Mother Of The Bride Speeches Success Story And Examples

Father Of The Bride Speech: For Busy Father Of Brides And Those Who Can’t Get Started: An Easy-To Follow Approach To Writing A Great Speech.

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Why Should You Do This?

Many fathers of brides usually knock

on our doors when they have a few days left to their daughters’ wedding.

Our research reveals they do that at the last moment because they think that writing a great speech doesn’t involve much effort. Others too try to do in on their own way but get stuck when their ideas don’t follow in a chronological order.

There are also some who are very busy and think they can wing it.
Sometimes, we all become busy even in days leading to our daughters’ big day. It could be that you are engaged in one thing or the other and you don’t really have much time to sit to write.

Dad speech for daughter

When you find yourself in such a situation , the quality of your speech can be compromised and things might go uneventful.

Nevertheless, you can’t take you father of the bride speech for granted if you really want to make your daughter and family proud. That’s why I have come up with
this to help you write something you can be proud of even if you are as busy as a bee!

Here’s how to just that.

You can start writing any part of the speech of the speech you find fairly easy.
Let’s say you have only 30 minutes to work out things each day right? Then this easy –to- follow piece can be your writing timetable. Tweak it to suit your own unique case if you so desire.

Study the chart below carefully as it is going to be like our compass for the remainder of the article.

Monday-- 30 minutes-- The toast
Tuesday-- 20 minutes-- The introduction
Wednesday-- 20 minutes-- Advice
Thursday-- 10 minutes-- Her childhood
Friday 30-- minutes-- Her Teenage Years, your wishes for them
Saturday-- 30 minutes-- Her achievements, work
ethics, something about the bride
Sunday-- 1 hour --Put all the parts together

Let me use this scenario to explain things. Let’s take Monday as a case study.

The 30 minutes allotted to writing the toast on that day is all you have to spend on the toast. The purpose for this is three-fold. One, it helps you a lot if you are always on the go and you have less time to complete your speech.

Second, it takes out the stress of trying to do everything at a goal. Third, it’s a great way of overcoming writer’s block since you won’t have to worry much about writing a speech from the beginning to the end.

Sometimes, that old-fashioned approach of writing everything at a goal can be very problematic and time wasting.

By starting with any part of a speech you find convenient, you’ll not only save time but write a totally compelling piece.The above timetable is meant to serve as a guide. You can change it to suit you.

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What To Do If You Still Can’t Get Ideas To Write

First, look at the introduction of any speech you admire and make some slight changes to it.
Make the body of the sample yours by changing words here and there. Replace the brides’ qualities in that sample speech with your daughter’s .Do same for the groom.

Finally, make some changes to toast if you have to. Finally, look over your speech one more time to correct some mistakes. However, make sure you are able to write your own unique speech using the examples you find.

How To Know If Your Speech Is Really OK

Please keep your speech away in a safe spot for a day or two or a few hours depending on the time left for your wedding speech. After this time have passed, get back to it, and look over it and you will notice errors you overlooked the first time you wrote it.

You can also read it out loud and see how it sounds. But you might want to print it out if you’re really pressed for time or let your wife look it over.

First Draft Is Important

All great writing doesn’t look great the first time it’s written so don’t let that
put a damper on things. You have to keep reviewing it till it is free from poor punctuation, spelling and the like as it can change the meaning of your speech.

Don’t forget to take off portions you think are not that relevant to your entire speech. Cut those parts that don’t add to the overall tone of your speech and don’t forget to tighten up lose sentences.

Vary your sentences to prevent them from becoming monotonous.
For instance, beginning every sentence with the pronoun ‘’ I’’ in all of your paragraphs will make your speech lack the shine it deserves.

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Keep It In A Secured Location

Once you assessed the speech, you need to keep it at convenient place so
you don’t misplace it. There’s nothing more frustrating than losing a speech
you have poured your heart and mind into.

That can stress you out and affect your performance in the long run. Keep it at a safe place so you can get it anytime you want.

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Here’s what one nervous and skeptical dad called Glen sent over after the wedding was over

Hey Dan, just wanted to thank you once again for the speech you wrote with me. My goal was met afterwards, I was told by many "what a beautiful speech" and received a standing ovation. I couldn't have did this without you. God Bless Dan!- Glen, U.S.A

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