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Mother Of The Bride Speeches Success Story And Examples


Amazing Story Of How An Extremely Nervous (Probably More Nervous Than You Are)

Mom Gave The Best Speech Ever…Got A Standing Ovation Even… Though He Didn’t Have The Skills To Write A Beautiful Speech…And Had Never Given A Wedding Speech Before!

...And how you can do same!


Dear Worried Mother of The Bride,

I am Martha from The United States.

Ben Sirach, a philosopher said that a daughter is a treasure-and a cause of sleeplessness.’

When I read this quote way back in college, I did not really understand what those words meant till tragedy struck our home days before my precious daughter’s big day.

Our Precious Daughter Is A Rising Star

Alicia was everything we just expected in a daughter. She was kind, pretty and very obedient. She showed great maturity when at an early stage in life; she joined a group in high school to raise awareness about the need to support a young woman who had lived with cancer for twelve years.

She was decorated by her school and the federal government for raising awareness about a disease that was taking the lives of so many great women at the time.

Her dad nicknamed her Mother Theresa-a name she gave her because she did everything just like the famous catholic nun.
She was even the valedictorian of her class when she left college. She started a website while in school to educate ladies about their sexuality-especially breast care and its related issues.

We Were Worried About Her Dream Man

When she was ripe for marriage,

my husband and I just prayed she found a right marriage partner who will make her happy and give her the respect and love she deserves.

She had been emotionally devastated by a previous relationship that did not go to well for her. She almost lost her life then because she was totally broken and we just hoped God sends her a kind and patient gentlemen at the right time.

One evening at a family evening, she told us about a new man she had met. Honestly, we did not feel too comfortable with her decision but we advised her to be more cautious this time. We were afraid she might be heartbroken a second time.

We, however, decided to give her the benefit of the doubt so we asked bring her gentleman home. When we met Jimmy, we were unimpressed. But appearances they say are always deceptive, so we decided to probe his intelligence and look into his character a bit.

We kept an eye on him for close to a year and we changed our mind about him when we got to know that he was a real gentleman. Very humble, meek, and honest. I also realized that he was a man of integrity.


I loved and respected him a lot because my husband possessed those same qualities and that had kept our marriage going for 40 beautiful years. My husband was also very pleased with his conduct so we gave them our blessings and the wedding planning began in earnest.

Tragedy Strikes

But things changed for the worse when she and Jimmy visited us I decided to cook supper but she restrained me and asked that she take my place instead.

I went inside my bedroom to rest after such a tiring day.
After a while, I heard someone screamed out loudly but I thought it was one of those pranks my younger children usually played on me. The fellow cried a second time and I quickly rushed to the kitchen and there my Alicia was wincing in pain on the cold floor.

The soup on the gas stove had poured over her feet and scraped her skin off. I called my husband and we sped off to a nearby hospital.
She was admitted and we were told that she would have to undergo surgery. At this point, I did not know what to do. Besides, she needed a skin grafting and that was going to cost us $20,000!
‘’Oh my God, where are we going to get the money?’’

I cried as I wept on my husband’s shoulders day and night.
‘’Honey, she would be alright’’, my husband would say reassuringly while he had his right arm around my waist.

We took turns caring for her at the health facility. It was at this time, I realized that my daughter had met the man of her dreams.

He Was God-Sent

Jimmy was at her bedside most of the time. Sometimes, he wept too. His parents were alsovery supportive too and so were members of our extended family.

One afternoon, a phone call from the doctor revealed that her toes might be cut off if the surgery wasn’t done….. real quick because the infection on her right leg might spread to her toes.

We prayed and pondered over what to do. My husband suggested that we call of…. the wedding but friends and family members had written to confirm that they would be coming.

We were all in low spirits and we were wondering what to do. Our Alicia was hurting and something had to be done fast.

We Found A Way Out

Then something said to me-Why not sell your automobile? I resisted that voice because it was an antique car and those vehicles were hard to come by.

But, I later gave in when I couldn’t bear the sight of my daughter’s agony so I placed an ad in the newspaper and in less than a week, someone bought it for $50,000.

All we hoped for at this time was a successful operation and not an amputee daughter after we had paid the whooping hospital bill.
I wondered whether her feet would not have any ugly scars after the surgery was done and if she would look good in her wedding shoes.

As I mused over this over and over again, the doctor called us one Friday evening to tell us she was doing well after a successful operation and that she might be discharged in a day or two.

I couldn’t believe it. I broke the news to my family and Jimmy-Alicia’s sweetheart.
The feeling was just incredible when we picked her up from the hospital on Sunday. The affected flesh was as fresh as a little baby with hardly any visible scars.

My Husband Came To My Rescue

We resumed the wedding planning in earnest but we wanted to make her big day very special –seeing what we had gone through as a family.
I couldn’t think of a neat idea.

Days later, my husband suggested that I give a mother of the bride speech. My face fell at his suggestion because I once embarrassed myself when asked to give a short speech at a family party.

''But we can help them out with the wedding bills honey?'' , I asked Mike.
It’s okay to help them with their finances, but do you realize that, that alone cannot make the day memorable? , he added
Alicia too called to ask that I give a speech at her wedding. So, I had no choice than to comply.

We Wanted To Make Her Big Day Very Memorable

Though Mike was an accomplished ex-public speaker, he couldn’t help me out until a neighbor I read a story about a rather nervous shy woman from the United States who faced much hardship in life and got a standing ovation despite never having given a beautiful speech her whole life.

That story did really help me a lot.
On the wedding day, I was very nervous when called up to speak.
But, I kept my composure. My voice was shaky when I greeted and thanked the audience for coming. After, I breathed out loudly and all eyes were fixed on me.

This Was My Wedding Speech

My breathing out helped me calmed down and I began with these lines.

 ''I’m Martha, Alicia’s mom and it gives me great joy and honor to see the smiling faces of so many people who love and cherish my son and the entire family.

We have waited for months for this special time and would like to thank everyone, especially Jimmy’s family, who has flown all the way from Australia to share in our joy and happiness.''

As I said those words, people cast surprising glances at one another. Those who really knew me knew I wasn’t such a great speaker and were thus surprised how I flowed so well.

Then I continued

Back in 1986, when Alicia, our precious little gem was born, we were the happiest parents on earth.

Very determined to be one of the greatest moms ever, I would spend, what seemed like hours, just adoring and playing with the precious gift God had blessed me with.

What was in store for her for the rest of her life, of course, I just couldn’t figure out.

And so, several times at night, I’d wake up and look into her beautiful, smiling eyes and be completely overwhelmed with a sense of wonder, joy and responsibility for my extraordinary child.

Though each day came with its smiles, tears, and heartaches, God gave me the strength to fully and uniquely prepare her for such a time like this.

Alicia, I’ll never forget how proud I felt when you wrote a letter to me on mother’s day saying how proud you were to have me as your mom.

In that letter, you asked me how I led such a happy life though things were overwhelming at the time.  When I read that letter, I couldn’t hold back my tears.

It’s hard to really tell how we sailed the rough waters. But, I think it’s been the grace of God plus your constant words of encouragement. Your touching words were like dew on dry land.

Today makes us even much prouder as you are getting married to someone you really love.

As you fly away to build your own family, I wish you peace and blessings.

Mike, you’re welcome to family and we are honored that you are now part of our family. Thanks for everything you have done for us.


Wow! Mary, her neighbor screamed!

Then I ended by saying

Guess what? The smartest investor that ever lived will tell you over and over again that all kinds of investments options can be very risky.

But, that’s not the case when you decide to invest in loving each other till the end of time. Loving each other each day of your lives like there’s no tomorrow is the fail-proof investment you can ever make given that love never fails.

Yes, it never fails. Love you both and will be praying for you!

When I was done, the guests leaped onto their feet and gave a warm applause for like 2 minutes.
They just couldn’t believe how I did that. Though a few lines made people smile many had tears in their eyes.

Can You Write A Speech Like That And Make The Same Impact?

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Marilyn is not alone. Several others have been able to do that despite their weakness and I am happy to share with you what they told us after the wedding.


Jacqueline from  Papua New Guinea on the other hand spent sleepless night prior to the wedding and this is what she wrote after the wedding bells had stopped ringing.

''Hi. Just got back. They said my speech & the Brides Fathers speech were the best. Thank you.

 I was so nervous I stuffed up the beginning when thanking the Steve & Di)  (The Father  & the nasty step Mother). I said something that was a negative word. O my God I could have died. I got myself together and focused. Id forgotten my glasses. Even though I printed the speech in font size 20. So all considering I had so many compliments. I made people cry,  Laugh and sigh. Thanks again''

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