Mother Of The Groom Speeches Examples And Success Stories
Mother Of The Bride Speech Ideas And Tips And Examples: How To Write The Best Ever Mother Of The Bride Speech Like A Pro!

Father Of The Groom Speeches Examples And Success Story


Amazing Story Of How An Extremely Nervous (Probably More Nervous Than You Are)

Dad Gave The Best Speech Ever…. Got A Standing Ovation Even Though He Didn’t Have The Skills To Write A Beautiful…And Had Never Even Given A Wedding Speech Before!

And how you too can do same!


Dear Anxious Dad,


Do You Really Care About Them?

I know all great men like you want the very best for your family.

But let’s face it.


Life can be sometimes be very rough and uncertain. Imagine working your butt off to put food on the table, pay the bills; put your children through good schools only to

lose a well-paying job and even your assets?


How would you feel?Well, that happened to Glen. But thank God, he bounced back and gave the best wedding speech at his son’s wedding! How? This story will tell it all.


As a young man, Glen was not only handsome but was very quick-witted which made most girls fall in love with him-even at first sight. But, he was from a very good home so he promised his dad not to mess around before getting married.

After college, he got a job with one of the most prestigious companies in the country and married the lady of her dreams: Jennifer -a courteous, humble and very pretty lady. Princess Jenny, Glen called her for short. They had two kids and bought their first home.


What Would You Have Done?

When they were in their 40’s something happened. Someone used his identity to dupe another firm of millions of dollars and the police and FBI were everywhere looking for the thieves.

They put his face in the newspapers with a heavy bounty on his head. A sum of $ 100,000 was offered to anyone who could volunteer information leading to his arrest. Glen was returning from work when someone noticed him and thought he was the wanted man. So, he took his car number and gave it to the police.

The next day, while driving back home from work, he was stopped midday and arrested and sent to jail after several months of interrogation. He lost his job. His family was heartbroken and his home was repossessed. Jennifer was devastated!


An Innocent Arrest!

His loving husband had been sent to jail for 5 years and she wondered where help was going to come from. So, she had to work overtime to support her sons who were college freshmen. Glen never gave up on his dreams like Joseph while in prison and he kept trusting in God to see him through.

Jennifer secured some funding and started a grocery shop. With five long years over, he came out having a different outlook on life. Being there taught him about the importance of patience and having hope in life.

He rejoined Jennifer and things started to take off.


What A Beautiful Life!

Five years after his release, they opened five grocery shops in Chicago and things looked better and brighter than ever. Jerry, their first child was getting married and he asked his dad to give a wedding speech that really captured the essence of hope, patience in marriage taking clues from his own life experiences.


Jerry's Letter To His Loving Dad

Jerry had certainly placed him in ‘’a lion’s den.’’

He badly wanted to give the best speech ever but this was his first attempt. Though, he had given a few bad speeches in the past, he wanted to use this opportunity to erase those bad memories.

He was however lucky to have met a trusted friend to help him out.

On the day of the wedding, he was nervous and when he was called up to speak, the room was dead silent. His heart missed a lot of beats when he was called to deliver his speech.


He was panting but kept his composure. His voice was shaky when he greeted and thanked the audience.

After, he breathed out loudly and his son was scared! Jenny too had her heart thumping like crazy.

All eyes were on him. Turns out that his breathing out loudly helped calm him down and he began with these lines.

 ''The true measure of a man it is said is where he stands in the times of hardship and tribulation and not in the times of comfort and ease. Loving sons don’t just become who they are. Loving parents make them who they really are. ’''

As he uttered those words, people cast surprising glances at each other and that made everyone sit up. People who knew him very well-especially his friends- didn’t expect much from him. He was such a poor speaker.

Then he continued:

'' Jerry, when you were born, I had a dream to love you, care for you and help you become very successful in life. So , I vowed to work extra hard to provide you with security and love you would ever need to find your feet in your own world…

But sometimes, in our quest for greatness, we often end up in crises. Crises that is sometimes very hard to bear and hard to explain.

But, if you are truly focused on helping your children grow strong wings to fly someday no matter what you go through, you can make your dreams a reality even if you are buried in life’s bottomless pit because hope never fails.

Jerry, such was my lot as I tried to help you become the person you are today and I thought I’d never live to see this day. But, here I am standing like valiant soldier seeing how my dream of raising you to be that loving son... ''


Wow! said someone in the audience and tears filled Jennifer’s’ eyes. She remembered the pain they had gone through as a family.

When his speech ended by saying that ‘’ Steadfast love, teamwork and patience is the only currency that will keep this union alive. So, love each other fully, completely, unconditionally till the end of time’’ tears filled the eyes of his friends.

Some of whom had never cried in their lives and were as stiff as the Statute of Liberty!

When he was done, the guests leaped onto their feet and gave him a warm applause for like 5 minutes accompanied by chanting and screaming. Jennifer came to hug him and sob like a baby. Marilyn the bride was in tears as well.

 They just couldn’t believe how he did that. Though a few lines made people smile many had tears in their eyes.


Can You Write A Speech Like That And Make The Same Impact?


Let me ask you once again: Can you really craft a short beautiful father of the groom speech like he did? Yes, you can. Wondering how?

The wedding speech specialists at Standing Ovation helped her put her ideas together and this is what he told us when the wedding was over. See the image below

Father of the groom speech

Several others have made it and you can too…just read on patiently

He is not alone. Several others have been able to do that despite their speech worries.

 This Secret Made All The Difference For Those Speakers And You Should Follow It Too If You Really Want To Make Yourself Proud


Listen up: Glen and other fathers we have ever worked with are just mere mortals like you and me and many of them were scared to death about this whole thing.

But they all had a secret they didn’t tell anyone in the audience. And I am here to let you in on what they did to achieve their ‘’speaking dreams’’

Guess what they did?


The Cat Is Out Of The Bag Now


Each of them enrolled in our easy to follow, not time-consuming wedding speech program designed to help loving fathers like you be the speaker, the audience will love to listen to and stand to give you a standing ovation after your speech is over.

You’ll agree with me that most speeches you often hear at most weddings are very boring.

Your son’s wedding is a very special event and so you can’t afford to let him down and feel any tinge of embarrassment at all.  So, you deserve to get on board!


Here’s What The Program Entails And How It’s Designed To Help You Become The Best Wedding Speaker Ever


  • A beautiful speech written by our wedding speech consultants that reflects exactly what you really want to say and see in your speech


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  • Ways to include your beliefs into your speech without offending anyone plus a we share a technique a woman from Australia used to give a speech that amazed the audience and that lead to the M.C to say it was one of the inspirational wedding speeches he’s ever heard


  • Simple ways to get the audience laughing even if you’re not a funny person plus the two words to use that connect you to the guests on an emotional level


  • We even critique your speech rehearsals and show you how and when to make the desired impact so you can be successful


  • Why you shouldn’t always start with thank yous and where to place it in your wedding speech instead (Do this and you will wow the guests)


Just imagine leaving your speech in the hands of skilled wedding speech consultants who will take way your pain of spending hours thinking hard and long about what to say and what not to say.

Also, envision being patiently guided to say something that will leave a favorable impression on the mind of your listeners.

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Won’t you love that?


Who Is The Easy-To-Follow, Not Time-Consuming Wedding Speech Program For?


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