Mother Of The Bride Speech Ideas And Tips And Examples: How To Write The Best Ever Mother Of The Bride Speech Like A Pro!
Groom Speeches Examples And Success Stories

Proven Ways To Write A Memorable Father Of The Groom Wedding Speech-Even If You Think You Don’t Have What It Takes To Write One


These easy to follow ideas can help you

give a very beautiful groom’s dad speech without trying so hard!

I am not someone who really enjoy going to the movies. But I can flip through a 5000 page novel without blinking an eye.

I can barely watch an hour’s movie unless it’s a very engaging one like ‘’ The Titanic.’’

One thing that thrills me a lot about that best-seller is the way it starts, plus the beat and rhythms that go with it even makes it more engaging and very moving.

The opening scene of that motion picture reminds me of how a riveting introduction for a wedding speech can do lots of wonders for any groom dad’s wedding speech.

As you prepare to say something that will make your son and your family very

proud, I just want to reemphasize the need to start your speech beautifully

since it’s the main thing that’s going to give your audience a reason to listen to


Granted, it’s not that easy. It’s not so because anytime we are asked by fathers

to write their speeches for them, we really ponder for a long time to get

something that will connect with the theme of that person’s speech.

It comes as no surprise that many fathers find it very hard to come up with a great opener.

That’s the main reason why we decided to show you how you can effortlessly come up with one.

If you fail to make the first impression when you are called to speak, then you can be sure you won’t get another chance to make a second impression.

It stands then to reason that, you start on a rousing note.

These 12 easy to follow steps have been gleaned from the exact strategies we

use to help make our clients’ work a success !

Feel free to use it but make sure you make use of them creatively. Please note that the following ideas can also be helpful when writing your entire mother of the groom speech.

Here we go.


Connect Your Son’s Big Day To An Important Date In World History.

For example, if your son’s wedding falls on 15th April, you can

connect your message to the story of the Titanic, because 15th April is the day that great ship sank.

Let us illustrate with an example.

‘’Ladies and Gentlemen .Thanks for coming to honor the union of  Jerry and his

charming wife Alice .Today, it is indeed a very special day because on this day the loyalty of two love birds was tested.

On this same day, the great ship The Titanic sank. Thousands of people died but

two people decided to live for each other and they made it-despite the odds

against them. They were Jack and Rose, two love birds that were always there for

each other.

Today, it’s very significant because on this same day in history a wonderful

couple have made a sacred vow to be there for each other and their words and

loyalty will be tested too as they begin life together .....’’

Let’s be honest here. Don’t you think this will grasp their attention? It definitely will! It will because the writer made an allusion to a popular story we all want to listen to over and over again.

How to get such dates that connects with your son’s wedding day. Just look it up online. Let’s say your son’s big day is on 20th June, then you can use the search term 20th June in history and series of events will pop out.

Now, flip through the search results to get an event or incident that’s exciting, and you can use for your speech.



Tie The Date Of The Wedding To An Important Date In Your Family’s History.

‘’How? You ask

Once wrote a speech for this guy from Pennsylvania and he asked that I include his mother’s wedding anniversary as part of his speech.

His request got me thinking hard and long. But I realized it could be done .So I took my pen and wrote my draft.

Here’s how to do just that too if you want to tie an anniversary or…to your speech!

An example

There are two reasons why I am thankful on this day. First, it’s a fulfillment of our

joy that our son’s dream of Marrying Mrs. Right have come to pass.

Second, it is even more special because today’s ceremony falls on the exact date my parents tied the knot some 50 years ago...

Did you see now, how I blended it beautifully? That’s another technique that will

surely endear you to the audience. You can take it off from there by probably bringing out the resemblances with that marriage with this new one. If your parents are still alive, it will make your speech very very unique because you can acknowledge them.

STEP # 3

You Can Also Bring In Your Own History

I am referring to the time you got married.

An example could be as follows:

Today is a day meant to be treasured .Just like Abigail and Daniel, Alice and I got

married exactly 22 years ago on this very day and their union brings nostalgic

memories of the time I…..


Why Not Lace The Introduction With A Movie Quote ?

The titanic example mentioned earlier can still be used here. So can this quote

from the movie: My Best Friend’s Wedding

‘’I had the strangest dream. I dreamed that some psychopath was trying to break

the two of you up. Luckily, I woke up, and I saw that the world is just as it should

  1. For my best friend ... has won the best woman."

Now, let’s try to make something out of that quote.

Many years ago, I had a very beautiful dream. I dreamed I had a baby boy and this boy was making a difference all over the world.

He was bringing hope to the hopeless and inspiring people everywhere on earth. Looking back, I have seen that Mike, my son, was the boy I dreamed about. When he was born, he was kind, curious and.....


Have You Also Considered Linking The Theme Of A Story Book or Joke With Your


As an example, let’s take SHAKESPEARE’S ‘’Romeo and Juliet’’

Here we go

‘’It is often said, some people are born great, some have greatness thrust upon

them and others work for their greatness ‘’T his quote by the great Shakespeare

makes me believe that some lovers are born lovers, others have their marriages

arranged in heaven before they eventually tie the knot ;and some meet by sheer accident. But I just think Jennifer and Dan’s Love is a celestial arrangement.

Here’s why......

Got The Picture?


You Can Sound Very Philosophical.

An example, I wrote for a client was ‘’having a baby is like finding a rough

diamond in your own back yard. Polish the diamond and you will get a beautiful,

bright, priceless sparkling diamond.

In a sense , my daughter was once a rough diamond but am happy to announce

that she’s now sparkling diamond because ..............’’


Often, the best opening lines come from your own mind because it is the fountain of all great ideas.

To do this, you could read several wedding speeches, verses, quotations and so

on and allow those ideas to settle deep down in your brain. Rest for some time

and start work and you would be amazed at what you write once you grab a pen

and a sheet of paper.



Bible Verses Can Also Inspire You. It Even Becomes More Impactful If It’s A Christian Marriage

An example can be taken from

‘’ PROVERBS 15:20 -A Wise Son Brings Joy And Honor To His Father’’

‘’Alexis arrival on earth same 20 years ago brought much blessings and favor upon

our family. He is symbolic of the favor parents have when.....’’


A Poem Can Also Help A Lot

You don’t have to be a poet to write a poem about

sons. Technology has made it possible for almost everyone to be a ‘’poet ‘’ of

some sort. Go to the search engines, and look for poems about sons- and it will

help you write something around that.

STEP #10--Ever Considered This?

If you are a good singer, you could render your speech in a song. It will definitely

go viral if you put on a good show. It’s by far the best way of connecting to

your audience since we all love good music.

P.S: Do you really want your family, friends and guests to genuinely compliment you for giving a great wedding speech? But, still wondering how to put your exact thoughts and emotions into beautiful words?

You certainly owe it to your son to come up with an incredibly great speech that will make the wedding guests deeply love you!

Here’s a chance to make that dream a reality!

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