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What you would you have done if you were this father of the bride?

He cried on his daughter's big day because...

Well, before we get to the story I’d like to congratulate you on deciding to give pamper your daughter with kind words.

Over the years we have seen that there are three road blocks that stand in the way of great dads like you when it comes to delivering their father of the bride speeches. These include lack of preparation, unbelief and fretting about what they think the wedding guests will say.
No matter bad your writing skills are or how terrible your public speaking skills are, you can also make your daughter proud with your words.

That’s why for today, we have decided to close our loud mouths and give Adam the chance to speak with you.

He has an incredible story to share

We are letting his message out so you can get rid of self doubt. We wish you well as you prepare. Thank you

Now over to Adams!

Drum roll please


Dear Father of The Bride,

I am Adam Fletcher. This happened to our family prior to my daughter’s wedding and it can happen to you too unless you take a firm decision like I did.

Life Isn't Always Fair-Is It?

Before my grandmother passed into eternity she used to say:’’ Life was not fair.’’ I did not really understand what she meant until tragedy struck our home prior to my daughter’s wedding.

Words cannot adequately describe how I felt as my daughter’s wedding drew near because my daughter made a choice to settle down with a real gentleman.

Sadly, however, months before her special day, my wife’s brother was involved in a gory road accident when returning home from work.
His cherry-red Toyota Highlander ran into a truck. The vehicle was terribly mangled and several people lost their lives.
When we got news of it, we were simply shocked and we couldn’t apply our minds to the wedding planning because he had been very supportive of our family.

Our Wedding Plans Grounded To A Halt

I wondered why that dark cloud at this critical hour. Our hearts were in our mouth and we didn’t know what to do. We had to take turns to be at his side at the hospital as his wife and child had been killed in an earthquake when they visited Japan on holidays a few months earlier.

We had wanted to abandon the marriage plans but we couldn’t do so because many of our guests had written to confirm that they would be coming.

My daughter couldn’t take it. She feared her kind uncle might pass away. She raised her when she was a kid and so his condition left her very worried.
Sometimes, she did weep like a baby on her mother’s shoulders but I kept reassuring her that there was going to be light at the end of the tunnel.

He Made It!

In less than 2 months to our daughter’s big day, the doctor carried out an operation on his right thigh. It took almost twelve hours for the doctors to correct a dislocated bone successfully and Doug started recuperating.

Despite the odds prevailing against us, we managed to put our acts together to ensure nothing was left to chance with a few weeks left to her big day. We knew Doug will be discharged from the hospital. But, we had no clue when that was going to be.


An Unusual Miracle!

One cloudy afternoon, something unusual occurred. I was awakened by the deafening sound of the home phone and so I quickly rushed to grab the receiver.
‘Is this Adam?’, the caller asked.
‘’Of course’’,
‘’Doug is doing so well and we have agreed to discharge him Monday ’’, she said reassuringly. WOW! I breathed out loud after putting down the receiver.

I broke the ''sweet'' news of his recovery to the family and everyone was in joy. My wife knelt and raised both arms the way Holy fathers pray in a monastery. I broke down in tears of joy and tears dripped down my daughters’ cheeks too.

It was incredible when we picked him up from the hospital Monday evening. He wasn’t even hobbling!
He was the Mike we always knew! I never believed in miracles till that day I saw him walk out of the hospital bed with my naked eyes! Seeing the extent of damage of his auto, I thought he did come out paralyze.

My Wife Came To My Rescue

His remarkable recovery lifted our spirits and we worked around the clock to ensure things were properly fixed for our daughter’s big day-although we did that under great stress and stress. With less than a week days to our daughter’s wedding, my wife asked me how we were going to make our daughter’s big day memorable.

Frankly, I couldn’t think of a neat idea. Hours later, she suggested a wedding speech. My face fell at her suggestion because I once embarrassed myself when asked to give a short speech at a family party.

‘’Sarah, we better go for something else’’, I countered

‘’That’s ok for her but how about the guests? I read from somewhere that giving wedding speeches linger on their minds more than anything else. Please forget about your past public speaking failures and give it a try.’’, she admonished

‘’Ok my dear '', I said that as if I had lost my voice. I felt very jittery and anxious
On that same day, my daughter called me in the evening and asked that I give a wedding speech and that made me feel like a fish dumped into a hot frying pan!

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This Goldmine Was Very Valuable And It Can Help You Too

I must confess that I went online and scoured everywhere until I found some speech samples but I still needed something special that will give me that extra push and even help me tell the guests what the family went through days before the wedding. I just wanted my speech to be very unique and memorable!

I got in touch with an old friend who happens to be a retired public speaker. O’Neil drew my attention to a story about a rather nervous man from the United States who went through a similar ordeal and got a standing ovation despite never having given a beautiful speech her whole life. Wow!

So, I went here to find out how. His story really inspired me to give a great wedding speech and the guests said my speech was the best and most heartfelt. I even got a standing ovation!

Dear Worried Dad,
Do you want to listen to the beautiful story Adam read? Please go here now to discover it all so you too can give the best speech ever!

P.S: Do you really want your family, friends and guests to genuinely compliment you for giving a great wedding speech? But, still wondering how to put your exact thoughts and emotions into beautiful words?

You certainly owe it to your daughter to come up with an incredibly great speech that will make the wedding guests deeply love and respect you!

Here’s a chance to make that dream a reality!

Here’s what one nervous and skeptical dad called Glen sent over after the wedding was over

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