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How to write a funny groom speech that will wow your wife, friends, family,… the wedding guests and even earn you a standing ovation!

At last, you too can write a hilarious groom speech like a pro without trying so hard!  


Image1The Power Of A Cheerful Atmosphere

Laughter has the power to make ordinary situations and events memorable.

It also help us to relax our bodies after a hard day‘s work.

As you tie the knot with your beautiful wife, the essence of humor in your funny wedding groom speech cannot be undermined.

Though it has this exhilarating appeal, most grooms

fail to impress their audience with their funny groom speeches because they don’t know how to give funny presentations.

It’s for this reason that this piece has been written to give you an idea of what to say and what not to say when you want to say something hilarious.

Don’t Forget These Things If You Are Doing This

Why not spend some time with me as I walked you through an easy- to- follow, step- by- step way to write your funny groom speech without racking your brains. Added to that are several examples you can adapt to suit your own style.


Why You Shouldn’t Fool Around Here

First, let‘s start with the opening lines of your delivery. All memorable wedding introductions have the following elements… name of the speaker, and your relationship to the addressee. Greetings and expression of gratitude also form an integral part of your funny wedding speech.

What‘s more, a riveting opener not only gets the attention of everyone listening to you but it enables you to calm your nerves if you do it so well.

Here‘s An Example Of How To Open Your Speech

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I am Tony. Thanks for coming to support us, and I’d like to express my heartfelt appreciation for your gifts.

That introduction rather seems dry right? Suppose we want to inject it with humor, then it will be

‘’Good night ladies and gentlemen, I am Tony. But most people call me Cargo Class. Do you want to know why I am known by that name?

Well, I was so fat back when I was in high school.

Let me ask you this: What will you have continued with if you were writing the lines above?
If you stated reasons why you were called Cargo Class, it will make your speech super funny.

Remember, a funny groom speech works better than the other kinds of wedding speeches I have told you about on this same website.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a naturally funny person to do that. Recalling what seems like funny events you both have shared together can trigger warm memories and make everyone smile.

You Can Still Eat Your Cake And Have It Back Here

Next, is the body. The body contains the central message of your talk. This is the part of your message the audience enjoys most so you need to stick to the facts.
Facts basically here are all about how you met and what life has been life ever since you started dating.

Stick to a few interesting events and not many.

The following pointers can help you write this crucial aspect of your groom funny speech.

• Write about how you met, and what you were looking for in a future partner

• Write about the qualities of your wife…praise her and never reveal her flaws. She would be embarrassed if you do so.

• Say why you think you are a perfect match made in heaven.

• Write about what you want to achieve together. Don’t talk about material acquisitions here but talk about life’s intangibles like real love and sacrifice in marriage, commitment in marriage, being persistent in the face of adversities, and so on.


Here is an example of what to write in case you want to write something about your wife’s character.

Melissa I love you. I love you not because you are now my wife but because of the sacrifices you have made for me and
I just want you to know that I will be at your beck and call 24/7. Wait a minute…24/7 seems like a lot of work. OK, I will be your obedient slave but I promise to take care of you and not let you down.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Melissa is not only a great woman but she is like a blender. She is like a blender because…

Got the picture? Hope so!

The truth is that you too can write something better than I have done. You need to believe you can and you also need to look at love quotes, proverbs, and wisecrack and even sample speeches to help you write your speech effortlessly. You might even look into humorous magazines.

What’s more, you might want to sing your speech if you want to because a speech- song style of speech  is the surest way of bonding with the audience.

What about ending your speech with this example...Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a drink for my sweet wife Melissa the newly employed domestic engineer of our home…chess……instead of cheers!

In the above example, I didn’t write cheers but chess. It’s a purposely attempt to get the guests to laugh. See anything that’s unusual can bring down the house and that will make your funny groom speech as memorable as watching a kitten dance at a puppy show

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