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Mother Of The Groom Speech Samples- And Ideas And Examples To Help You Write A Beautiful Mother Of The Groom Speech


Here at standing ovation, we are often contacted by so many mothers from around the world when they are seeking out ways to give beautiful mother of the groom speech.

Not too long ago, Mary wrote to us when she wanted to badly to give a beautiful speech that captured her exact thoughts and emotions, and the following speech is what we helped her come up with and she wrote back saying that her speech was the best at the wedding reception.

Please sit back, relax and go through it and see if you can use the ideas in red to come up with something on your own.

Start of Her Wedding Speech


Thanks so much for coming to share in the joy and joining of John and Ruth. I am  Mary, John's mom. Thanks so much for your support, kind words and generosity.

Before I get started, I wanted to take time to thank everyone for helping John and Ruth plan a fantastic.  I know it wasn’t easy, but thank God we have a pretty easy going couple to work with…right?   I also want to thank my sister Evelyn and her husband Jerry for all the hard work they did to make this night amazing.

(comment: do you remember somewhere on this blog that a short self-introduction and greetings is very crucial when you are about to begin your speech?)

Their marriage brings back nostalgic memories of when Dan and I got married in 1980.

As a couple, one of our proudest moments was when we had John, our charming prince.

His birth brought so much joy, peace and sense of belonging.

My mind goes back to when several times at night, I’d wake up and look into his beautiful, smiling eyes and be completely overwhelmed with a sense of wonder, joy and responsibility for my extraordinary child.

(comment: another key thing that makes all speeches beautiful is when you include fond memories. Please put on paper any memory you remember about your own son at this point)

Growing up, John loved to do rap music, play hockey and write poetry.

I’ll never forget how proud I felt when he wrote a mother’s day poem saying how proud he was to have me as his mom.

John, you asked me in that poem how I managed to do it all by myself. Many times, I’d wake up when you were fast asleep wondering how I was going to raise you both when your dad passed on and that brought me to tears so many times.

I must say it’s been by the grace of God. Plus it has taken the blood, toil, and sweat of an entire village to make you who you really are.

Take Jerry for example who had to sacrifice so much of his time and energy and finances to keep our bodies and soul together.


But, i must admit that raising you and Alex hasn't been a smooth ride at  all.  Just look at my hair if that doesn’t tell you something.

Each day came with his own challenges but I was determined to lay down my life for you so you could become a successful man.

(comment: have you noticed how the writer was able to infuse her emotions into those memories as she narrated them? Recalling incidents without personalizing them won't take you anywhere....never ever forget this)

Today is the day to rejoice in knowing that my dreams for you have come true.

Today is the day to rejoice in knowing you are getting married to this beautiful woman Ruth.

(comment: another thing you should consider is how to express how you feel about your son's big day in relation to his life story just as this writer has done. She deliberately uses the word ''today'' to create a musical effect. Probably she wanted to entertain the wedding guests and her readers. Repetition of words make great speeches what they really are)

Thanks for being there for me and I am going to miss being at the gym with you. I love you so much.

Ruth thanks a lot for being there for John and the entire family all along. I love you and want to thank you for bringing out the best in him. I admire your sense of honesty, empathy and integrity and I trust that you are going to be an amazing wife and mom.

On this note, I’d like to welcome you and your family into our hearts and home. We love you so much.

(comment: noticed how the speaker used the opportunity given to express her joy that Ruth is now part of the family. It doesn't end there. She goes on to formally welcome her into her family. If you are still married, you can say...on behalf of my family, I'd ...)


Today is a very special day for making memories and to celebrate your love for each other.

I know you have had your own relationship challenges already but I admire how your
collective sense of purpose and willingness to hold on has kept your hearts still ablaze with love's refining fire

That to me is very crucial to building a formidable marriage.

Marriage is a test of real love and you should expect both good and bad times, including some rough storms. Riding through these storms together, leaning on each other for strength, and courage as allies, strengthens the marriage bonds. As long as you weather the storms together, your marriage will endure. No matter what, keep your sense of humor, and you’ll make it through these storms just fine, with love

So, don't forget to still love -it -out so your love for each other grows so strong each and every day.

May you come to love each other like never before and may you grow in love so
your kids can feel the warmth that comes from your tender hearts.

I wish you well and God bless you.

(comment: Never ever forget to end with an advice or words of encouragement or well-wishes to the happy couple as you see above.)

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Claire was quite skeptical when she came to us but we kept assuring what she will make her son and family proud-and this is what she sent over after the wedding was over

'' Hello Dan, their wedding went very well. The usual stress before hand for the couple organizing the event but all things to do went so smoothly. I also like to say that I'm so proud of my speech, almost got standing ovation, lol! I'm so glad I've found you. Definitely recommend you to my friends and family in the future weddings. Wish you the very best.''-  Claire, New Zealand

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