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Ideas and tips to help you write your father of the bride speech like a royal!

Thanks to this great father of the bride speech sample, you too can painlessly write a heartfelt father of the bride speech!

Have you ever wondered what makes all things possible on earth? I know a lot of things are flitting through your wise mind as you ponder on the question asked.

You know words have a very powerful way of influencing the course of events and even determining what we get out of life.

Let One Of The World’s Best Fathers Show You How He Gave The Best Father Of The Bride Speech!

When King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden

wanted to give the most valuable gift to Princess Victoria her daughter, he sought not to do it with gold or any of the valuables in his great palace but he gave her words.

He knew that a father’s word would give her beautiful daughter the stability she needs in her married life and so he delivered a very heartfelt speech that was applauded by Swedes and other people around the globe.

Today, we are going to look at the words he said about his daughter on her big day, and how you can borrow his words to write your own speech.

As you study his father of the bride speech example and the analysis thereof, I want you to know that his speech wasn’t written by anyone in the palace but it came right from his own heart and mind.

Don’t Stop Believing!

Before we dive into the ocean, I want you to belief in yourself because without self belief, you cannot write. The only thing that will stand in your way of success is self- doubt.
Forget about the fact you have never written a speech all your lifetime.

Forget it too even if you have had a nasty experience regarding speaking before an audience. The only way to do a great job is to envision what you seek to achieve from this ‘’assignment.’’ You can’t fail because you are more powerful than you think and nothing can impede your progress unless you let doubt entangle you.

Now let us begin with his father of the bride speech and let us examine it so you can write like a pro!

Behold, The Speech Of The Great King!

First, here is his introduction in red ink

Your Majesties,
Your Imperial Highness,
Your Royal Highnesses,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Her Majesty the Queen and I wish to greet you all with a most heartily welcome to the Royal Palace and to this wedding gala dinner. It is wonderful to see you all here! On behalf of my family — and especially on behalf of my oldest daughter and my son-in-law — I wish to thank you for coming and for participating in our joy! You will always be a part of this unforgettable and memorable day!

What can we say about the opening lines of the king’s speech? To get something out of this example, we need to first find out what the components of a captivating opener are.

Remember, he addresses the eminent guests and thanks them for honoring the invitation to the wedding gala dinner. He does so on behalf of his family.

You too have to first greet the audience and thank them for coming. You also have to tell the guests who you are and your relationship to the bride or groom. You might even add that: On behalf of my wife or family, I wish to…..

Many fathers don’t do this and I think it’s not the best considering the fact you both raised your daughter.

If you are the father of the bride, please reveal your identity. The king didn’t because he is a famous figure and hence he didn’t have to tell everyone who he is/was.

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Let us continue with the example

Your Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel!
Dear newly-weds!

The Queen and I would like to wish you — The Crown Princess of Sweden and Prince Daniel — all the best for the life ahead together!

It is a major step in life to enter into marriage. Not only for the bride and groom but also for their parents.
The promise you have given to each other today on mutual support and loyalty ties the two of you further together. It is, however, an unavoidable consequence of your decision that the ties to your parents thus will be changed. From now on, your first loyalty will be to one another.

We as parents take joy in the affection by which you look at each other. But — as so many parents before us have experienced — the joy of seeing one's children standing on their own to build their families, is also spiced with a touch of grief. I wish that you also one day will be able to experience such happiness that we feel today.

Though, there are so many ways of engaging the wedding audience, King Carl XVI Gustav begins by addressing the royal couple and reminding them of the significance of their vows.
At the end of that paragraph, he expresses his deepest emotions and heart desire on this beautiful day.

What do you think will run through your mind and that of the wedding guests as you speak?

Pouring your feelings out makes your father of the bride speech very touching, heartfelt and memorable and it enables you to connect with your audience in a unique way.
It comes as no surprise that many people thought the king’s speech was one of the best royal wedding speeches they have ever heard because it stirred them up.

Let’s see what he said next

Dear Victoria!
You are the successor to the throne of Sweden. It is a mission that comes with duties and responsibilities and it is with pride and gratitude I have seen you grow into this role.

One day you will — because so it is stated in our constitution — succeed me as the head of state of Sweden. My mind is put at ease when I see the wisdom and determination by which you prepare yourself for this task.

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I know that I share this confidence with a large number of the Swedish people. You could, perhaps, with a reference to our ancestor Karl XIV Johan, say "The love of the people is my reward."

Our relation is, however, deeper than that between a monarch and his successor. I am your father. You are my beloved daughter.

No one should believe anything else than that my highest wish has always been — and is — to see you happy. It has therefore always been self-evident to your mother the Queen and me, that you — as any person in our country — should have the freedom to choose your life´s companion as your heart desires. I have today sought to make this point clear by accompanying you to your future husband, and thereby confirming the decision to approve of your marriage according to our constitution.

Again, let us see how we can glean some insights from the above narration.
You have a choice to tell the wedding guests about your daughter while she was growing up.

By sharing an interesting anecdote, they can discover this. But then, you can decide to address your girl as this speaker has skillfully done.

He reminds Victoria of her responsibilities as the future monarch. You have to remind your daughter of her role in marriage.

First, you talk about the fact that she is now a wife. After you have said that, you can add what her duties as a mother would be as your grandchildren start knocking on their doors. Give her your blessings and wish her well.

You would be respected for being a great dad if you follow my advice and she will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Now let’s see what he told his son- in- law Daniel Westling too

Dear Daniel!

On behalf of the Queen and myself I would like to welcome you most warmly into our family. We would also like to congratulate our daughter on her choice of husband. And we — your parents-in-law — congratulate you on your choice of wife.

We have got to know you as a very ambitious and skillful entrepreneur. I have often been impressed by the purposefulness and the go-ahead spirit which you have shown and we have with approval noticed the energy and determination by which you have been preparing yourself for your mission as Prince Consort. That is: to give your wife, the Crown Princess, support and confidence.

We are also delighted to have made the acquaintance with your parents Eva and Olle West ling as well as your large and lovely family.

Addressing your daughter without saying something about your son- in- law is a mistake many fathers make when giving their speeches, and it is something you should definitely avoid.

Here’s What To Do Instead

First, sincerely tell your son –in- law why you admire him and how you felt when you met him for the very first time. Comment on his qualities and formally invite him and his family into yours. You will only be breaking tradition if you don’t do so since you have the sacred responsibility as host of the event to introduce him to your own family.

Sometimes, you might not be very conversant with him because of the conditions surrounding their engagement: perhaps they were in a long distance relationship. In this case, you have to be honest about it and just say for example that he’s a great your daughter really loves.

Again, you can say something you really admire about him without saying things which might not be true.

Take the opportunity to advise him as well. If you have some tips to give him on how to be a great husband and dad, you have to share it.

Now back to the kings’ words

Dear Victoria and Daniel!
The Queen and I, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine would like to congratulate you and wish you all the best. On your walk through life together, you can always count on our support and affection and we pray that God Almighty always will be merciful to you.

Finally, I would like to propose a toast to — and that we all raise a cheer for — the Crown Princess and Prince Daniel, our beloved and beautiful bridal couple.

Four cheers for them!

Finally, he congratulates them and wishes them well as they walk through life together. Did you also notice how he addressed the couple before making his toast?
Anyway, you might borrow his exact words as used above. But please remind the couple always of your support and affection should they face difficulties .

Your father wedding speech will be incomplete without a toast.

Hope these ideas will help you will you write a memorable father of the bride speech.


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