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Ideas and Tips to help you write and give a maid of honor speech you, your friend and your sister can be proud of, even if you are as nervous as a church mouse and hate being in the spotlight!

Won’t you be glad if your words made your friend or sister smile? And won’t you be so happy if you could say what you want to say without trying so hard? How about receiving several complimentary remarks from the wedding guests after you are done speaking confidently?

It is the desire of every maid of honor  to say what she want to say confidently and even be the toast of the wedding audience but the above scenarios doesn’t just happen because most maids don’t just believe they can.

Well, despite what is going on through your mind as you imagine what to say on your friend or sisters big day, you can give a maid speech that will leave everyone speechless and win you lots of friends if you let go your beliefs about speaking in public and belief that you can.

In this article, I will show you all what you have to do if you want to calm your nerves, write your speech like a pro and speak confidently.

Forget it if you have had some ugly experiences in the past regarding being in the public or this is your baptism of fire, the easy to understand ideas and tips you will find here will enable you to give a speech like the great Jennifer Gabrielli did with her maid of honor speech in Cincinnati not long ago.

There are five stages you have to walk through if you to get your destination.

The first stage is the


This is the stage where you get rid of everything that acts as a barrier in your life. One thing that draws us back as humans is doubt and low self esteem. How you see yourself will determine how far you go in life. Do you see yourself as someone successful? Or you see yourself as a failure? Whatever picture you have in your mind will determine what you get out of life.

Granted, many maids don’t really belief in their own abilities, and that undermines their ability to perform when they are called to say what they know about their friend or sister. It stands then to reason that you need to have faith in yourself because you are the only people who know your friend or sister intimately.

Don’t let your past experiences prevent you from doing well. Remember, the wedding is a different ball game and if you belief you can make it, and then nothing can stop you from achieving success. I mean nothing!

You are nervous because you don’t believe you can. Get rid of that fog in your mind and tell yourself that you can change your world and you will wow the guests with an amazing performance. That’s the first thing to do if you want to take your speech to the skies.

The second stage you have to look at is


This is the critical part of your performance. It is also known as the preparatory stage. Where you have to ask yourself a lot of questions. By doing so, you will get the answers you need to help you craft your maid of honor speech.

Here are such questions and you need to write your answers on a sheet of paper

What am I going to say?

How can I say it best?

How am I going to write my speech?

Who will help me write my speech?

Where can I get ideas to help me write my speech?

How do I know if the audience if my message will be accepted by the wedding guests or not?

I know some of these questions is on your mind as you read. Take heart and don’t be afraid because I will teach you what to do next.

If you have got answers to the above questions, then you will be in a position to get your speech written.

First, you need to dig for ideas and the best place to look at is maid of honor speech samples and we talked at length about that in this article

If you want to say what you want to say in the correct outline, then you have grab speech samples because they contain ideas, tips, professionally written speech samples, and other tools to help you achieve your goals.

You can also use jokes and even stories to help you write your speech. In case, you decide to use a joke or story, then their contents should be connected to your message or it will backfire.

Again, you can share some anecdotes about your friend or sister. Sit back and reflect on such true tales of you and the bride. It could something memorable you encountered at a birthday party, a wedding reception or when you were growing up.

Make sure you list as many ideas that fly in your head because you never know which one might help you flow smoothly when you start to write.

Once, you have put down all those tidbits on paper, you won’t have any problem at all about what to say as they are the exact answers to the pressing questions you have on your mind. At this point, you put your thoughts together and start writing.

The next stage is the


Before you grab your pen to write, you should incubate your ideas. Incubation of ideas is to simply meditate on the ideas in your head and critically study a couple of maid speech examples till you are well versed with how such speeches are written.

Then, write your speech and you did be amazed at effortlessly you write. You then begin with the introduction, which is fairly easy to write. The answers you wrote earlier should help you write your body, and the toast.

The next stage is


This is the stage that involves rewriting, editing and re editing. Don’t worry if you don’t like the way it is written. Keep on pruning and it will come out the way you want it. After you are done, you can shelf it for a day or two, and come back to it and prune it one more time. Alternatively, you can ask someone you trust to review it but make sure, that person doesn’t alter the contents in any way.

And finally the last stage is


At this point, you have to read over your refined speech till you are very familiar with your maid of honor speech. Then you can go ahead and rehearse your wedding speech till the confidence in you come out. But don’t stop there. Keep on doing that till you are super confident because consistent performance kills poor perfoemance.

Do you really believe in the popular saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed?

If you really believe in that, then you have no choice than to make your friend or sister proud.

This is the chance to prove to the bride that you really love her.

One way of doing just that is to give a speech that will tell the wedding guests of her sweet qualities.

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