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You are a great mom. You’ve been your son’s pillar of defense all these years and your son is so grateful. Aside helping your son with any family traditions, you have to give a great mother of groom speech.

It is the best ‘’parting gift’’ you can ever give your son. What’s more, giving your speech shows how much your son means to you. It’s a wonderful platform for welcoming your daughter-in-law into your family too.

The words you choose for your speech have to come from deep within your heart to make your message heartfelt. It shouldn’t be something fabricated. Many mothers find it so hard to give speeches in public, because they think they don’t have what it takes. Besides, they hate being in the public eye.

These Easy-To-Use – Ideas Really Help

Granted, the tips you’ll discover on these pages will help you plan and deliver a memorable wedding speech.

First, you need to prepare your mind. A prepared mind is a victorious mind. Don’t heed those ringing voices which seem to say you can’t make it. Instead, form a positive mental image of your son and guests applauding you for your words.

This mental exercise will inspire confidence. You can only get what you want if you first dream it.

Dedicate Time To Write

Secondly, you should choose times and days that suit you best so you can write well.
With so many things to do to make your son’s big day a blast, the writing of your mother of groom speech may not readily come to mind. Getting a fixed time will help you overcome procrastination.

What’s more, it helps you to focus.

Aside the hours you pick, a quiet place – it could be in the garden, or a room less frequented by others will ensure you are not distracted. Keep a note pad and a pen handy because neat ideas can occur to you when you least expect them.

How Do You Want The Guests To Feel?

Then you need to pick a theme/style for your speech.
The styles to pick from should be unique to you. That’s what will engage your audience, and your handsome son. Sentimental, witty, humor, narrative or poetic are styles many moms select from.


To take the guesswork out of writing your mother of groom speech, you should get some mother of the groom speech samples. They make your writing a breeze and have great ideas to help you write like a pro.

What You Should Write About Your Loving Son

Finally, you should list as many points as you can about your son. His behavior, traits or qualities, skills or abilities, achievements are key points to consider.

You should also say some words about your daughter-in-law and welcome her into your royal family.

For instance, you can tell the audience about the qualities that make her an ideal companion for your son, and anything that you deem fit.
Giving a memorable mother of the groom speech isn't something to be worried about. With a positive attitude and faith in yourself, you will give a speech that will stay with the guests for a long time.

An Example To Help You Write Without Trying So Hard

Here at standing ovation, we endeavor to show our readers examples of speeches other mother of the grooms have written. They were once nervous like you and we provide such examples to prove that you too can write a beautiful speech if you make up your mind to do so. Wish you well and hope it inspires you to write yours.

Here it goes. Study it critically and write down any ideas that swim in your mind

I'd like to begin by thanking you all, our friends and family, some new and some old, for all coming together to celebrate this union.

It's my pleasure to announce the bride and groom Sheila and Dan .What pride I feel to see my son and his wife glowing with joy and happiness. It's really a wonderful day for these love birds!

I am sorry my husband is not around. He is doing our country a great service on the war field in Pakistan and sends his best wishes to the couple and everyone here.

But he tells me to tell the couple that marriage is lot like being on the battlefield. And so they need to be on the lookout for enemies who will try to end their marriage. The enemy might not be physical but a lust for things that brings no real joy and can put out the fire in this romantic marriage.

Notice how the speech began? The speaker could have introduced herself but she didn’t.

Why? Probably the M.C might have done that. It would have been nice if she had told everyone who she was once again. Never ever forget to do that when you grab the mic.

In many traditions, mother's don't speak at their son's wedding though that is gradually changing anyway.

But you can decide to ask your husband to do a joint speech if that's your wish or you may do it individually if you’ve got enough time.

In case your husband is not around, you have to rise to the occasion and explain why he couldn't make it.


When you invest in mother of the groom speech samples, you can put down your thoughts easily without wasting much time or even worrying so much about it.

They're a must have if you want to come up with something that will blow everyone's mind.

Do you really want to make your son feel special on his wedding day? Then, please see the notes below about how a nervous mom in Canada gave the best wedding speech that got her a standing ovation despite having never given a speech her whole lifetime.

Her story will inspire you as it will show you how she did that and how you can do same to get tons of compliments even if you are scared you might not impress the guests and make your son and family proud.


Do you really want your family, friends and guests to genuinely compliment you for giving a great wedding speech? But, still wondering how to put your exact thoughts and emotions into beautiful words?

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