Bride Speech-How to get the attention of the audience and make them feel much loved and appreciated
BestMan Speech- If you fail to do this, the audience won't compliment you

Maid of Honour Speech-Can Jennifer Rush help you write your maid of honor speech intro?


It is hard to listen to one of Jennifer Rush's song and not be carried away by its rhythms. One of her ever popular and best selling compositions is the ''The Power of Love.''

 Jennifer's shrill voice, lyrics, her stage antics, and how she begins her songs easily makes her the toast of music lovers worldwide.

 You may not have a captivating voice as Jennifer does, but as someone who has been chosen by the bride to support her, you need to do a lot to impress your friend/sister and the guests. And one way of delighting her is by giving a memorable maid of honor speech on her big day.

 A  beautiful maid of honor speech with a good opening will certainly ''turn the guests on.''

 If you are able to entertain them right from the onset, you might be the heroine of the day. To excite the audience, you could include one or more of these ideas in your opening lines.

 Remember a great intro will make the guests more willing to listen to the rest of your speech.

First, courtesy implies that you greet the audience and introduce yourself because not everyone knows who you are.

You also have to thank your friend for choosing you to be her maid of honor. As part of your intro, you can also thank the couple for their kind words about you.

You may also tell the guests how long you have known your friend/sister.

 You can also begin your speech with a narration and tie it to a story of how and where the couples met. Let me give an example or a speech extract here:

 ''God blesses us when we give off our time to the needy. Caring for the poor brings us many blessings and favors, and even a caring man. So it was no surprise to me when Karen told me that she had met the man of her dreams while working as a fundraiser  for hungry children in Rwanda.''

 Again, If you can play any musical instrument or you are a gifted singer, you could also set your maid of honor speech in song. You might even ask your fellow bridesmaid to help you sing if you want your words to have a chorus like effect.

 Setting your speech in song is one way of making your speech very memorable. The greatest maid of honor speech in history and the ones you are going to enjoy at any wedding you are invited to will be very unique if the person sets her words to music.

Sometimes, you don’t really have to sit to write a speech. Just change one or two words of popular or even a lesser known song and you will become like a celebrity.

 Take this example.  Not long ago, Jennifer Gabrielli of Cincinnati raised the bar high when she shook her audience with an inspiration maid of honor speech. Hers was based on the adaptation of Eminem’s song… Without you.

 Rather than share some boring story about how her big sister means the world to her, or share a joke about a particularly nasty fight they got into when they were teenagers, Gabrielli took a rather unique approach to describing her sister and brother-in-law's relationship during their nuptials.

 The amazing performance starts with Gabrielli saying, "I like to sing, and while I'm not going to sing for you tonight, I did prepare a little bit of a musical snack…so if you would all listen up, here we go…"

 After this event, the great Gabrielle’s fantastic performance was picked up by the various news outlets and she’s become very famous for her feet tapping performance.

 You too can do same when you make up your mind to excel. Don’t writing great wedding speeches is for very gifted writers or persons who have the knack for their persuasive powers. Just grab your pen and get some maid of honor speech samples and they will help you to put down your speech effortlessly. You need not fear at all. Your sister or friend is counting on you to make it happen.

Do you really believe in the popular saying that a friend in need is a friend indeed?

If you really believe in that, then you have no choice than to make your friend or sister proud.

This is the chance to prove to the bride that you really love her.

One way of doing just that is to give a speech that will tell the wedding guests of her sweet qualities.

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