tribute without trying so hard, you have to get 50th Wedding Speech Anniversary speech samples or examples for parents as they will undoubtedly help you express your exact thoughts and emotions into very beautiful words.

Tonight, I’d like to show you one of the brilliant sample wedding anniversary speeches floating around online.

I promise to also dissect it and try to show you how the writer came up with it, so you can write your own great message with the insights and analysis I will be sharing as we look at excerpts of that long speech by Rosalind Wright Picard.

Please, it’s quite long, so be patient as I break it into its various sections.


Here You Have It

First, let us examine the introduction.

'' They say that you don't really appreciate your parents until you become one, but that is not true.

While I admit I probably never truly appreciated your cleaning up after me when I vomited all over myself, my bed sheets, my stuffed animals, and the rug, until I had to do this for my own sons (parenting has significantly elevated my threshold for "gross"), there is much more to say.

On this very special occasion of your 50th anniversary, I would like to share some ways that I have greatly appreciated both of you, and especially your staying married for half a century.''

(comments: Though Rosalind did a fantastic job here, I think she should have kicked off by telling everyone who she is, then greets the invited guests and thank them for coming to support her parents…YOU should never forget to do that when you are writing your own speech okay?)


What can you infer from the lines : ''They say that you don't really appreciate your parents until you become one, but that is not true.''

I like that part of her story because it is an attention- getter and do you realize how it kept you nodding to every word she said.


You see, after you have told everyone who you are and said your ‘’thank you’s’’, you have to open with a killer introduction.

Here are simple ways to do that.


Take Note Of These Things

  • You can begin with a popular saying and connect its theme to how your parents raised you and what they went through in life


  • You can simply express gratitude to your parents and tell them why today is such a special day and why it means so much to you.


  • You can share a funny story and tie it to how you related to your parents when you were under their roof. Here you simply put down lots of anecdotes (funny and not so funny) with the view to sharing those that are very memorable.


  • You can jump straight into the ‘’ring’’ and tell everyone what you think has kept your parents going for 50 years in marriage.


  • You can even start with a quote about the secrets of successful marriages and work something from that angle.

There are so many many ways to hook up your audience and if you can do that well, your presentation will stand out.


Rosalind’s speech continues: '' While most children appreciate their parents for giving them biological life, I don't know to whom I owe that. And while everything for which I am grateful is ultimately conditional upon the decision a teenage woman made,

I was an "accident", "unplanned", and my gratitude is that she believed that somewhere out there was somebody like you, with whom I would be so much better off. The fact is you are the kind of couple whom so many love, the kind who inspires others with your friendly welcome, generosity, and kindness to all.''

Your regular acts of goodness change the mood of those around you: they turn road-raged insensitive maniacs into the kind of drivers who not only let you merge in front of them without ramming you in the rear, but who stopped on the road to give you a helping hand and a smile when in need.

You are a couple who has a positive impact on the world, and this impact has the power to counter the despair of a young women in trouble, helping her know that it is worth choosing life for her little one, because of incredibly loving parents like you.''

Please go back to the introduction. I hope you have done that.

Now, come back (see right up) and read the body.

Have you noticed the connection? Did you realize that the body is just a natural extension of the main idea in the opening lines of her tribute to her dad and mom?


Never Forget To Do This


As you write the body of the speech, there are some critical things you should take into consideration to help you write so well. And that’s the main idea or pillar you want to build your speech on.

Here are a few ideas to help you out.

  • You can simply express thanks to your parents and say why you love them.
  • You can tell everyone how they raise you up and the lessons you learned from them.
  • You can comment about their contribution to the welfare of family and friends.
  • You can talk about how their shared interests and goals have brought them thus far.
  • You can even tell the wedding guests how they helped you walk on troubled waters when you faced difficulties in your own marriage.
  • You can talk about the qualities your own dad brought into the relationship, that of your mom as well and how the couple blended so well despite their seeming differences.
  • You can share funny tales or memories to get everyone laughing and then write about the lessons learned. ….plus so much more


 As you build the body, don’t forget to spice it up with wise quotes and words of wisdom. Though your parents are much more experience in life than you are, they will appreciate that a lot.


There are so many endless possibilities to pick from when crafting the body of your message, so let those words flow from your heart, and everyone will be happy. Your parents particularly will be proud of you, and everyone will say you are wise beyond your years.


Add to the body what you admire about them and how they inspire you.

Do you see how Rosalind does it here:

''Mom and Dad, your honesty, integrity, love, patience, gentleness, kindness, commitment, and willingness to forgive shine as a strong inspiration to me to strive for the same in my marriage.

You have been blessed with the fortitude and faith to stay together, despite a multitude of forces that aim to pull a couple apart. The example of your marriage reveals something much greater than any individual can ever attain….''

Finally, you have to wish them well in the years ahead.

Quote-1775356_960_720 wedding anniversary


Here Is A Perfect Way To End It


An example being: '' On this very special occasion of your 50th wedding anniversary, with a heart of deepest gratitude,

I give you my honor, appreciation, admiration, and love.  May God continue to bless your marriage, and may you enjoy your celebration on April 16, and throughout this Golden Year.   I love you Rosalind ''


I hope you have a fair idea of how to use this speech sample to write yours. It will be a great idea to read this piece once again, and put down on paper, ideas and insights, you think you can use to write your own speech as you review it over and over again!