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Free Father Of The Bride Speeches won't help you sweep away your speech worries-This will


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If you ever thought free father of the bride speeches can help you overpower your speech worries, then you have to think again!
Here’s why:
                                                                                                                                           Free father of the bride speeches

In order to find the right words for their daughter’s big day, many fathers resort to free speech samples to cure to their writing anxieties, but

too often they copy precisely any example they laid hands on and that’s very unfortunate.

See, every example you’ll find online and in other places comes in a different voice and style; and just copying it word for word won't make your speech very unique.

If you want to praise your girl with graceful words but don't know how to do just that, don't worry because these secrets(used by successful wedding speakers) I am going to share with you will help you make the most out of any free father of the bride speeches you'll ever find.


Here’s What To Do With Those Free Speech Samples

As you look over it, there is the natural tendency to swipe the content, structure and style of the words you’ll find exactly. But you shouldn’t do that.

Here’s what to do instead

First, make time to study its content carefully. Give it a quick read. Then critically read through it a second time and possibly a third time.
Using your pen or highlighter, mark out portions that you find useful and you'd like to adapt for your own speech. Review it once again to identify how it was written.

As you do, ask yourself if you can write something that close. That self-inquiry will make great ideas swim in your head and you’ve got to write them down as soon as you get those brain waves. You will later need those thoughts when writing. So never ever ignore them.

This Part Is So Vital

Style is another thing to look out before you begin to write.
Now, here’s how to create your writing style. Have you ever read a book or seen a movie that made you sad, happy or even angry? The feeling you had as you fed your mind with that book or watched the motion picture comes because of the style the writer or producer used.
Let's see the different types of speech styles.

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The first is the narrative-which tells a story. The second is a funny speech. The third is an emotional piece and the last is a mixture of the three speech styles I just described.
Your preference of style will shape the direction your talk will go. The audience will enjoy your speech if your ideas are original and the good thing is that you can just alter sections of the example you've got to make them your own.

Don’t Forget To Chew The Meat

Another thing to look out for is the content. The subject matter of your free father of the bride speeches should have three principal parts-the introduction, the body, and conclusion. Make time to critically study how those parts follow one another.

You’ll notice that the opening line of the speech has a short self introduction, greetings and expression of gratitude.

Not only that, an impressive opener should also be engaging enough to capture their attention and make them want to listen to what you have to say.

Next is the body. That’s where the details of your daughter’s life reside but you shouldn't reveal lots of facts. Stick to the very fascinating points and leave out ideas which might upset her and the guests.

That way, you won't ruin your daughter's day. Remember it's a joyous mood and you shouldn't let something bad slip from your tongue.

Avoid Talking About These Things If You Don’t Want To Ruin Her Day

Talking about how stubborn she was, her attitude to boys, and her past relationships is a no go area. You could also compliment your wife and others who helped raise your daughter.
The following points can give you some clues on how to write the body of your speech.

  • Stories about her growing up
  • Funny stories about her life
  • Her accomplishments
  • The qualities that will make her an amazing wife and mother
  • Also, weave into your message any marital-based advice you want to say.

Say This About Your Future Son-In-Law

Write something nice about your son-in-law too. Things like how lucky he is to have your daughter’s hand. Tell him to take care of your daughter well and formally welcome him to be a part of your family.
The toast is last to come.

These ideas should help you write whatever you have on your mind.

Before we part company, we let’s see a free father of the bride speech example and let's critique it so you can understand what I have been trying to say all this while.

Here you have it

Good evening (greet based on the time of the day) Ladies and gentlemen, my family is grateful for coming to support us. But let me ask you this.

How would you feel if you are told there is ‘’ trouble’’ at home after recording a sweet victory at a major sporting champion

(comment: many people don’t do this but asking questions is a sure-fire way of gaining the attention of the audience and bonding with them)

Minutes after receiving gold in the 1964 Olympics for being the best sprinter in the world, I had a phone call from my wife and it cut short my joy.

She told me she had gone for pre-natal care and she was told she might have to undergo surgery. That news broke my heart so I immediately flew back home

(comment: Here, the speaker starts the body with a story and that's a perfect way to bond with any wedding audience.)

When I reached home, the sun was scorching and the atmosphere was dead silent. So I rang the bell and the gardener came to my aid. I quickly dashed to our bedroom to see my lovely wife.
‘’Are you okay honey?’’, I asked nervously
‘’ A bit’’, she replied tearfully
She continued ‘’Honey I have a surprise for you.’’
What’s it?
''It's in that white-painted room''

When I got to the other room I couldn’t believe what I saw. I screamed and my joy rebounded. I saw something swaddled in a white cloth.

When I pried open, I saw Marilyn lying in a pink-painted crib looking so beautiful and innocent -no wonder pink is her favorite color but I wonder why she didn't wear something pink today(pause for laughter)

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I danced and wept

(comment:to make it interesting you have to play-act or dramatize your speech if you want it to sound impactful. For instance, if you're speaking like a woman you assume a feminine voice or act as in the dialogue between husband and wife above.)

Later, I went to my wife, took her by the hand and we rocked and rolled. She later confessed that he just tricked me(pause for laughter) so I could home early to see her and daughter because she was love sick and lonely and she feared I might party hard and long with my team mates before coming back.

She later told me that she had Jennifer without any problem at all. No surgery! Nothing!
Jennifer, my daughter came to this earth miraculously and am not surprised her life has been full of miracles from childhood till now and I’m so happy my miraculous baby girl is tying the knot with Dan, a gentleman I admire and respect a lot.

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