Wedding Speeches---Order of wedding speeches:Who speaks at the reception?
Bride Speech-How to get the attention of the audience and make them feel much loved and appreciated

Groom Speeches- Do you know that this can ease nervous tension?


Treat It Like A Date

Many grooms’ struggle to write the introductory part of their groom speeches because

they can't find the right words to use.
To write an engaging opening speech, you should treat the opening lines just as you behaved when you met the bride on your first date. It has to be very special.
A memorable beginning can capture the attention of the guests.Besides, it can help you calm your nerves.


Groom speech short

A great intro should grab the attention of the audience and compel them to respond to your speech by either smiling, clapping or cheering you on.

Pointers To Help You Come Up With A Great Intro

First, you should greet the audience and express your appreciation for their support and kindness.

Here's an example:

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Jennifer and I are delighted to see you here tonight. We're glad to see each of you here tonight in spite of the warning from the weatherman.

Got the picture? You can also do same. It isn't as difficult as you imagined it to be.
So, go get your pen and paper and write something similar and you will grab the attention of the audience in a unique way.

As part of your introduction, you should sincerely compliment your father-in-law for his kindness and support and compliment him on his speech if he gave one.
You should also thank him for welcoming you into his family. If anyone spoke before you did, do acknowledge them as well.


Here's How To Do It?

Good afternoon everyone, we're glad that you made it to our big day. What's the purpose of life if you have no one to eat and drink with when you make a crucial decision to live with a charming lady like Jennifer for the rest of your life. Thanks for coming and God richly bless you.

The following lines is a tribute to the father of the bride by the groom

John, your words have pierced through my heart like a dagger and we know it’s your desire that our union becomes the reference point for all relationships.

We appreciate the support you and the entire family have shown and thanks a million for accepting me into your family.

I promise to treat my wife the way every woman will want to be treated.
Can you do same? Sure you can!

Just believe in yourself and ponder over all that’s on this page and you can!
You can also warm with up with a joke or a punch line but that should be tied to the message of your speech. Make sure, however, that you have a good joke to tell or a funny story to share with your audience.

And Have You Thought About This Too?

Storytelling too has the power to wow the audience and if you recall an interesting account of how you met your wife for the very first time, you can share it with the audience after greeting them.

You can also tie the opening part of your groom speech to a famous date in history if it coincides with your big day.

Below is an example

Good evening everyone, Jennifer and I'd like thank you for your support and kindness. On this lovely day, Martin Luther King was born and on this same day he gave his famous: I have a dream speech.
This day happens to be my birthday.
So, today I’d like to tell you a dream I had yesterday. Once upon a time I dreamed of marrying a lady who will…

Have You Thought About This Simple Plan Too?

Again, most grooms don't do this: render the opening lines in song. But it really works.
If you are a creative genius and you have a good voice, you can do it. All you have to do is to take your favorite song or another and substitute the lyrics with your own story line or speech. This is by far the most effective way of connecting with any audience.

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