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Maid of Honour Speeches-How Bridesmaids deliver great Wedding Speeches

Groom Speeches-How your groom speech can make your family and guests feel special


With so many things to do to make your big day really special; it’s possible that the planning and writing of your groom speeches may not readily come to mind.
Under intense pressure, you may get something written down without putting much thought and time into it.




When that is done, your speech might

fail to express gratitude to certain individuals whose help and support have made your wedding a reality and you will come across as an ingrate.

How To Do Justice Here

To ensure those persons receive their fair share of the gratitude “pie”, your groom speech should have the following points: What you say should paint a picture in the mind of the guests. We will cover some examples so you understand what I mean.

You should thank the guests for coming as well as the gift-givers. .
Now, I want to give examples to support what I mean by ‘’painting pictures in the readers mind.’’

Here's An Example Of A Groom Wedding Speech

For example, Just saying:'' Good afternoon everyone. Thanks for coming'' is not very impactful. It doesn’t draw any mental picture.

But saying something like this will be amazing:
Good evening distinguished ladies and gentlemen. I am so delighted to see you here.
When it was predicted this afternoon that there will be strong winds tonight, I thought many of you might not turn up.

But I am told everyone we sent invitations out to is here with us today. You fought a hard battle against the stubborn wind to get here. Thanks for disobeying the weathermen anyway.

Our country will be a beautiful place if you stand for elections next year because you are all so caring and kind. I will give you my vote and my family has promised to do same if you do so. Your kindness is out of this world.


You should also praise your father-in-law for his speech and thank him for formally inviting you into his family.

You should also thank the parents of the bride for giving their daughter away. Reassure them that you will take good care of the bride.

Most grooms just write this: Thank you John, for your words and for welcoming me into your family. That’s okay but it's not an attention grabber.

This can work wonders instead: John, you words shows you’re a wise man. Thanks for accepting me into your generous family. I am grateful. Thanks so much for your help and kindness. I promise to take good care of Amanda.

Who Else Deserves Credit?

You should also thank your own parents, family and your siblings for their help. Your mom deserves a million thanks – for she’s been a great support since you landed on planet Earth.
Special recognition should also go to the wedding planners, M.C'S, florist, officiating ministers, caterers, photographers, and everyone who’s been of great help.

Thank the best man for his help and support. Tell how he’s been of great help and if he’s single, let the guests know. You should always thank the maid-of-honor and the bridesmaids for supporting your wife through thick and thin.

Here is an example about thanking the best man

John is the world’s best man. He is a confidant and a mentor too. He’s a genius too but he has yet to invent anything. Joking aside, he has a sense of humor and he can really make women happy. So, those of you girls who are desperately looking for a partner can try him out…you might be lucky

Sincerely say what the day means to you.

Finally, you should toast to the health, wealth and success of the bridesmaid and to both families.

Please note:

Writing a groom speech shouldn't be a physics equation. Change the above lines to suit the occasion and your groom speeches will be very memorable. You can tweak the points above, based on who you think deserve the most thanks.

Expressing thanks is often inadequate for all that the guests and both families have done, yet expressing gratitude is the best gift you can ever give on your wedding day.

Remember, your words have to not only impress your friends but your wife because you're the head of your family and your words will speak volumes about your new responsibilities as husband and dad ultimately.

Did I tell you about how a nervous groom made his wife proud and make everyone at the wedding reception feel very special about his speech and went on to give a heartwarming groom wedding speech that got him tons of compliments and made him the best speaker of the night.

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