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Groom Speech Samples-How not to use groom speech samples- and how to get the best out of them,so you give a memorable speech


You certainly owe your wife, family and friends a great groom speech. Don't you?

To ensure you come up with one, you need to invest in groom speech samples.

It's mandatory because

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Funny Wedding Speeches-How to get the audience a million laughs-even if you are not a funny person.

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For funny people and non-funny people: Here's how to do it right- even if you have never made someone laugh all your lifetime!

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Father of the bride wedding speech funny

Giving  funny wedding speeches is one way of making one’s wedding speech very memorable. If you have ever been to a wedding where the speaker brought the house down, then, it’s  because the speech giver skillfully  laced his presentation with humor.

In a bid to tickle the laughing bone of the wedding guests, some wedding speakers  bring undue pressure and anxiety on themselves by forcing themselves to give funny wedding speeches, and they fail to live up to expectation in the end.

To give a hilarious wedding speech that will get you a standing ovation, you should first consider if you will be comfortable cracking jokes before an audience. If you cringe at the thought of facing the audience in this regard, then you should select another type of speech.

The truth is that, you don’t need the magical touch of ace British comedian Mr.Bean or even Funny Bill Cosby to stir up the audience.

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Recalling  from your , amusing anecdotes’ about the couple can light up the faces of the two love birds and the guests.You might also decide to do something sentimental, narrative or  pay a tribute to someone who helped raised  either the groom or bride if  funny speeches are not your cup of tea.

For instance,Prince Williams,Lady Diana’s son,paid a special tribute to her mum in his wedding speech.Avoid humorous  wedding speech at all costs if you don’t have the guts for it.If you do,then you are on to something  memorable.

Your hilarious speech should do way with commenting about previous or failed relationships.If you do,you will only be embarrassing the couple. Also, don’t mention political subjects and sex jokes.

Now, let me give you some tips on how to get the audience laughing without being stand-up comedian.

First, you can use the person’s weaknesses or strength as a person to poke fun. Here’s an example of a speech I wrote sometime ago

Dan is a man of great wit, charm and talent. Despite his brilliance, he hasn’t invented even a pin. The only thing he could do was to write a love note to Sheila. He tells me it took three long months to write it because he just couldn’t find a dictionary which could help him express his feelings for the charming Sheila.

Also, he decided to join the athlete team to impress Sheila when they first started dating, but as he was training at the country side, he fell from a horse and sprained his leg.Hey…Danny, you shouldn’t have done because Sheila would have gone crazy if you hadn’t been able to walk again.

This note should be accompanied by gestures and pitch variety so that its impact is felt)

How about this one?

'' Sheila, Dan is very calm and caring but he is generous to a fault. He doesn’t mind using money meant for the bills to take care of someone he is deeply in love with. So anytime you need sometime from him, just let the tears roll down and when he asks what’s wrong?

Just tell him you need a new car and he will use his entire savings to get you something hot. Did i say entire savings?''

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Secondly, you can begin your wedding speech with a funny quotation. E.g."Before marriage, a man declares that he would lay down his life to serve you; after marriage, he won't even lay down his newspaper to talk to you." - Helen Rowland

The quote above should be tied to the message of your funny wedding speech.You shouldn't even bother to say who inspired it.


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Mother of the bride speech samples-The power to say what you want to say


The  Truth About Mother Of The Bride Speech Samples

 A mother’s love lasts forever says a renowned philosopher. The words of this wise man becomes crystal clear when mom’s precious daughter is about to marry.

Mother of the bride speech

Despite all the efforts mothers expend to ensure that their daughter’s big day becomes a blast, they fail

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Mother of the groom speech samples-Mistakes many mothers make when using them- and how you can avoid these blunders, so your words become memorable


This can impact your mother of the groom speech greatly


Investing in mother of the groom samples (examples) is a wise decision a mother who really care about the words she will use at her son’s wedding ceremony would ever make.

That’s because

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Best Man Speeches-The right and wrong ways to use bestman speech samples

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Your  best man speech will suck if you don’t know this


Bestman speech samples

As  bestman, you certainly have to come up with best man speech that will linger on the minds of your friend or brother and guests days. Giving a memorable presentation isn’t as hard as you think if you have got best man speech samples. Getting these examples help you to frame and organize your thoughts in a sequential order.Plus, they contain several entertaining and professionally written samples written by ex-best men.

However, they can cause more harm than good if they are not used appropriately. Many speech givers make the blunder of copying word for word the examples they see and that make their messages not so original.

To ensure yours stand head and shoulders above the rest, you first need to get a voice for your speech.

Getting a voice for your speech means you have to get a style for your message. Many people think the best man speech has to be very hilarious but that’s wrong.Why? Because not everyone can make a humourous speech. A sarcastic presentation may be an option but you have to do so creatively without embarrassing your friend. Other styles to choose from are narrative, emotional, witty or a combination of two or more styles.

Secondly, you have to get a theme for your speech. A theme is the main message around which your speech is built.

For example, you may write about how your association with the groom has shaped your character or you can simply write about his lifetime achievements and how those feats will impact his married-life.

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After you have got a voice and theme for your best man speech, you need to make time to critically study your best man speech samples. Grab your pen, a note pad and take notes as you go through it. Quickly read through the example you have got. Then take your time and read through as if  you were a scientist studying  project on the moon. As you do there are three sections you have to identify. The first is the introduction. Next is the body and last is the toast.

You’ll observe that the opening line of your speech has the following: the writer’s relationship with the groom, greetings and some compliments about the guests.

All you have to do is to tell the audience about your relationship to the groom and who you are because not everyone might know who you are. The mode of greetings depends on the time of the wedding reception. Thank the guests for supporting your friend and for their gifts.

The body is essentially what everyone will be itching for the most. No matter how hilarious your speech might come across, do ensure that the following elements are in the body.

Where and how you met

How your friendship has transformed the two of you over the years

What your friend likes best and his achievements

What he was looking for in an ideal lady

What he hopes to achieve as a married life

(Do not do this exercise in isolation, please refer to your best man speech sample for inspiration when stuck)

Proposing a toast to the success of the bridal couple ends it all.

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