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Bride Speeches-How nervous brides overcome their speech worries

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Proven Ideas guaranteed to help you crush your speech worries

Bride speechIf you are thinking about what to say, and can’t find the right words to express your emotions and thoughts, and your heart beats like crazy when you imagine yourself standing before the wedding guests, then you are suffering from what I call ‘bride speech blues.’

Giving a memorable bride speech isn’t as hard as you imagine. But

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Father Of The Bride Speech Samples-What's gone wrong with samples?

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What you don't know about father of the bride speech samples-and what you should know instead...Guaranteed To help you put down your exact thoughts and emotions Into beautiful words.


Father of the bride speech samples


Samuel John, a philosopher was right when he said a father’s love is an ancient treasure.
But his message could have been more profound if he had said that a father's word is the light that illuminates his children’s heart.

Sam’s quote brings to the mind the words father's use on their daughter’s big day. It is however sad to know that many fathers fail to make use of the right words when they give their father of the bride speeches.

Why You Might Fail-And What To Do Instead

Two reasons account for this. Usually, they lack the confidence to say what they want to say before the guests.
Secondly, they are unable to put down their exact emotions and thoughts into words because they don't have access to well-written speech examples.

Father of the bride speech samples has proven over and over again to be the cure to the latter dilemma.

Father of the bride speech samples help get rid of the guesswork and the worries that’s associated with saying something touching about your daughter. When not used well though, it can be a real drawback.

How To Use Them To Make Your Daughter Proud

First, get some proven or well-written speech samples and study them over and over again to get a feel of their structure, theme, and tone.

Turn off your cell phone, P.C, or anything that is likely to distract you as you look over those examples.
Now, grab a pen and give it a quick read a second time, and identify how it was written and also put down any idea that comes to you. A final observation will not be a bad idea at all.

Then, get a theme for your own speech. The theme is basically what your delivery will be all about. Advice, expressing gratitude or poking fun about your daughter can be your focus though there are other ways to do to justice to your subject matter.

Then, you can probably look at the sample speech the very last time and please swipe (not verbatim) ideas or points you think you can use for your own speech.

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How To Put Your Thoughts Together To Form A Beautiful Speech

Having listed as many points as you want to plus some stories about your daughter, you can start writing. Just write on and on without worrying about the flow because you can always go back to re-frame your ideas and even clean up your speech later.
Deciding to make your speech long or short depends on you but make sure it’s interesting and that your speech doesn’t go beyond the allotted time.

Never Use These Words You Use All The Time

Get your own voice or style without borrowing from the example you have and your choice of words should be a reflection of your personal demeanor and not based on sentimentalism or on the opinion of others.

No matter how eloquent you are or your intellectual capabilities, you shouldn't use big words in such endeavors as they break the rhythm, flow and understanding of your speech.
Use simple easy to understand phrases and words and your audience will enjoy every bit of your story line.

Follow This Order Unless You Are A Genius

Next is the structure. The structure is made up of the intro, heading and conclusion.

The introduction has to say something about who you are, and your relationship to the bridal couple. It is also a golden opportunity to say something nice about the audience and to thank them for sharing in the celebration.

Here's an example of a well-written introduction

Today, many people are so much concerned about the future of today’s world but the message of this celebration in this room and far beyond is the right one – this is a joyful day!

It is good that my family and you -lovely guests - are able to share in these celebrations because this is, as every wedding day should be, a day of hope, a day of warmth and, a day of strength when you know that many people have come from far and near to make it memorable.

In a sense, every wedding is a royal wedding with the bride and groom as a king and queen of God’s creation, and you as witnesses. Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Mike, Amanda’s dad and Jerry’s father-in-law.

(Now pause here and read that sample once more and ask yourself if you can write something similar. Can you? Have you seen how the speaker succeeds in grabbing the attention of the wedding guests even before he tells the audience who he is. What you write should be close to that-if not better)

The body is the part that hooks the audience and paints a picture in their mind’s eye of the time she was growing up.

Here’s what to include in this part and what not to include here
(We will cover an example later)

  • How your daughter was when growing up
  • Share memorable events
  • Pay a tribute to her mom or anyone who helped in her upbringing.
  • It is also important to say some kind words about her siblings
  • How you felt when she told you of your son-in-law
  • Welcome your son-in-law formally into your family and share some marital advice
  • Refrain from commenting on her previous love life
  • Express your hope for this marriage
  • Always end with a toast to the bridal couple

Now let me be kind enough and show the body of a father of the bride speech sample. Feel free to borrow from this father speech sample or simply change it a bit to make it your own.

A Very Short Speech

The promise you've made to each other today reminds me of what my dad told me about the wedding ring some 30 years before I got married to Amanda.

He told me to always look at my ring when times get tough for they will remind me of my never-ending love.

Over the years, we’ve seen what he told us come to pass in our lives but in all that we've being there for each other. Victoria, Dan , listen to my words and they will heal you like the balm of Gilead. In your walk together, you'll experience pain. You'll laugh sometimes and you'll face the pressures of life too.

But if you look beyond the cares and burdens of this world, and look to each other for support, your love will burn brighter.
In this is the meaning of your vows fulfilled and your lives made richer and prosperous.

(comments: there are many ways to write the body of your father of the bride speech and an adding a piece of advice is just a step in the right direction)

Dan, my son in law, we most heartily welcome you into our family and we congratulate you on your choice of spouse. You are very blessed to have Victoria.

(comments: your speech should formally invite your son- in- law to your family so you need to add it to what you will write)

P.S ---

As father of the bride, it's mandatory that you come up with an incredibly great speech that will make your daughter and family proud of you.

And you can't afford to let her down. That's why i have great news for you today. By getting on board our speech program, you can give the best speech of the day with poise and confidence without lifting your finger.

Here’s what one nervous and skeptical dad called Glen(joined the program) sent over after the wedding was over

''Hey Dan, just wanted to thank you once again for the speech you wrote with me. My goal was met afterwards, I was told by many "what a beautiful speech" and received a standing ovation. I couldn't have did this without you. God Bless Dan!-'' Glen, U.S.A

Want to know how he did just that? He got on board our wedding speech program and one of our talented speech consultants helped him out.

 Is This Program For Me?

Yes, if you are expecting nothing less than a great speech.

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Yes, if you don’t want to feel any tinge of embarrassment

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Yes, if you are struggling to find the right words but still want to give a great speech like a pro so you are showered with tons of sincere compliments

Yes, if you have a day or less to the wedding and you are worried that you might make some horrible mistakes

 ' It went extremely well thanks.  Many compliments.''- Dennis, Australia

Ok, I am Interested, What’s the Cost?

If you want to come up with a heartfelt speech, then you have to pay attention to this.

  • Our wedding speech experts want to write a great speech for you without asking you to pay for your speech now.

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  • Guaranteed to help you even if you have a very poor memory or your memory is like a gold fish…most of our clients still wonder where we got this idea from. This ensures that you don't read off a sheet of paper.
  • Ways to include humor in your speech and what it takes to do so

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Bride Speech Samples-What every bride should know about bride speech examples

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Don't  Go For Bride Speech Examples Until You Have Read This!

Sample bride speeches

You certainly owe your husband, family and friends a memorable bride speech right?

Get These Helpful Tools

To ensure you come up with one, you need to invest in bride speech samples. It is mandatory because they take away the pressure of not knowing what to write.

Plus, they have several ideas that take away the guesswork and worry that comes with having to write a memorable message.

Here at Standing Ovation Wedding Speeches, we have seen over and over again, mistakes many brides make regarding their usage and we're here to help you discover how to use them correctly.

It's for this reason that

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This can happen to you too on your wedding day

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I  cried,my daughter sobbed like a baby, my wife shed  tears, and some members of my family because...

Father of the bride speeches







Dear Worried Wedding Speech giver,

''I am Adams from the United States. This happened to our family prior to my daughter’s wedding and it can happen to you too unless you…

Life isn't  always fair-Is it?

Granny once said life was not fair. I found it hard to understand her words until tragedy struck our home. Words cannot adequately describe how I felt  as my  daughter’s wedding drew near.

Sadly,however,days  before  her  big  day, my wife’s brother was involved in a bloody road accident when returning home from work. His cherry-red Toyota Highlander ran into a truck. The vehicle was terribly mangled and three of his co-workers died on the spot.

When news of the disaster reached us, we were simply shocked and we couldn’t apply our minds to the wedding planning.

Our wedding plans grounded to a halt.

I wondered why that dark cloud over our roof at that crucial moment. Our hearts was in our mouth and we didn’t know what to do. We had to attend to him all the time and we lost touch with the wedding planning festivities.

We had wanted to cancel the marriage plans but we couldn’t because many of our guests had written or emailed to confirm that they were coming.

My daughter couldn’t take it . She feared her kind uncle might not been able to make it. Added to this was the fact everything had come to a halt.Sometimes, she did sob like a worried child on my wife’s shoulders but I kept reassuring her that all shall be well.

In less than two weeks to go, the doctor carried out a surgery on his right thigh. It took twelve hours for the doctors to correct a dislocated bone.

Despite the odds prevailing against us, we put our acts together to ensure nothing was left to chance. The wedding preparations resumed albeit on a rather low note.

An unusual miracle!

One sunny afternoon, something unusual occurred was awakened by the persistent cries of the home phone and so I quickly grabbed the receiver.

‘Is this Adam?’, the caller asked.

’Of course’,I countered.

‘’Michael is doing so well and we have agreed to discharged Monday afternoon.’’,she said reassuringly.

I broke the ‘’sweet’’ news of his recovery to the family and everyone was in joy. My wife knelt and raised both arms the way Holy fathers pray in a monastery. I broke down in tears of joy and tears dripped down my daughter’s soft cheeks.

It was unbelievable when we picked him up from the hospital. He didn’t suffer any bone damage.He wasn’t even hobbling.

He was the Mike we always knew! I never believed in miracles till that day I saw him walk out of the hospital with my naked eyes! Seeing the extent of damage of his auto, I thought he did come out paralyzed.

My wife came to my rescue

His remarkable recovery lifted our spirits and we worked around the clock to ensure things were properly fixed for our daughter's marriage. With less than three days to our daughter’s wedding, my wife asked, ‘’Honey, how can we make the day memorable?’’

Frankly, I couldn’t think of a neat idea. Hours later, she suggested a wedding speech. My face fell at her suggestion because I once embarrassed myself when asked to give a short speech at a family party.

‘’Emily, we better give her childhood scrapbook’’, I countered

‘’That’s OK for her but how about the guests? I read from somewhere that the giving of wedding speeches linger on their minds more than anything else. Please forget about your past public speaking failures and give it a try.’’ , She admonished

‘’OK my dear'', i replied

This goldmine was very valuable and it can help you

I must confess that I went online and scoured everywhere until I found your speech samples. It was exactly what I was looking for. It helped me to put my exact thoughts and emotions into words.

The tips on overcoming wedding speech worries abated my fears and it inspired me to develop self-confidence. It was a real blessing.

I shared the story of my brother –in-law’s incredible recovery and the challenges that ensued. Mike, my brother-in-law, my wife and daughter and some guests had moist eyes. As I blurted on, they couldn’t fight back their tears any longer.

Some of the wedding guests even shared tears. They were moved by my wedding speech. When It was over the family came to hug me and a guest thought I was a pro!

The experience was so magical. The success stories saved me.

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Giving memorable wedding speeches isn’t as difficult as you imagined it to be.''

If Adam was able to give his amid the tension in his family, you too can give yours like a pro.Forget about your past experience and ignore that voice within which seems to say you don’t have the guts to face the audience.

The truth is you can make it if you picture the benefits of saying something memorable at a wedding.

Just imagine the honor and the sense of accomplishment you will experience after you have mustered courage to give your speech.Your family and friends will come up to hug and tell you well done. Those who have aren’t better or more eloquent than you are. Just believe in your self and you can.

All you have to do is to click on the kind of wedding speech you will give and discover how

how some nervous wedding speakers from around the world gave great speeches at weddings and even got standing ovation despite having fears and no public speaking skills!

Go click on your preferred link from the list or categories or the kind of wedding speeches you will give below to discover how they did that and how you too can do same no matter how you feel. They are a must read!