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Funny Father Of The Bride Speeches


Do you want to give a funny father of the bride speech that will impress your daughter and family as well as the guests but don’t know how to come up with one?

Just follow these 7 easy steps and your speech will bring the house down even if you have never made someone laugh all your lifetime or you hate being in the public eye.

Ever Heard This Joke?

There was this Texan rancher who was doing agricultural consulting for a farmer in Germany.

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He asked the German farmer about the size of his property, to which he replied, ‘‘About a mile square. ‘‘ When the German asked the Texan about the size of his ranch, the rancher explained that if he got in his pickup truck at dawn and drove until sunset he would still be on his ranch.

Not to be outdone, the farmer replied, ‘‘ I used to have an old truck like that`’

Why Use Humor In Your Speech?

This beautiful tale captures the essence of using humor in wedding speeches to entertain the audience as well as tell a memorable story about your son.

However, not all fathers find it so easy to give a funny dad‘s speech that will delight the audience. That’s why this piece has been written to equip you with all the requisite tools you need to give a hilarious presentation that will make your daughter and family proud and win you lots of admirers.

Proven Ideas To Help You Give A Memorable Funny Speech

Granted, the following ideas can help you do just that even if you are not so sure of what to say and are even wondering if you are going to do it the right way.

You Have To Change This Poisonous View You Already Hold

Self confidence plays a vital role in every facet of our lives.
Before you can be successful in life, you need to tap into the power that self-belief brings. It breaks down any barrier and makes seemingly difficult tasks much easier.

The truth is that you have been endowed with the free gift of speech and this natural endowment makes it possible to excel in situations which demand the use of that ability.

But, we often let doubt and low self esteem dominate our lives. See, you cannot make your audience laugh out loud if you think you are not cut for speaking in public because you can never have what you think is rightly yours if you doubt your own abilities.


Let Go Past Mistakes

You will fail to impress if you only dwell on your past failures regarding speaking in public.
Perhaps you performed badly when you were asked to deliver a speech at your work place or prior to going on retirement and you are thinking that you don’t have what it takes to do this one too.

But if you let go that memory and focus on the task ahead of you, there is no way you are going to fail.
Whatever you desire in life can only manifest if you dream it and go for it because you are the product of your beliefs and imagination.

Just belief you can and forget about what people will say or what your own mind will even tell you. You can make it because you are more powerful than you think. Expect the best to happen as you talk and trust me, you will speak confidently.

Get A Style Of Humor You Are Comfortable Doing

Your choice of humor style will dictate the pace of your funny father of the bride speech. Though there are lots of humor styles to choose from, the following are the common forms.

First is situational comedy: a kind of comedy arising out of ordinary or everyday situations.
Now, here is how to apply this style of humor to your wedding speech. Cast your mind back to the events surrounding your daughter’s birth, how she behaved when she was growing up, her preteen years, her time in school, or a prank she played on her siblings as well as you and her mom.
Those reflections form the crux of your speech. So write your impressions of those events on paper.

Second is stand up humor or comedy. Stand up humor is a comic delivery in which someone entertains an audience with jokes and funny stories.

Again, here is how to apply this style to your own writing. If you know a really good joke, you can use it in your speech but make sure it is related to the theme of your presentation.

Sometimes, all you have to do is to share that joke and use the lessons gleaned from it to write your script.

Another style is satirical comedy: a kind of comedy that mocks human weakness. Such a style is mostly adapted by most fathers but their usage often backfires because the speakers end up saying things that are not suitable for public consumption.

For instance, you shouldn’t say that your daughter was in an abusive marriage or say anything negative about her character. That will embarrass her and the entire family.

Last is self deprecating humor. Using this requires that you say something awful about yourself to catch the attention of your audience. Such an approach need to be done with caution since it can take the attention of the wedding guests from your daughter to you.

Remember, it is her big day(not your day) and you have to put the spotlight on her.
With the above ideas in mind, let us see how to write a sample speech. Before we do that let’s look at an issue dear to my heart-wedding speech samples.

Get Some Proven Speech Samples

In the first place, you need funny father of the bride speech samples to work with because they are proven to take the stress out of your writing.

Plus they give you lots of ideas you can adapt to your own message so you don’t spend much time putting your thoughts and exact emotions on paper.


Recall Incidents You Have Had With Your Daughter

Second, you need to put down stories about your daughter’s life down.
Family photos, vacation memories, family relics and memorabilia, and so on can also stir up fond memories that will help you come up with neat ideas in the long haul.

Get Ideas On Video Sharing Platforms

You can also watch father of the bride speech videos to help you get a fair idea of what to expect.

Take note of how those speakers give their speeches and see if you can put something down. Those phrases and ideas you put down can help you write effortlessly.
You can also get ideas from quotes, wisecracks, poetry and even in the humor section of your local newspaper but it takes some creativity to write something with those jokes.

Now, You Can Write

Now, you can start writing. Anything you write should be relevant and based on the ideas you have received.

Here Is An Example Of A Short Father Of The Bride Speeches

Tom, I know Amanda is the domineering type but if you love her and treat her well she would become very useful like a dinosaur repellent. Tom, I know you are a dignified gentleman and I know you are not going to treat her like…

Edit Your Speech And End On A Strong Note

After you are done writing, you can let it sit for some time and go back to it. When you do, you can clean up parts that are not too essential to your final output.
Keep proofreading it till it comes out the way you want it. Finally, you have to rehearse your funny father of the bride speech since it will help calm your nerves and embolden you as well.


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