How To Get The Right Words And Ideas That Will Help You Write A Perfect Mother Of The Groom Speech!
Groom Speech: How To Get The Right Words That Will Help You Write Your Speech In A Unique Way!

Bride Speech: How To Calm Your Nerves And Write A Very Beautiful Bride Wedding Speech Even If You Don’t Have The Skills Or Talent---Guaranteed To Help You Come Up With One

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Is This Fair?

Life had become hard for Martha when her husband

Eric lost his job. A lot of things had gone wrong in the firm where he was working, and so it had to close down.
First, the farmers who supplied them with sugarcane to produce sugar couldn’t produce enough to feed the factory.


Bride wedding speech in church
Was She Really Axed?

Also, profits had fallen and paying the over one thousand staff had become a burden for the company and so there was massive job cuts. Martha’s meager salary couldn’t well-nourish her family of four.

Let alone pay the bills. While driving from work one day, she heard an announcement on the radio that made her day. It was an advertisement for a counselor for the position of a pediatric psychologist.

How Can This Be?

She had knocked on several doors before in the hopes of securing a high-paying
job but no one called her up for a job interview. But she decided to give this
offer a shot anyway.

Just two months after she had sent her application over, she and two middle-aged women were called to meet the interview panel.
The two women were confident when they appeared before the panel and it
showed in the way they answered the questions fired at them.

When Martha entered the room, she was a bit jittery though she had prepared very well.


The Great Woman Makes It At Last

When she was asked what she thought the duties of a counselor were, she
quipped: ‘’The duty of a counselor is like calling a firefighter to put out the fire in
your house when your own house is on fire. We counselors do sometimes have
the same problems as our clients do…just that we really don’t know who to turn to in our darkest moments’’

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Her comments brought smiles on the faces of her guests, and she was so sure she
had made their day. She was their favorite candidate for the job and was offered the job with lots of perks. Her salary was twice what she took at her old job.

Martha’s story brings to mind the power of using words to influence situations
and to get whatever you want in life.

Calm Your Nerves By Doing This

As you give your wedding speech, you too might get the nerves just as
Martha did. But, if you make up your mind to excel, you’ll definitely make it.
That’s exactly why I am here to inspire you and show you proven strategies you can use to calm your nerves and give one of the best bride wedding speeches ever!
Ready? Let’s march on!

Let These Things Go!

Forget it if you think you have to be a talented writer to give your speech. Forget it
if you think if you’ve to be a pro or a seasoned toastmaster to give a speech that you can sit back and laugh at.

Wedding bride speech at the beach

Trust me, you too can give your message confidently even if you hate
public speaking or you’re someone who hates writing.

 All you have to do is to believe you can, and just to stick to what I tell you here
and you’ll be filled with an amazing sense of accomplishment when you’re done.

Remember, unique bride speeches will get you lots of friends. Perhaps you shook terribly in school when you stood up to talk and you have concluded that you are not that good when it comes to speaking in public and that’s exactly why you heart beats like crazy anytime you envision yourself speaking.

The fear you have right now is because your brain is telling you once again that you are going to fail because you failed in this event too.

But, if you hold on to a picture you want to experience after you have given your bride speech, then you will never ever fail because that positive image you constantly hold in your mind will inevitably influence your thoughts and self-confidence.

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How To Change Your Perceptions About This

•Let go the fact you have failed or you didn’t really do well on your first try. In
other words, you have to forgive yourself: that’s the first step towards self healing.
•After you have done that, picture the results you want from your performance because what you will see is what you will get.

Keep on meditating on these pictures. Occasionally, the negative pictures encoded
in your brain will tell you cannot make it. Just ignore that image and still hold on to that picture in your mind. As you do that, it will boost your self- esteem and ego!

Ignore The Naysayers

This is not the time to listen to those who tell you that speaking in public is
hard. The internet will tell you that. Even some so –called professionals will tell
you that. But believe me, it’s not that hard. I write on a daily basis for speech givers and I know that their views don’t hold water.

    Wedding spech for the bride on the stairs
In fact, I helped someone from Brisbane give a speech which made her very

proud. This person was more nervous than you probably are.
Listen to me and not the whiners .You can make it because I believe in you! Just
tell those who don’t believe in you that I said I do.

Use Your Mouth To Get What You Want

‘’Confession is possession ‘’that’s what most people say. But I want to add that
positive confession is possession. You will only invite negative things into your
life if you confess negative things and positive things into your life if you confess
positive things.


If your mind tells you are going to fail, open your mouth and tell yourself you are
going to make it .Tell your husband you are going to make it! There’s nothing more contagious than an attitude of self-belief.

Just imagine being hugged by your husband, your mom and dad after your speech is over,kissed on the cheek and be told by them, your family and friends and everyone present  that your speech was the best ever…..won’t those comments make your day?

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