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Bride Speeches-How to make sure your bride speech creates beautiful memories

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How To Make Sure Everyone Feels Special On Your Wedding Plus Some Tips And Ideas On Writing Your Speech.

Kate-Middleton-Wedding-Dresses-Royal-Wedding-Look-2When asked what the secret to appreciation was, a wise woman replied, “if you want to pay back someone for a kind deed, you should give that fellow your tongue.”

Giving someone your tongue shouldn’t be taken literally but figuratively. What she meant was that words have power to influence people.

Many brides take inspiration from the above quote when writing their bride speeches.
It also brings to mind the need to express gratitude to certain persons whose help and support have made your big day very special.

When your words make the guests feel welcomed and appreciated, you

will come across as a courteous and dignified lady.
So you should give thanks from the bottom of your heart for all their efforts and below is a brief sketch of how things should go.
  • Say what your wedding day means to you.
  • You should thank your guests for coming.
  • Those who brought gifts should also be thanked.
  • Thank the groom. For instance, you can share your impressions of him, how and where you met, and recount interesting anecdotes of your numerous trips or adventures.

If the person who hooked you up with him is present at the reception, he or she needs to be acknowledged.

  • Thank your parents for giving you away. Say kind words about your mom and tell the guests how proud you are of her. Thank your in-laws for their help and support.
  • Thank the wedding planners, M.C’s, officials and everyone who’s been of help.
    Thank your maid-of-honor, bridesmaids, and be specific with the support you have received from them.
  • Finally, propose a toast to the bridesmaid, your friends, and family members as well as your husband. (Never ever comment on previous relationships)

Bride speech guideliness

Hope these tips help you write your speech.

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