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My heart aches anytime someone reaches out to us asking for help concerning their wedding speeches.                                      
                                                           Groom mom short speech

Though we get quite overwhelmed by such a demand, we really have no choice than to help such persons-since we started this blog with the goal of helping wedding speech givers give beautiful wedding speeches.

Notwithstanding, there are times many mothers come to us when they have 24 hours or less to their son’s wedding.

Whenever that happens, it puts undue stress on us to give such mothers our very best.
But, I don’t really like these late-comers because they don’t give us the opportunity to fully prepare them for their son’s big day. I’d send them a note after the wedding to ask them how they fared and I don’t hear anything from them at all most of the times.

Well, just this morning a late-comer made us happy when she

wrote to us from Arkansas to express her appreciation for a great work done.

With more than 30,000 persons coming here to enjoy our tips and tricks, we thought it wise to give…. mothers like you the chance to also write a beautiful mother speech that will earn you the respect and admiration of the wedding guests and even get you a standing ovation like Agnes and her husband from Canada did.

See what she said in red.
‘’The wedding went very well.. Thanks God. I was struggling from very bad colds and my speech went very well except I forced myself to do it. I was stuffed beyond words but succeeded in expressing my message.

My husband's was very successful. He was going to do both, but I said, I don't care if no one can understands me. I had to do it.

Thank you ever so much. At this point in time, I'm not a hundred person "flu free".
Next year (God willing) my two boys are also getting married. One in June and one in October. oohh thank God!. Seriously, I place my trust in you. I know I’m in the right path. I will keep in touch still....with you.

Thank you so very much again and again.’’ Agnes, Canada’’
You heard her right?

In order to enjoy that success too, we do share some mother of the groom speech samples to inspire you to really get something onto paper.

Today, I’d like you to look at this speech. I want you to do so because it can really help you to write yours. But, you don’t have to copy anything from it since it is in the voice of another person.

What’s more, other eyes are looking at it right now and it will be a shame to use it verbatim for your own mother speech because you never know who else might have swiped something from it.

There’s nothing disgusting to hear your husband or family member or even a friend say: oh! that line is on that website, and I don’t think she wrote that by herself- when you are speaking on your son’s wedding day.

Rather, let it be like a lantern in your dark path. But, if you are still finding it hard to get your speech written, then you can give us a shot at and we will do our best to help you give your speech like a pro when a window of opportunity opens.
Thank you!

Now, your wedding speech example!

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, family and friends. I am Jennifer and we’re here today to honor the union of my son Dan, and his beautiful bride Kris.


As a young woman, I had many dreams I wanted to badly accomplish. But, the one I pursued most was this desire to marry a handsome, charismatic, and caring man.
This dream brought Roger into my life and one of the best gifts we ever had as a couple was my dear son Dan.


When Dan was born, he was a very handsome baby boy. He had curly blond hair, fat legs, and had … infectious smile.
He’d move from one part of our house to the other, and tried his hands on anything he could find as he learned to walk. He was very adventurous and sweet as pie.



He preferred to be very close to his group of friends instead, when he became a teenager. Dan and his friends were always at our house in our basement playing pool, and watching movies.
I was worried he might end up in trouble or even show disrespect to the elderly but Dan’s respect for adults and family made him very much loved at this crucial point of his life.


Though his journey from Ronsard High School to Maryland Bay College was very challenging Dan made us proud when his remarkable SAT SCORES got him into all the schools he applied to but he decided on Maryland Bay.

While there, he excelled and had a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in peace and conflict resolution.

At that point, we knew the sky would be his starting point-and not even his limit.
After graduation, he went to work at a car rental and rose through the ranks to become an assistant supervisor in just three years.

Then went to work for FedEx where he won their initial sales training award for the best sales presentation and became their highest performing salesman.
In a sense, Dan has accomplished so much because he dreams big, works hard, preserves and had our support and guidance every step of the way.

Dan, if I were to have another son, it’d still be you because you are a great human being! I love you dearly!



But I really want you to get this because it will really help you in your new life with Kris.
As your mother, I have always wanted the best for you. But I have this dream that, you will make us proud as you start your own family.

Like Martin Luther King, I also have a dream that you will lead your family well. I have a dream that your marriage will be an example to those that are going through turbulent times.

I have a dream that you’ll have children who will leave distinct marks wherever they go. But, please promise us that you will honor, respect, and treat Kris the way you will want to be cared for because you can get the best out of every woman if only you treat her as yourself.

I also have a dream that you’ll be there for your family when the hurricanes of life wreak havoc.We are counting on you to make these dreams a reality, so please love her as yourself…We know you can make it!

Dan, life is not a fair playing field and it won’t give what you deserve but what you fight for. So you need to fight if you want the best for your wife and children.

Never shout at Kris even if she’s hurt you badly. Say kind words to her for your kids will be watching your every move. When she wants you to get her something, your last words should be OK, I will buy it.

But please, Please make sure you don’t pamper her like a child else your bank account will dry up like a hungry beggar’s wallet.
I know working with TOTAL is very demanding but your wife and family comes first in everything you do. Never ever forget that.


Kris, you just fulfill our son’s dream and ours too. Who said parents don’t have dreams? We do. We yearn for our sons to find the woman of their hearts; a faithful, loving and loyal one and you perfectly fit that picture.

In you, I believe Dan has found joy, happiness and contentment. You’re a miracle and a blessing and we’re glad that you are part of our family.

I recognized your potentials the very moment we met you and we know your sense of humor will work wonders in your marriage.

Kris, if you want to have a beautiful marriage, think about this. I am saying this because i know what every loving and responsible husband wants.

Make time for your husband no matter how busy you get with your kids because he comes first in your life.


I wish you nothing but happiness all the days of your lives. Have as many children as you can. You can always count on us to support them too.

May your troubles be less and your blessings be more and nothing but happiness come through their door. Always, remember that the best is yet to come!


What did you learn? Any lessons you've noticed? Well, I made these observations.

First, this mother of the groom speech begins with a short self-introduction and greetings.
Second, it hammers on Dan's childhood, and it runs on till it reaches the stage where most moms are proud of their son's life, his graduation and getting golden opportunities afterwards.

There are other useful lessons ‘’you can get from this pond’’ to get your own speech written. Why not take a closer look at it once again before you start writing.


Did you know that the wedding guests will judge you by the kind of  wedding speech you’ll give? You deserve a great speech.

And so you shouldn’t let him down with just any kind of ordinary speech.

You have to come up with something memorable. Do you have it takes to make that a reality so you get a standing ovation?

Claire was nervous and very skeptical when she also saw this message but her story changed completely when she took action. And see what she sent over after her son's wedding was over!

'' Hello Dan, their wedding went very well. The usual stress before hand for the couple organizing the event but all things to do went so smoothly. I also like to say that I'm so proud of my speech, almost got standing ovation, lol! I'm so glad I've found you. Definitely recommend you to my friends and family in the future weddings. Wish you the very best.''-  Claire, New Zealand

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 ''Dan Jean, thank you very much for the speech.  I got a lot of compliments.  Everybody said my speech was the best and it covered everything. Thank you''- Lilik, U.S.A


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''It was perfect Dan.  I changed a few things in the speech. And I had several people come up and tell me how well done it was. I couldn't have done it better. Thanks for your help''- Marilyn, Canada